Monday, April 30, 2007

Is It Just Me

I have been trying to post comments on many of the blogs that I read but have not been able to on many of them. As I hover the cursor to the comment button and the preview bubble comes up, as soon as I try to click on it the Internet session closes on me. This never happens on blogs that don't have the preview window. Am I the only one this happens to?

Sunday, April 29, 2007

If My Being Mexican Upsets You...

So today I read a post in another blog that made me go uhmmmm!
So instead of making it a debate, I just thought I vent a little here.

So check this out. Next week you all know that we have a very special celebration, my daughter is getting married and you can count on a lot of guests coming, not only locally from Phoenix but our California relatives will probably make the trek to be here for such an important occasion.

Lots of planning has gone into this celebration and in contrast to her "Quinceañera" party just about six years ago where "mi chica" and I spent over $15,000.00, this one is on their own.

So they will be married at Saguaro Park here in Glendale, Arizona but for the reception no hall was rented, luckily my sister's house in Phoenix has a beautiful backyard that already has seen two "Quiceañera" celebrations and my daughter's will be the first of two weddings in May.

One thing you can be sure is that we will be loud, we will dance, we will drink, we will have fun, and we will be tagged by one or two uncooperative neighbors as "drunken loud bean eating Tejano dancing non-English speaking, off key singing SOBs" but that still won't make a difference to us, as I said in a previous comment to a fellow blogger. "I am who I am and for that I do not apologise".

So check this out, if you are in the elite group of Caucasian guests to come to our celebration, then you know that you will be safe with us, because even when we are drunk we are still cool people, full of feelings and ideas and traditions that will continue to be carried out, and for that day you'll be one of us drinking the same tequila, and eating the same "frijoles" con salsa y tortillas and dancing to our Norteño music.

And if all we could afford is a cheap off key singing tejano band, then so be it, we will dance just the same.

I don't expect for the stereotypes to end, that's what gives America such diversity but it still amuses me to hear some people be offensive when they talk about another race.

I am as Mexican as they come, I look it and I don't hide it, and yet when I ride with my bros on our Harleys and we are going to the different runs we attend to, they treat me as an equal, and yet bikers have a bad reputation, go figure. Just goes to show you that name calling for the sake of name calling is old news.

As a friend of mine used to say "You can call me anything you want, just don't call me when you need money".

Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

We are accustomed to conventional things. We do the things we are supposed to do, well, because that's what we are supposed to do but every so often it is good to think outside the box and do something different.

Conventionalism and innovation should go hand in hand as total opposites living in perfect harmony. Does that makes sense, I didn't think so but who cares.
So, its no secret my daughter will be married next week (sorry to hear you hate wedding EC) and the girls had plan on giving her a bachelorette party. They had plans, and they made plans on the different things that they were supposed to do as far as conventional bachelorette parties go, but at the last minute and without hesitation they (the powers that be) decided on a whim that a girls night out would be fun, maybe a chip 'n' dale's type stripper would make an appearance and they could have their fun but that would be too predictable.

So, instead they decided to send out an invitation to family and friends asking them to join us in the first ever bachelor/bachelorette party not at a restaurant or club or motel room or anything like that, but to a place here in the neighboring town of Goodyear called "Bounce U" (and no this is not a pay per post).

The invitation read, that in honor of the bride and groom and as a last chance to release their frustrations before they legally become a couple they were having a party where everyone was invited, that meant grown ups and kids alike. So we all caravaned to Bounce U where for what seemed to me like a long time we all jumped and slid on a giant slide and went through obstacle courses in a place where kids and grown ups alike were acting the same. It was so much fun to be able to go down a slide right next to my year old granddaughter and grandsons together and to actually be part of their fun and joy.

Boxing matches with these huge boxing globes and basketball playing inside a giant bouncy were part of the agenda, and if you want to find out just how out of shape you are (me, I was tired, no let me rephrase this, I was extremely tired two minutes after we entered the place) then this is the place to be.

My daughter was wearing her veil and my future son in law was wearing his tuxedo baseball cap, and this prompted the owner of the place to go and thank them for this one was the first time ever his fun place had hosted a bacherlor/bachelorette party. The fun part is that they have about five different cells which they rent for as long as you like only to you and your guests, so you don't have to worry about anything other than having fun.

Well, after the jumping/racing/boxing/sliding party we all came back to my house for a home made "Carne Asada" meal that was to die for.

I would like to thank those of you who attended, I think no one was disappointed and the experience was enjoyed by grown ups and kids alike. Sometimes it's good to think outside the box and to do unexpected things to bring a new meaning to an old custom.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

"Take me out to the ball game,
Take me out with the crowd.
Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack,
I don't care if I never get back,
Let me root, root, root for the home team,
If they don't win it's a shame.
For it's one, two, three strikes, you're out,
At the old ball game."

Yeap, tonight at 6;40 p.m.
Our Arizona Diamonbacks, sssssssssssss! will battle the San Diego Padres. Two tickets came out of nowhere for "mi chica" and I to attend. OK, courtesy of ABF Trucking.

