Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Nice Weekend

Saturday Michelle and junior enlisted me as the babysitter. They needed to have a date without the three little ones so they took the baby to her nino's and mi chica and I kept the other two.

It was a hot day so they kids asked me if I could take them out to the pool. So, while I waited for the food to be ready we went outside and put some air on our brand new inflatable rafts and went in the pool. Food was ready faster than we expected so our swimming time was cut short but that was OK. I was treated to mi chica's cooking which in my humble opinion is the best. A big steak with sopa de estrellita, rajas con crema, and a salsa made by yours truly that was finger licking good, ummm, ummm, ummmm.

Mi chica was tired as she had worked so she retired and went to sleep, meanwhile the kids and I had a movie night which started with "Shark Tale" followed by "I, Robot", half way throughout I Robot they were totally out.

Sunday was pretty much a lazy day. The kids borrowed our van (what else is new these days) and left for the most part of the morning. In the afternoon I took mi chica to get her nails done. She wanted to try this new place her sister told her about. She didn't like it that much, it was expensive and the service was not the best. Either that or they charged her for the time I sat on that chair and got a heck of a massage. I so want one of those chairs at home. It may not fit our decor but my back will love me for it.

By the time we came out of there it was 6:00pm so naturally I was hungry and so was she so she treated me to a restaurant I had never been to. I think it's called Pei Wei and it's a combination of Asian dishes. I am not too daring when it comes to new foods so I ordered a beef lo mein. The noodles were a bit overcooked making them too soft but I must admit that the flavor was really nice.

The funny thing is that this place is supposed have dishes from Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam according to the sign over the cash register but the voices coming out of the wall-less kitchen were in Spanish. Things that make me go hmmm! I just found out that Pei Wei is the little sister restaurant of P. F. Changs.

Happy on full stomachs we headed back home to the screaming sounds of four grand kids. Oh, yes I love my life.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Karaoke Goes on Hiatus

Finally today I made it to karaoke at Manny's which was in a way kindda bitter sweet because today was the last day as summer has let us know it's here and the patio just gets too hot. I hear it will resume back in September when the heat is gone.

For one reason or another I had not been able to go the past two Fridays so today I got even. Even with the big group on hand I was still able to squeeze five songs. I made new fans, new friends, and new attempts at singing songs I had not sang yet. Even though it was hot it wasn't uncomfortably hot. Since I'm not drinking (doctor's orders) I only had a couple of diet cokes and nibbled on some tortilla chips and salsa.

Our core group is there every Friday and I know that they all look forward to karaoke night. Most of them are the coolest senior citizens you'll ever meet. I, at almost 50 years of age feel like the new kid in town. One of said group members is moving back east to Washington or some place like that and so next week there will be a gathering to bid him farewell. Yes some karaoke will be involved, because well that's how we roll.

Well it's all good because maybe now I participate in some of the car club's activities. There's a third Friday outing every month where the club reserves a portion of a dinner's parking lot and while our ponies are on display we get to eat and socialize. Since this year marks my tenth anniversary as a member I want to be a little more active.

Whatever I decide to do I am sure I'll be posting about it so keep coming back.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

T-ball and The Duck

What? It's already Wednesday. I love me holiday weeks, they go by so fast, too bad they are so few and far. If it was up to me everyday would be a holiday. OK, that was a little too over the top, but I just got a little carried away. lol Of course I don't want everyday to be a holiday what would be the point of that?

I holiday is what you make of it. Take today for instance. Today is Wednesday and it should be just a plain Wednesday, althugh Wednesday always marks the middle of the workweek so it's never plain. Anyway what will make today special is that my 5-year old grandson "Ducky" will play his first T-ball game ever. Now if that is not the kind of event that makes a holiday what is?

I hear he has been practicing for a few weeks so I am really looking forward to catching today's game. T-ball games are the funiest, the kids really put on a great show as they run to the wrong base and still get excited, or crying because they couldn't hit the ball, or being happy because they did, I'm telling you these games will be the most memorable as they start developing their skills.

Although it won't quite be like "The Sand Lot" or "The Bad News Bears" tonight should be our little version of "Fields of Dreams".

I am hoping there will be some pictures to share, we'll see. Just make sure to check back again tomorrow.

There is my "Ducky" warming up for practice. Look at him he can almost do a full split.
Image borrowed from Nikki's blog.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Well the idea was to have a relaxing weekend and I did just that. Since I decided to take Friday my weekend turned into a four day weekend and that was just fine by me. No trips to L.A. this year just stayed home and relaxed.

