Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friday Tidbits

OK after almost being sick for a whole month tomorrow I will give it a try and hopefully I will be able to sing without my voice going all over the place. My sister and brother in law will join me at El Salvadoreño for a night of song and poetry. I have a feeling she will like it.

"Viernes de Bohemia" (Bohemian Friday) is a good way to spend our Friday afternoon in the company of a bunch of great people. I have enjoyed every time I have been there as there is so much talent from everyone there.


Happy birthday Laila. One year already, how fast.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011



If I close my eyes it feels like yesterday so how did 33 years go by so fast. I’ve written about this before because not too long ago my daughters went through the same thing my niece just experienced last Monday. Yes, I am talking about High School graduation.

As I stood there listening to these kids give their speeches about chasing dreams and how the sky is the limit I couldn't help but think how time just swooshed over my head without warning. So in essence dreaming is good but tackling their goals is better. Back in the day having that High School diploma for many of us meant we were ready to go out into the world find a job and make a living and maybe advance in your career based on your merit.

Not so anymore, a High School diploma nowadays really does not mean much, it only means you are ready for the next level which is earning a college or university degree and the faster you tackle that the better. This also mean in many cases a big debt of college loans and school fees, but it also represents the opportunity to get a better paid job as most employers now look for educated candidates as opposed to experienced.

Me congratulating Alexis on her accomplishments.

So as I look back I realized that 33 years really went by too fast. For today’s graduates 33 years from now is so far away in a distant future. Life goes on and we continue to create our own paths.

I have been blessed with a good career that I enjoy. Even with my limited chances of advancement given my also limited education I really am in no position to complain, I have most of the things I want in life considering my budget but best of all I have something no money can buy… my family!

To my graduates, Alexis and Kerissa, do go and chase those dreams and don’t be afraid to conquer the world. You guys made it this far, keep going, don’t stop, but make sure to enjoy the voyage. Congratulations to the two of you my class of 2011 graduates from a class on '78 one.

Alexis' adoring fans.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Still Loving My Roll As a Choirboy

Well, as you all may remember I joined the church choir back on February of 2010 and what an amazing journey that has been. I fought it for so long as I knew that it would be a big commitment and that it required time and effort yet once in it has been so effortless and very rewarding. Even when asked to cover two masses which last year was common it never felt like an imposition but actually I was glad to stay and serve.

It had been a month since I got sick and my throat had been so closed that no note was coming out, but today finally it opened up almost fully and I was able to finally sing without sounding like a teenager going through puberty.

Today we were mostly inspired because somehow every song we sang sounded fairly decent, considering that we are for the most part a very disorganized group full of limitations, when it comes to singing to the Lord we try to do the very best we can, when you sing to Him the limitations are out the window because He wants for us not to be the best but to be the best we can. Amazingly enough once inside the church we all sound different and the community really appreciates our efforts by always joining in while using us as their guides.

Notice that in many of the videos I post the congregation is singing as well and yet we all sing in unison as one. More than once I have gotten chills especially when I notice their participation. Today was such a day.

The priest whom also has a wonderful voice often joins us in song as well, it's kindda funny when we all of a sudden hear the additional male voice and don't realize it's him until we see him, his little lavalier mic is pretty powerful and he loves to harmonize and to add phrases that normally aren't in the book. When he does that I always think of it as a win win situation cause everyone loves it.

As my sister says, when singing to the Lord is not about singing ugly just because He will appreciate it anyway, because to Him we should always offer the best of ourselves.

I hope you appreciate these songs because we sure love singing them.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I 'm Still Here

Wow, how is it that I have not posted anything here. Well, let's fix that right this instant. First of all I am still around and very much alive thank God for that. I have not done much these days other than work and attend the "Viernes de Bohemia", been sick for the past three weeks in a row with this cough that just does not want to part ways and I am pretty much sick of it, pun intended.

I had my debut at Viernes Bohemio over a month ago and to date I have not been able to perform for my friends again. I am hoping next Friday will be the day as my sister and brother in law will join me. I am excited for that so come on throat get well already and let me sing. In the meantime I settle for just listening to the always talented singers and poets there.

All eyes on the performer in turn.

I am really looking forward to next weekend as first and foremost my gf is coming to see me from California. The anticipation started mounting since last week. In addition my youngest granddaughter is getting baptised next Saturday and also getting her first birthday celebration on that same day. So, needless to say it will be an awesome weekend.

Princess Laila.

Have I mentioned that my Diego is playing baseball, yeah finally, last year he did the socker thing, so this year is baseball, have to keep these kids active and fit. It is so exciting to see them play even when they miss hitting that ball time and time again.

This is Diego a.k.a. "One awesome kid"

So there, I hope to catch up with you all very soon. But life changes always alter the daily routine but I promise not for long. Love ya all.

Friday, May 06, 2011

To All Moms of The World

This is something I wrote about three years ago and it's probably already posted here in the blog but I figure I can post it again for all of you wonderful mom's of the world.

Oh sorry it's in Spanish.

Para Las Madres En Mi Vida

Porque todas son muy lindas
Porque todas son muy bellas
Porque aunque no lo decimos
No somos nada sin ellas

Vienen de muchos tamaños
Vienen de muchos colores
No se que hariamos sin ellas
Pues bien sufririamos horrores

Pues bien todo les pedimos
Y ellas bien que lo hacen
Pues de donde sacan tanto
De donde les sale el coraje

Una maletita magica
Pareciera que trajeran
Pues en ella todo encuetran
Lo que en nos no existiera

Dame un Kleenex
Dame un "wipey"
Saca el rimel y el esmalte
La aspirina y la pomada
Medicina y la lana

Como le hacen
Si no es magia
Es que viene en su ADN
Yo no se de que estan echas
Como es que todo lo tienen

Hoy por hoy solo les digo
Que en este lindo 10 de Mayo
Celebraremos contentos
Esta bendicion del año

Un dia no es suficiente
Un dia de cada año
Para un ser tan eficiente
Celebremos todo el año


Feliz dia de las Madres. Que hariamos sin ustedes.
Las quiero mucho.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

My Weekend in Cali

On our way to La Puente.

The weekend again just not enough time but at least long enough to achieve the goals and dreams of a new beginning. The way I see it we pretty much date every night only thing is I am in Arizona and she is in California but we are making it work, thus the saying "Where there's a will there's a way".

My daughter and I got there with plenty of daylight, that was strange as we always get there when it's dark. My lil sister once again busted the kitchen utensils out and cooked us a mean fish, ummmmm good.

Then it was shower time and get ready for a night of dancing, karaoke, and fun, and since we get in celebration mood some got a little too tipsy but I'll be nice enough not to mention any names je je je.

Saturday was nice too as I got to meet her parents. Actually I had meet her dad three weeks ago but met her mom this past weekend and if I am hearing this correctly I passed the test and I think they approve, yey for me. It was her dad's birthday too so they were all busy cooking carne asada and pollo al carbon, ummmm all good and tasty, then all the wonderful side dishes and I winded up so full.

Best friends.

Sunday we were invited to yet another birthday party with more food that I could handle and drinks too. Luckily I had my designated driver whom drove the first four hours of our trip back to Phoenix.

All in all, the weekend was a total success. And it seems that for now we will have to repeat this at least once a month, I for one am willing to travel as many times as needed, but eventually we will have to narrow that gap big time.

My daughter and her cousins took advantage of the nice weather and went to the beach. Although I was still to windy and cold.

My daugher and my niece with me.
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