Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Half a Year

Sancha Melchor.

Well it is a happy fact that I like who I am, what I am, how I am, where I am, at all times, day or night, night or day. I am a reflection of my parents, their teachings, their examples, and their love for each other as well as for us. In life there comes a time when change is needed, but that is definitely not my time right now, I do however and only to a point adapt to my present by making the necessary adjustments. Tweaking and fine-tuning my life is a never-ending task, which I do happily and willingly based on the fact that I realize I have a great foundation already in place.

This foundation is the great legacy mi chica left me. I am who I am, what I am, how I am, and where I am all thanks to her, to her continuous trust and love for me, to the endless understanding and patience she had in me, and to the unconditional commitment (I call it more a gamble) that she trusted in me.

Apparently this is true for so many other people where mi chica spread her magic. She indeed had the magic touch, and I was the number one recipient of her particular type of magic. Amazingly enough there was so much of it that all my kids, grandkids, and an endless amount of friends will authenticate the validity of this fact.

I am, who I am, and what I am, all thanks to you
Your unconditional love and endless excitement
Your infinite patience and unsurpassed understanding
Your wisdom, your laughter
Your screaming, so drastic
It was all part of you, and we all knew to trust it.
You thought us more than we all bargained for
But you did throw some curves, as to wind up the road
You did not make it easy, you did not make it hard
You just gave us the challenge, and you did it so right
If we learned the lessons, you so kindly spread out
We should all be OK as that sure was your plan

Half a year just passed and her legacy continues. I already see it will never die. To see her kids go and visit her fills my heart with a certain joy that is unsurpassed. Last week her marker was placed and the inscription above her name reads “Amor Eterno” (Eternal Love). Yes it was the name of her favorite song but also the mantra by which she lived and loved.

She definitely turned me into a better person, and a better man, and I have a feeling she is not done yet.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Tidbits Time

So my daughter was in need to vent and who better to listen to her than El Daddy~O, yes she received good news that didn't turn out to be so good, needless to say she was not a happy camper so after she vented she asked what's for dinner. Normally that is a question I would ask but since she beat me to it I said enchiladas ala Joe Cool. We needed a couple of ingredients so Michelle went to the store and got me the stuff needed for the sauce.

I still had three Havanero peppers left over from our camping trip and they were still good so when I made the sauce I decided to use them. Since I had never used Havaneros before I decided to only use two instead of the three I had available, I was so glad I did because the sauce came out pretty hot.

The end result was pretty awesome if I may say so myself. The girls really loved them too although Nikki thought they were a little hot. We send a care package to Loyiel whom immediately called me upon finishing his plate and told me that it was not the enchiladas' fault, why did I make them so hot. lol I had to let him know that my enchiladas although hot, they were not that hot, and that he was a wimp.

I'll just call them Havanero enchiladas. Ummm que ricas!

Bottom line, I don't cook often but when I do, watch out.


Last Saturday I went out with the kids and took them to Target. When I got there I parked the van and next to us this awesome Mustang sat there looking a little dirty but other than that it looked pretty awesome. I believe in using your car not putting it in a garage so it doesn't get dirty.

We went into the store, did our shopping and left the store. Then as I get to the van parked right in front of us was this beauty. Do you believe in subliminal messages? Were they trying to tell me something? Ummm got me thinking, I would go and buy me a new Mustang or a newer to Mustang, it doesn't have to be a brand new, I prefer for someone else to take the car's depreciation first.

This baby sit at the same dealer we bought the van and my brother's car. And as I passed the other day it was like it kept calling my name. Oh believe me, I was and still am so tempted. But I will resist.

Instead I am going to finally start fixing mine. I started it today and found out my battery is dead. So it's getting a new battery tomorrow, then it's off to emissions, hopefully it will pass with no problem then off to the transmission shop to get that ugly transmission fluid leak taken care off, then it's off to the upholstery shop to get my rear window installed. After that it will take many cosmetic items here and there but my car will once again look nice, oh yes it will.