On Sunday we invited our kids to come over for a carne asada, so my son, my two daughters, the three in-laws and all seven grand kiddoes came over. It was a nice hot sunny day and the pool was the place to be. So while they all swam, I grilled some of the most delicious carne asada and chicken, which together with my special salsa, the rice, the pico de gallo, and grilled onions kept us asking for more.

For a good family gathering you can never go wrong with carne asada. To prove it here are some images of said fun gathering.

The kids working up an appetite by swimming all afternoon. My son there at the right acting as the life guard.

And as usual the kids at heart always make sure they entertain the little kids. Here's my son in law making a splash via a cannon bomb.

Oh, but we must take a brake from swimming to enjoy a nice cold icicle.

A few more cannon bombs from the big...

And the small.

And to close it all out, I captured this beautiful sunset, it's so nice to have our backyard facing west.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Is Anybody Listening

As I said before I was a hater specially when he destroyed Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire". Who is this fool that commits such a travesty then he sings Tears for Fears "Mad World" and I see potential. The week after week this guy's performance was the one most of us would be waiting for. What is he going to do tonight? What song is he singing? Will he wear make up? Will he look like Elvis again? Black nail polish? Eyeliner? Screeching? Anybody that still doesn't accept that American Idol Season 8 revolved around this guy is living in denial.

I think Adam not winning the "title" is a blessing in disguise, he is already a winner, soon he will establish himself as a musical star. I am curious to see what he will come up with for his album debut. It's obvious his talent does not involve rock music only and if need be he can refrain from screeching (although I don't know why since he masters the high notes so well) if wants.


Memorial Day

Sure we love the three day weekend but...


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just a Thought

As I drive to work these days I now realize that it's better to be pissed off because of the morning traffic and finishing your coffee too soon while driving, than getting to work in 30 minutes and your coffee mug is still half full because traffic is so light due to the thousands of people that have lost their jobs. Heck, sometimes it used to take me half an hour just to travel five out of the 20-mile commute, and yes people that overslept would be driving like maniacs flashing their lights and flipping you the bird because they had only so many minutes to get to work and they knew that they were going to be late.

Oh, how I used to complain about those days, but truth be told I kindda miss them. For a while there if I didn't get on the freeway by 6:00 am I would be late. Lucky for me I never have to worry about getting to work on time, but many places will fire you by the third occurrence.

As the days go by I see no increase in activity at work. May and June are our strongest months which makes me wonder that if things don't pick up we may have to start handing pink slips or worse yet I may be the recipient of one. No body is safe as no one is indispensable.

I know change is gonna come but unfortunately it won't happen overnight. I just hope that we remain strong as a company, as a society, and as a family.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Diego Graduates

The drive home from work on Friday was grueling. The temperature here in Phoenix is rapidly rising and we are already experiencing triple digit days already. I got home and the first thing I did was throw myself on the couch and pass out. But 20 minutes later my daughter wakes me up and tells me it's time to go.

My grandson Diego was graduating and as you know milestones such as this are very important. We left and soon I found out that the graduation was to be outside. What? We were among the first ones to get there so we got to choose a good shady spot, but realizing that we had over 40 minutes to wait before the ceremony started I knew it was going to be a long wait, add to this a crying granddaughter, let's just say it was interesting to say the least.

Finally, the school's principal (a very young girl) comes out and welcomes us. She goes through the process of how we the parents need to be respectful and to refrain from screaming when your graduate's name is mentioned. Yeah right! What's the point if you can't scream Diegooooooooooooooooooooo I LOVE YOU! and blow your air horn. OK, I didn't take an air horn but that would have been fun, and probably worth being ejected from the ceremony.

There were four graduating classes and as their respective teachers called the names the graduates started coming out and were handed their very impressive diplomas. They all looked so cute in their Hawaiian shirts and shorts as the graduation had a Hawaiian motif and became a Luau, as luck would have it our graduate was the third to the last to be called, remember we are outside in 100 degree weather and now screaming granddaughter has found her way into my arms while her mom and dad are busy taking pictures and film.

Finally we are all invited inside the cafeteria for a two song treat by the graduates and after that for lemonade and food, we stayed for the songs but left without eating, people can become savages when there's some free food around and we figured for us going home was better.

A few more pictures with our graduate whom by the way is totally ready for the challenges that the next year will bring and we were on our way. Upon coming home we were hungry so mi chica suggested we go to Costco were for the whooping amount of $16.00 dollars we all ate and had deserts.

