Thursday, July 27, 2006

To Post or not to Post!

The add reads “Explode your Blog traffic”, naturally I was lured into joining BE. It’s free, it’s fun, it’s addictive and it’s supposed to increase your Blog traffic. There are many ways to accumulate points but my favorite way is by challenging other Blogs in the Battle of the Blogs.

I don’t care what anybody out there says but to me my Blog is the best, I know what it takes to put it together, I know what it takes for my brain to think of something to post. Sometimes ideas don’t come easy and sometimes they are served to you in a silver platter, therefore the effort, or lack of is all mine and when I hit that button to publish my post I think that at worst I’m posting something I will read again. Yeah, my Blog is the best… so why is it that sometimes when I battle I’m like totally crushed? I not only lose but I lose by a huge margin, really like maybe 12 to 3 or something like that and I can’t help but wonder darn is it really that bad?

So not to be discouraged I will gather some more points and take another crack at it. Upon completion I go and check to see my score and I’m sure that most of you think my Blog sucks so my hopes and expectations are not high, although I’m still pretty proud of my work. So I check and… tada! I just beat like one of the best blogs out there by eleven points. What gives? How can I lose so miserably one time and win so convincingly the next?

Well, it’s all in good fun. Out of the thousands of blogs thrown at me on a daily basis only a chosen few will grab my attention to the point where I am actually going to read and pay attention to what my fellow blogger is writing. I look for diversity the most, if I visit your blog and after reading it I feel you have a plethora of topics I will probably be back. However if nothing changes or even worse if there are no new posts, then you’ll lose me as a reader.

So I came to the conclusion that the 20 or 25 seconds you get to peruse your opponent's blogs will only give you a chance to read the title and maybe the header of the first post, and in this time a lot of us already know where we are casting our vote. I know that the criteria we use to evaluate some of the blogs out there is whacked. I can’t help but wonder what goes through our heads before we cast that vote. Again it doesn’t matter, it’s all in good fun and if out of 100 readers one decides to post a comment and give me either cheers or jeers on what I wrote then the time I spent by the computer writing is worth the effort, and in the end if the only readers I get are my family members then so be it.

Note: Those of you that have become my regulars, thanks for visiting I love to have you.


Hoping4more said...

Love your blog! sorry-i've cut down severely with blogging the last week or so, and trying to be "less obsessed" as though it's my only thing in life! Ha! I had really gone blog-wild there for a while, and now I'm watching myself... :) of all things I'm sure it is not the worst "addiction". I do love it! Just that sleep has now become a priority in my life...ha ha ha.
I've always appreciated your comments! Kind of sad that I deleted my other blogs, but had to move on and be a little less revealing now; i've shared the blog address with other friends that perhaps should not know all that personal stuff about me- I don't know. :) I have great friends but one of my topics of late is carefully establishing appropriate boundaries for all concerned! I love everyone, and have not always been good at carefully discerning where I should draw lines in the past. Still not a pro, but getting better at least I can say.

Your blog and your comments have always been nice and uplifting; what a refreshing thing! Thank you for that. And you have an AWESOME blog! (and so you know that too-but it is true! So don't stop posting!!)

keep in touch! :0)

Michelle said...

Yeah I agree I love your blog. It's better than a lot of the junk we see on BE. But as for why you win some and lose some... I think people don't really read them. They just vote for the points.

TLR said...

Hi Jose

I also enjoy reading your blog. You do a great job with it.

Jose said...

Thank you hoping4more, Michelle and TLR, you guys are definitely my regular readers and I appreciate it.

TLR, better hurry up with the shcool work so you can start posting again.


Same sentiments here, I tried the BOTB thing and won my first try. But was clobbered in my next battles...

Just keep the spirits up!

Scottage said...

I like your blog as well. But as for why you lose some so badly, there is a strong preference for blogs that don't use the stock blogger templates, but instead use original templates. If you want to win more battles, and to get better response to your blog in general, either create your own template or hire someone to make a template that fits your personality and posts.

Jose said...

Considering that up to a little bit over a month ago I had no clue bogs even existed this is all very new to me. I happened to stumble over the "American Idol" blog and there I met Angie from "Ficken Chingers" and TLR from "Terilynn" and it was thanks to these to ladies that I discovered what blogging was about.

Scotagge, I do like your blogs and realize that it will take me a while to come up with something more original or personal but I know I will get there. In the meantime I'll make do with what I have, and I count on blog comments like yours to steer my blog in the right direction.

Faith said...

I found your blog via the botb and I like it. I always read at least the first post before I cast my vote for a blog. And I'm voting for yours :-)

Chely said...

Well, sorry I don't understand this "point" thing. I have not been introduced to it.

Therefore, I have no idea what you guys are talking about:(

Fide, send me an email & explain!

Jose said...

Chely there's a blog exchange engine called blog explosion where you get to read other peoples blogs and hope that your is read as well. There are many ways to accumulate point which in turn give you the chance to expose your blog even more, my favorite way is what we call the battle of the blogs, you either challenge or accept a challenge and then 15 people get to vote on whom they think had the best or more entertainig blog. It's all for fun but that's how we get readers.

Before you know it you have lots of blog buddies visiting your blog and you do the same.

That's kinda the premise of the game.

Jose said...

Faith - Thanks for visiting and for casting your vote my way. I hope you come back often.

Peter Porcupine said...

See, Joe? I had never read your blog, voted for you, and will now return!

Jose said...

Well thank you Peter Porcupine, you are welcome in this blog, come back and visit soon.

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