And while on the subject of Mustangs, the Copperstate Mustang Club held it's annual Ice Cream Social this Saturday. As always there was plenty of ice cream to go around, and this year we even had corn dogs and brownies. The banana splits and sundaes were a hit, as they had every imaginable fixing available, from the ever popular sprinkles to the chocolate and caramel syrups. Ummm it was all good.

Diego, Alayna, and Savannah posing for me before the sugar rush hit them.

The cockpit on a brand new 2011 Mustang convertible. The leather smell was oh so good.

The kids admiring the older Mustang. Call me sentimental but I am stuck on the Fox Bodied Mustangs.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Party In My Tummy

I was hungry and in total need of nourishment and all the lanes at the store were long, then I spot a lane with not as many people as the rest but apparently this lady did too so she beats me to it and is now in front of me, I hated her, not because she beat me to the lane but because she had a rotisserie chicken in her car and the aroma was killing me, my insides started having a party in my tummy in anticipation of what was not to come. Yeah, my tummy hated me too because that chicken was more of a tease my stomach could take. I stood behind this lady for at least five minutes and it was torture. Has anything like this ever happened to you?

OK this didn’t happen to me right now but I remembered about it because I am so hungry and about a block away from my work there’s The BBQ Factory, ummmm they have the best BBQ ribs, and many other dishes that when the wind is blowing just a tad the smell finds its way into my office and it’s TORTURE!

But the consolation was that the girls at work took me to eat Chinese at this nice restaurant that we all seem to enjoy. Once upon a time I didn’t like Chinese food, now somehow it’s one of my favorite foods. The house chow mein / lo mein ummmm, ummmm good, love me the shrimp combined with the beef and chicken.

I am also happy to report that even though you hear me talk about food all the time, I have been not on a diet but basically watching what I eat, eating less and healthier and I am still at 179 pounds, remember at the beginning of the year I was tipping the scale at 198 and that was no bueno. It is a challenge to convince my mom that I can eat less. She always cooks so good and I still stop by her house three days of the week. Just when I think I am finished, BAM! I found more food on my plate and a side dish with fruit and stuff. “Mom, stop it, I am full”. Her reply is always the same, “How can you be full, that was not enough”.Ummm mom gotta love her.

I hope I didn’t get you too hungry with all these talk about food and if I did and you decide to cook… INVITE ME!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Anniversary To My Blog!

Wow! So who would have guessed that when I started blogging back in June of 2006 I would last this long? It's hard to believe but yes, this is my fourth blogiversary and even though I don't blog daily I say I still keep this pretty alive. This particular post is marking my 800th post, that definitely is a lot of writing and lots of information.

While I have touched on many subjects I try to keep away from controversy, I believe that negativity really won't take us anywhere so I prefer to remain as positive as I can be. What better way to achieve that than by concentrating on my friends and my family. Yeah, family, what can be more positive than that?

I will probably continue to post tidbits of my family life which is what this blog seems to gravitate around, and will try to keep it fresh or at least as fresh as I can and move forward into the fifth year, let's just see how far I can take this.

I am sure there will be lots more pictures to come, so stay tuned for that and as always I am open to suggestions and new ideas.


Say No

Anybody that knows me probably already know that I live by this:


Monday, June 21, 2010

They Love Me, They Really Love Me

"Gentlemen I know today is Father's Day and I just want to let you all know that today I AM THE MAN -- THE #1 DAD and all of you may come a close second. My shirt and my daughters said so and they would not lie to me."

At least that's what I told myself and since I know I don't lie to me than it must be true.

Yesterday I received more Father's Day texts than ever. It seems everyone decided to call me and I was just a happy soul. Between texts, calls, and face book comments I was actually feeling very special.

"Nichole posted something on your Wall and wrote:

Happy Fathers Day to the BEST Dad a girl could ever have! I love you Daddy, I don't know what I'd do without you <3

I love you!!!!"