OK, I know you all want to see pictures of our handsome graduate but since I didn't take my camera I will have to wait until my daughter post some so I can go and snatch them. lol So, stay tuned and make sure to come back to see them. In the meantime Diego says "First grade here I come".

For photos and a narrative from the mom's perspective CLICK HERE!


Friday, May 15, 2009


It should be a busy weekend, as it turn out today my grandson graduates from kindergarten, yeap a full blown Hawaiian motif graduation, he is so excited and it should be fun to see a bunch of little kids graduating into first grade. Can you remember your first day of school as a first grader. I kindda can if I close my eyes and go back, back, back, way back in time. lol -- OK but that only means that for the third week in a row I won't go karaoke and as it gets hotter the cut out date for karaoke Friday approaches fast.

I started looking for things to see in our neighborhood yard sale tomorrow but anybody that knows me will be safe to assume that I don't part ways with my things easily. Still I have found a few items plus I intend to put all my frames out there too if at all to see if they create any comments. I prefer if the sell but comments and or conversation is welcomed too. The nice thing about neighborhood yard sales is that all the advertisement has been done for you. I do hope to get rid of a few things and maybe even make some money in the process.

My "Ducky" is spending the night with us. I have been hired as the official baby sitter for tomorrow. This little kid loves coming to our house and I am so looking forward to having him. A typical phone conversation with him is like this:

Grandpa: Hi Ducky!
Ducky: (No hi grandpa or anything) I wanna go your house
Grandpa: Yo do?
Ducky: I wanna go your house
Grandpa: OK well ask your mommy to bring you.
(background voice -- "Say goodbye to grandpa".
Ducky: Bye grandpa.

And just like that he is gone. I gotta love my little duck.

Yeap, my weekend has been planned and promises to be an exciting one. What are your plans for the weekend?


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tidbits of Nothing

What Danny is out, it's about time. Now what, does anybody really think Kris will sell thousands of albums and go platinum. I just don't see it. Clearly Adam is the only realistic choice for the powers that be to make them money. We'll see how thing pan out next week.

So, I finally got another lap top computer yey. It's another hand me down but at zero cost to me its awesome. It just happens to be the exact same model of the one I had before, what were the chances. I am just excited as I will soon be able to karaoke on line again, sweet.

Tomorrow will be the last bike night at Westgate and I am planning on going, need to take some more pictures of those awesome bikes on display. I do intend to get mine fixed very, very soon so stay tuned for that. Now I just have to dig mine out of the garage. If this neighborhood yard sale scheduled for next Saturday goes the way I plan I just might free some very needed garage space, and the bike will be more visible and easy to get to. lol

Oh, yeah neighborhood yard sale, I must get my sh--t together and really start sorting out some of that old junk I have laying around, I am sure there is a buyer out there waiting to buy my possessions. But being the eternal "rat pack" that I am I probably won't let too many things out of my reach.

I'll come with a decent post soon, right now my mind is everywhere else but here. Michelle and I are trying to put together our second Photography Exhibition which will be held at my daughter in law's house as she will be hosting it. In our maiden exhibition we had 15 framed pieces, my goal for this one is to have 20 frames on display and available for sale. We are not raking in any profits but we are being able to buy more frames without spending any more out of pocket money. I will keep you posted on that too. In the meantime visit our new blog at ( become our follower, our critic, our friend, our customer.

Until the next time, peace.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tonight No American Idol For This Kid

Since I don't really care for American Idol tonight I'll have to find something else to watch. I really think that this season was the worst season ever. With all the changes they did something was bound to go wrong. I hated the idea of a fourth judge but Kara won me over, the downside was that four critiques would take way too long and this year was a war between the judges. Boring!

Judges coming down the stairs like if they are the stars... Not! I am glad they stopped that. The list of failed changes is way too long and still I hanged in there until last week. It's like nobody can explain how is it that Allison was booted out and now the remaining three have only a top one. So, no I don't care to watch tonight or even next week, and if Adam is not cheated out of the obvious win I will
watch the finale.

At least we will soon have my new favorite reality show. So You Think You Can Dance. I don't foresee them coming up with stupid changes, someone said give change a chance but it's hard to give something a chance when you clearly can see it won't work.

It's obvious that Nigel Lythgoe knew something we didn't last year as he wisely left American Idol. But hey we'll see how the cookie crumbles from now on.

Does anybody out there really think that Danny will outshine and out sing Adam?