Michelle posted something on your Wall and wrote:

"Daddy you know you're my number one... I mean my Mom constantly had to remind me that you and I we're like 2 peas in a pod. She always knew I have a special love for you... different than the love I had for her. Not more, not less, just different. I hope you know everyday how much I love you... but especially today because it's dedicated to you. Thanks for all you do for me. Thanks for always being here for me. Thanks for always loving me. You truly are the epitome of what a great Dad is. I love you! Happy Father's Day!

Oh and if you're are one heck of a Father... you are an even better Grandpa! So thanks for that too!"

Laila and I, yes I was enjoying a wonderful nap and I had a little angel watching over me.

And here is Atalie posing with me.

So as you can see these are just two of the many comments full of good wishes and wonderful words that came to me from all over the place. Know that I too love you all and yes "D" as you said in your text. "Enjoy your day and drink up because tomorrow it goes back to Mother's day".

I was also told I was the World's Greatest Grandpa.

Martha Isela Garcia commented on your post:

"Yeah, but I never known of a grandaddy (other that in the movies) stick around the hospital until his grandchildren are born. I salute you! "

Oh yes, I was blessed to be present when nine out of my ten grandkids were born. The other one came on a different but special way too.


Friday, June 18, 2010

The Art of Ditching

Back in my school days, I am talking way back to Jr. High and High School ditching classes was not something I would do. When I came from Mexico and was enrolled in school I had to start in the 8th grade, back in those days we didn't call it middle school but Jr. High and it consisted of three years only, 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. Well, I did have perfect attendance as I didn't miss not even one day, yes I loved school that much, so much in fact that I always enrolled in Summer School as well. Pretty much the same could be said for High School with the exception of missing some days due to illness.

So, now obviously I no longer go to school but now as a member of the choir I am required to go to practice every Thursday night and early Sunday right before mass. But being a member of the Copperstate Mustang Club, and being an avid motorcycle rider, I find myself missing out on a lot of the rides and or functions and also on some family events as well so as much as I don't like to but I must ditch some practices and even some masses here and there.

Still, I have to call and ask for permission to ditch practice. lol Once a good kid, always a good kid (at least that's what I tell myself) and hopefully the teacher or in this case my sister (our choir director) will give me her blessing to miss the class/practice.

We went to this Hooters at the Arizona Center.
Images borrowed from the Internet.

So when I was invited to go watch the Basketball finals at Hooters it was a little hard to turn down. And when you go watch it with the ultimate Lakers fan it's a little wild but nevertheless lots of fun. So, although I am far, far away from converting and leaving my beloved Suns, I found myself rooting for The Lakers if only by association. It was a good game, a nice night in the patio under the misters which kept us pretty refreshed, and the beer pitchers that kept coming. Me, being designated driver held at my limit of 2 only and still fell tipsy so even tho not hungry I had to chow down or some delicious chicken wings. OK, I am lying, Hooters chicken wings are really not all that delicious but the hit the spot. If not mine at least the guy's that asked me for my left overs as we were walking to the car. Besides, really do guys go to Hooters just for the chicken wings? *wink* *wink*.

As for the outcome of the game as if you didn't know already. It was Lakers by a few lucky shots.

Image borrowed from the Internet.


Monday, June 14, 2010


I know, I know, I have not blogged in over a week, nothing really has come my way in the form of a post so while I wait for something interesting to happen, another family gathering perhaps, I will just post a bunch or nonsense. I little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Choirboy update. Somehow not only am I singing Sunday mass but last week I sang Friday, Saturday, and two on Sunday back to back. As my sister stated in my face book wall, I had another solo and the priest gave the choir special recognition. Although not necessary it boosts our drive to get better and to sing louder to God. I find myself in church so often now that I am catching up and making up for all those days I ignored it. OK, I know it doesn't quite works that way but it would definitely be nice.


Me and my little Ducky Duck

This picture is not too old, I believe my daughter took it but now I am not even sure. One think I am sure though is that I love me this little "Duck". This has got to be one of my favorite pictures with him.


So finally after a long hiatus I went back to Manny's last Saturday for karaoke and just in time as I believe they are now going on hiatus too as summer is here and it's just too hot to be out there in that patio. However this past weekend we got a brake on the hot weather and it was actually a very enjoyable afternoon. It was nice to see not all but some of my karaoke friends and I even sang three songs. Karaoke and singing in church are two different things. OK singing is singing but not really.