Sunday, May 10, 2009

El Weekend

It was a nice weekend, in the endless amount of birthday parties Saturday was my niece's birthday. It was held at my mom's house and let me tell you it was a hot day in Phoenix. Fortunately there are a couple of huge trees in my mom's backyard that provide tons of shade and then after the sun went down so did the temperature. All in all we all had a good time but best of all the kids had a great time. Why braking piƱatas and eating cake and ice cream always does the trick. So, happy birthday Fernanda you are now one year old, whoohooo!

My son called and invited us to go to Prescott for lunch. It was a treat for the moms and the plan was to take mi chica, his wife, and her mom. We agreed to go and started on our trek. We needed to gas up so I stopped at the gas station and I noticed that mi chica was making noises as in I am not feeling so good this morning kindda noises so we decided to head back to the house and cancelled on going to Prescott.

I knew it had to do with the medication and the fact that we were on empty stomachs but as soon as I got home I went to Chipotle's and got us a pair of the biggest burritos that they make and had a great breakfast. After that she went to bed and I crashed on the couch and pretty much slept for the next four hours. Wow, that was good. lol

My son, his wife and the kids stopped by as they came back from Prescott and spent the next two hours with us. We had a nice time. The only thing is that I didn't get a chance to go see my mom but I will make up next Tuesday when I go to her house.

I hope all the moms out there had a great day.


Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I do wish for this day to be very happy for all of the moms out there in blogland.


Friday, May 08, 2009

Tidbit Time

When I bought my car back in 1990 my gas tank used to fill up with about $14.00 then gradually gas prices increased but it was still not too bad considering my Mustang has a 5.0 V8 engine under the hood. Then last year the gas prices sky rocketed and my small gas tank took as much as $42.00 on a couple of occasions. That pretty much meant $168.00 a month in gas and that only covers Monday through Friday.

Well for the past few months I fill up my tank and the receipt total is usually between $16.00 and $17.50 now those are prices I can live with. How much longer this low prices will stay? When we used to have the Expedition it was nearly $80.00 to fill it up. How much is your tank taking these days?

I have to wonder how many people are not working these days, judging by the morning traffic which has been very light it doesn't look too good. Man I do wish and hope things turn around soon, even a small turn for the better will be welcomed. Pray people we need to get back to whatever our "normal" used to be.

So, I did not go karaoke last week so I guess tonight that's what I'm doing. It is getting hot in Phoenix and since karaoke is out in the restaurant's patio they stop it until the heat is gone. This week we already had three days of over 100 degrees, I believe today we were supposed to be at 105. That my far away friends is HOT! Then for tomorrow we have my niece's birthday that should be fun as well as productive because some of the pictures and frames ordered last week will involve portraits and we are supposed to see them tomorrow. Sounds like fun huh.

Prison break, why did they move it from Monday to Friday? Well, thanks to my DVR because it has been doing a great job at recording it. Will this be the final season?



How is this for a hanging garden of sorts. I like it, specially because it is in at my tia's house.


Thursday, May 07, 2009

Foul Play

Can someone explain to me how is it that someone that clearly outperformed both Danny Gokey and Kris Allen and that apparently was well liked by millions still got booted off American Idol last night. This after she kept getting great performances while Danny and Kris stayed pretty bland and uninteresting.

If Alexis got booted off immediately because of her bad performance, then Danny should have been the one leaving last night. If anybody out there other than his family says his performance of "Dream On" was even a little bit good you know you are lying. That performance was a musical travesty and he most than deserved to leave the show.

Radio and TV stations reach millions, by blog may only reach five of you, but we all agree that Allison leaving AI last night may have nothing to do with Americans voting. I said it before and I'll say it again, something stinks and it is not my socks. Many people including myself have been saying that somehow the voting system is rigged, and in this season that has become more obvious. True or not, many of us won't trust it anymore and I doubt I'll be tuning in next year.

As for this season, out of the three remaining there is only one clear winner. As of yesterday I stopped watching the show, I may tune in three weeks from now just to see Adam be crowned American Idol Season 8 winner, or to see him cheated out of the title. AI in my opinion has lost all it's credibility.


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cinco de Mayo and American Idol

About six years ago us warehouse guys at work decided to have a little "Carne Asada" for lunch, so we brought a barbecue grill and some salsas from home and on a Friday afternoon we during lunch we grilled the meat and had a great lunch. A couple of the Customer Service reps and other employees came out to the warehouse and saw us grilling, so we invited them a taco and before we knew it people were "visiting" us.

For a while they kept buggin' us about doing a Carne Asada and of course to invite them so as Cinco de Mayo was approaching I asked the guys if they would be willing to sponsor a Carne Asada but it needed to be for the whole company. We all agreed to do it and that was the beginning of what is now our annual Cinco de Mayo Carne Asada Fiesta. The owner of the company was so impressed and liked it so much that the following year with a month in advance he asked if we were doing it again because he wanted to purchase all the meat needed for the event.

Our quarterly staff meetings are always catered but nothing comes close to the food served during our Cinco de Mayo fiesta. The meat may be sponsored by the executives but it is up to us to bring all the delicious side foods, let me tell you there is never a shortage of good stuff to eat on this occasion.

Yesterday once again was a total success and the only regret everyone has is that we only do this once a year.

On a full stomach I went to my mom's house and waited for American Idol, the top four would perform. While there was a top four show last night was a show of two only. In many cases a particular contestant is supposed to be strong on a specific them and then they blow it completely. Last night was rock night which meant that both Adam and Allison would be strong. Well, last night they were the whole show, both Kris and Danny were totally opaqued by their performances and even though both of them have a strong following which I believe Allison doesn't they were really not that good.

I still don't get the fascination people have with Kris, he really is not all that. Danny an early favorite and one I liked before just didn't seem to bring anything new to the table and I really don't care for most of his performances. Allison, is consistently good but perhaps not considered the total package that they look for in an idol hopeful and keeps finding herself at the bottom of the pit. I really, really, really hope she survives tonight as she really deserves to be a top three contestant, maybe even a top two, but that is just wishful thinking.

Adam was the biggest surprise this season. I really didn't care for him at the beginning. I totally hated him on Country week but that was where the hate ended. The following week he surprised all of us and little by little he became the one we all wanted to hear and were interested in seeing what he would come up with. He has not disappointed since and yesterday when it counted as his night he shone like the star that he will probably will become.

Danny really sucked last night but the consensus is that it will all come down to an Adam vs. Danny finale. I would definitely prefer an Allison vs. Danny finale but either way no matter who's goes against Adam he or she does not stand a chance against Adam. But then again voters have been known to favor not the best but the favorite. We'll soon find out.

So my daughter Nikki has not watched idol at all this season so last night she decided to sit down and give it a whirl. Ryan comes out and does his usual intro and then he says the now famous phrase, "And These Are Your Top Four America" at this point Ducky is watching with her and as they come out Ducky screams, "It's the Jonas Brothers" lol and sits down to watch. lol -- I thought it was too funny and so did Nikki.


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A Couple More

So my mom really liked the frame of the Ex-convento Dominico de la Natividad or as my daughter calls it "The Castle". My sister bought it first so they didn't want to have the same image in both houses so my mom saw this beautiful picture of the Cathedral in Cuernavaca and said she wanted that one instead. I had liked that image since I took it and I knew it would look fantastic once framed, I was right and so was my mom. All these old Mexican churches are protected by the state and it is against the law to alter them, all that can be done to them is restore them but they have to remain original. They are all beautiful if you ask me.

Cuernavaca's Cathedral.

Mike our gardener liked the "Rocky Point" sunset but wanted the darker frame. So we customized one for him to. Here is the end result.

There is the original at the left.

And this is his special order one.

All I know is that this is fun and I am enjoying it.


Sunday, May 03, 2009

If You Build It They Will Come

OK, that worked for Fields of Dreams but in my fields of dreams when I put it together a few came but in the end it was a fun time for those who came and a good day for Michelle and I because we did sell a few of our frames and got a few custom orders too.

It wasn't until 6:30 pm that my sister, my niece and my mom came in. Before this I was thinking no one would show up. A few minutes later my other sister and my other niece came in. Hey not a total bust, then my sister in law, her two daughters (my nieces), and a friend of theirs showed up, and lastly Michelle's best friend came in.

My gardener got a private showing as he was here doing my yards and he was quite impressed with what he saw that he wanted to buy one on the spot, then he told me he really loved a certain image we had but wanted it on a darker frame to fit the decor of his house, needless to say he placed the order and we are already working on it.

How amazing that we can make some money out of something we have always done for free. If you know my clan we are all always carrying our cameras, a hobby passed down to all of us by my dad. So, without further ado here are some of the photos I took from last night.

Elegant and inspiring, this limited edition collection is mostly filled with one of a kind original images captured by either Michelle or me. We put a lot of love in the process of framing the images. These are perfect for mother's day and also as casual gifts. For any questions plese do not hesitate to contact us.