Wow! Now that is a car seat.

This is Laila Graciela, the youngest of my grandkids or as I call her number 10. OK not really, I don't call her that but she really is my grand baby number 10.


Atalie meets her great grandma for the first time.
It was love at first sight.

It is getting to a point when images like this are priceless. Give Atalie a month and my mom won't be able to carry them any more. So, she was very happy to be able to have her in her arms on this particular day.


Humm! I wonder what she meant with this?


Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tidbits From Here and There

A little princess I tell ya!

It's finally here, oh yes I was missing it but at the same time I was a little happy it was late in showing up, but after this Sunday we can no longer ignore that the triple digits mean heat. Yes, it is hot in Phoenix and the swimming pool is almost swimable (if that's a word). We should be enjoying it by this Friday. Yey!

But in my case that also means less bike rides. I may or may not venture at least one day riding to work, remember the asphalt is hotter than the actual temperature so riding in 110 degree weather is really like riding in 120 degrees. Yikes! (I spelled it correctly, right Nikki?).

So, last Saturday Alayna had her dance recital. She looked so pretty in her bright yellow outfit, and looked like the little princess (or as she says, "Princesa")that she is. Mr. Diego had a flower for her which he held through the whole show. By the way, Diego was shouting at the older girls instead of the youngest ones. Ummm! Poor, flower I thought it wouldn't survive, but it did. She of course being as girly as she is was happy to get it.

Here Diego is holding that poor little flower. It survived and Alayna was happy.

I am sure there are more things going on these days but for the most part nothing out of the ordinary. So, I will leave you with some more images from past days.

Alayna is the one in the front at the left.

Of course she had to pose with grandpa and Diego.

And a kiss for good luck, instead of break a leg. It worked because she did great.

Here is the whole family.


Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Memorial Day

So as you all know my camping trip was a success. I had so much fun and I loved the company soooo call me selfish but I want more. Therefore for the 4th of July 4-day weekend (what? yours is only three days, too bad, so sad) I am going to San Diego basically for the first time ever and will either go to Sea World and the San Diego Zoo or maybe just Sea World. One day for traveling and exploring, two days for Sea World my ticket supplier (Jen) can only get 2-day passes, and the last day for the beach (Jr. stop asking me to pronounce this word) and then traveling back to Phoenix, yeah that sounds like a plan. I am really looking forward to this trip so those of you that can afford it should plan to attend.

Since I have never been there, I need some pointers from those of you that have. What to see? What to expect? What is a must see at Sea World? What is a must see in San Diego?, Where to stay? Where to eat? What beach to visit? And so on, and so on.


So Monday my daughter Nikki texts me first thing in the morning and asks:
Nikki: Daddy, are we doing anything today as a family?
Dad: I heard something about a carne asada.
Nikki: Really? I didn't
Dad: LOL that's cause I just made it up.
Nikki: Ja ja
Dad: So, set it up. Call everybody.
(Sorry huge family of mine, in this case everybody meant my big little nucleus)
Nikki: But I heard the sink in your house is busted. And Jen said we could do it at her house but they are having bathroom issues. Kika said maybe at Edgar's, but he said all spaces in his apartment were booked sooooo, Kika said her house it is.

So at about 1:00 p.m. we all started showing up. Carne Asada, rice, pasta soup, salsa, sodas, fruit, we had it all and we had a fantastic time together. the whole family showed up. I must be one heck of a lucky guy because all my 10 +1 grand kids were there. Even my cunado Mario was here from California, he got to see the whole family this time around.

Here are a few images captured during our get together:

My beautiful sister in law, and our gracious host.

My brother in law and I and a clown in the background.

Alex, Michelle, Nikki, and Loyiel.

Loyiel and Mario showing how it takes two to hug Juan.

Ariel just would not get away from me or let anyone get close to me.

My daughter in law dubbed this image "The Parking Lot".

Me, Juan, and Atalie.

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