"The Angel" my sister in law snatched this one right away as she really loved it. This is one of Michelle's images.

Our artwork on display.

The church in the photograph which my daughter nicknamed "The Castle" was bought by my sister. The Angel was bought by my sister in law.

At $50.00 the frame of the Rocky Point Sunset was the most expensive picture on display. Michelle's friend liked it so much that she bought the print only and paid a pretty good price for it, she wanted it in B&W and it came out really nice. She picked it up at the show and was very pleased with it.

"Rocky Point Sunset" won a first place out of over 800 images in a Internet photo contest on, "The Old Lady" and image I captured last year in our trip to Mexico was a favorite. Everyone that sees it seems to fall in love with it. The little frame holds a regular size photo and at $20.00 dollars is our best buy.

These two frames belong to mi chica and obviously are not for sale, however the concept was. The frame in the left showcases all of our grandkids in a fun collage. The one in the right is a picture of my daughter Nikki as she photo shopped it and made it look pretty unique.

Three images featuring water.

Definitely a pair of crowd pleasers.

This is the Dominique ex-convent of the Nativity in a little town named Tepoztlan in Morelos, Mexico. View from afar it totally resembles a castle so my daughter named this "The Castle".

One of Michelle's favorites works, she calls it "The Pretend Winter", my mom fell in love with it but wanted the image to be bigger, then she opted for two different ones.

So, there you have it. All in all we had a good show, only a few people showed up but it made it for a more intimate gathering. Once everybody got here I put my camera down so I could answer whatever questions they had and I had no chance to take pictures with people in them.

My niece Alex whom also loves photography has asked us to please include her in our next exhibition. This will bring an added variety to the two very different styles from Michelle and I. I am excited to work on another one, now I just have to find a new volunteer to host it in their house.

My daughter Nikki does a lot of our graphic designs. She created the wonderful invitation for the exhibition, and currently she is working on our logo which by the way came out really nice. She is doing the final touches to it. So, for her help Michelle and I presented her with a surprise frame of "Ducky". I believe she loved it (Click Here) and it now hangs in her leaving room. It kindda looks lonely so baby you need to buy some more frames from us. lol


Saturday, May 02, 2009

Bike Night at Westgate

So last Thursday was the third installment of Bike Night at Westgate City Center in Glendale, my son in law and I got there when it was already dark and the place was so packed with motorcycles that the overflow was starting to park in the adjacent parking lots. No I did not count them but there were surely at least 500 bikes there.

For a limited amount of time Bike Night is every Thursday night but if profitable for Westgate it may be there to stay. To date this is the closest we Arizona bikers get to having a place where bikers can meet and park their bike within view. It gives the feeling of Sturgis or Daytona minus a few thousand bikes of course but nevertheless just to peruse some 500 bikes can take a while.

Every restaurant in the venue was packed and bikers are known to be very generous which again leads me to believe that Bike Night at Westgate is here to stay. I really hope so.

All these images were captured by "Junior" my son in law. He is still learning but sometimes his captures prove to be display worthy.

This is Coyotes Blvd. Also known as "Events Plaza".

This is one sweet Heritage Softail.

The gas tank says it all.

One nice yellow on black custom chopper.

Awesome looking chopper.

Trikes are supposed to be fun too, I have yet to ride one.

Two Screamin' Eagle baggers.

Old school flames.

New school flames.


Friday, May 01, 2009

I Choose To...

If it wasn't because it is a good exercise in writing and it has helped me improve my writing skills which I had non when I started this I would say it was time to drop the blog. I don't know if bloggin' is getting old with all the new social networks popping up everywhere or if my writing is just totally boring, either way traffic has been very light indeed.

I do however still get satisfaction doing it so I will continue to do it. Most of my regular readers had moved on to other bigger and better things I guess and I have not been out there networking and recruiting new readers.

Anyway, here we are, another week has come and gone, the economy continues to suck, people are still losing their jobs, and the Swine Flu makes an appearance everywhere scaring the heck of a lot of us. And in the midst of all this I realize I still have my health, my family, my friends, my sanity, heck I am still a blessed man. Everything in the news and the Internet tends to sensationalize the bad news, it seems that at times they have nothing positive to say. I choose to try and find the positives without complaining about what I don't have much control of.

I don't know about you but positive thinking will yield positive results, complaining will just make your life that much stressful. So with that note I will think positive and maybe go karaoke tonight with my friends and welcome the weekend with a smile in my face.

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