Should be a lot of fun. Good seats too: Section 126, Row 29, seats 19 & 20.
I hope we win!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Wedding Date is Getting Close

So only 11 more days until my daughter and Junior tie the knot. It's been a long time coming, lots of planning has gone into this one as my daughter has spent countless hours making all the invitations and doing preparations mostly by herself. I believe that they will enjoy it more because they are doing it on their own as opposed to letting someone else do the preparations for them.

The wedding will take place at the Saguaro Ranch in Glendale. We are hoping for a not to hot day, as the heat is starting to make the mercury rise higher and higher. After that it's to my sister's house for the reception. So far the weather has been bearable but in Phoenix things change from one day to the next, we are told that this week the temperature will get close to the triple digits.

You may recall that last year "mi chica" and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary. It is very important for us that our kids follow up with our customs and beliefs, that's why I wish them all the luck in the world, and I hope that theirs will be a bright future, they will struggle at first as we did, but in the end they will be alright.

Stay tuned as more news will develop soon.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


I have been taking alternate routes on my way back home from work. The reason? -- Just to take pictures of interesting buildings, or different scenarios so that I can share them with you on my "Arizona... But It's a Dry Heat! Photo blog. I've found that getting stuck in traffic on purpose is a good thing, lots of the pictures I've shot lately were taken while on my car. No... never while driving, but while at a red light or a stop sign.

Downtown Phoenix has proven to be a wealthy photo-op place, I have only cruised a few streets that ultimately lead me back to the freeway and yet I have found lots of good places to photograph. The Historic District is one of the best places to drive around to find interesting subjects to shoot.

It's been lots of fun for me to search for these places, it's also teaching me a lot about this great city. Have you noticed the lack of graffiti in my pictures? Coming from L.A. you can't help but admire this city's cleanliness. Yeap, graffiti is something I can live without.

The under the freeway series of pictures I have posted is pretty good too, lots of artists have taken pride in either painting or adding sculptures to the freeway underpass bridges, there are also a few mosaics found there too.

My next target will be the brand new and still under construction "Gateway City Center" which is only about five minutes away from where I live. This place houses the Phoenix Coyotes Arena and the brand spanking new state of the art Cardinal's Stadium.

Restaurants, condominiums, 4-5 star hotels, a brand new movie theater, stores, Bellagio like fountains, and many other amenities will definitely provide me with an endless amount of photographic opportunities, and I am up to the challenge.

Today my Photo Blog passed the 10,000 visitor mark, and I couldn't be happier. Many of the commenters are returned visitors and the comments have proven to be very positive. It's a pleasure to know that many of you out there enjoy these pictures.

Thank you all for the support and awesome comments.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I Could Have Gone Racing

NASCAR is in town, and I was invited to attend by both trucking companies I use at work. Both ABF and R+L are part sponsors of a race car. This weekend is the Fabulous Fords Forever Car Show at Knott's Berry Farm in California and we go every year, so when these trucking companies called me to ask if I was interested I had to decline.

But due to too many events and too many upcoming trips to California at the last minute we had to cancel our trip, so now I'm left with no NASCAR and no Knott's Berry Farm. Grrrrrr!

But at least today I went to see the R+L racing car at a nearby company as they had a display and lunch for their customers. The car looks too innocent parking there but if you hear it at the track while trying out for the pole position man, the engine is pretty loud, and that's when you realize how fast this guys really go.

I have already been told that they'll have a pair of tickets for me in November so now we'll just have to wait.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Farewell muchacho

It was time, it was long overdue, it had to happen. I still say he should have been first to go but the free propaganda and constant spoofs took him to another level and made him a celebrity. As much as people "hate" him and want to forget him I think he'll be the talk of season six.

So here's a guy that thought he had what it takes to be an American Idol. He goes through the hardships of elimination and out of not one, or two,nor three or four, not hundred or tho hundred, but THOUSANDS, yes thousands of applicants. Little by little he's journey progresses and he finds himself advancing and thus making the dream doable, making obtainable, all of a sudden the dream is not a dream anymore, but it's reality.

Against all odds, he is sent to Hollywood, he makes "Top 24" and then "Top 12" and it is at this point that he is tagged a loser, and bad singer. Wait isn't this the guy that beat thousands.

Sanjaya was never as bad as his critics suggested. He didn’t make the semifinals by winning the weekly “text the obvious ‘Idol’ trivia answer and win a prize” sweepstakes; he got there by being among the better vocalists in a weak group of male rivals. Since then, he’s been among the worst of the contestants, but he’s rarely been bad enough that his removal was an obvious slam dunk.
By Craig Berman
MSNBC contributor

I have always liked the guy, heck I though his sister was pretty good too, but when it comes to reality and validity against the "Top 12" we was outmatched. I am glad he got as far as he did, just remember that to many he was the bad singer but probably not to his parents. He did nothing to be ashamed of and will probably learned a lot from the experience.

I for one wish him good luck in his future.

Now, as far as I'm concerned two more to go before the best of the best stays. I'm still excited, and I still have my favorites, and AI still rocks.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Izais

Another celebration
Of fun, love, and joy
For a little tiny guy
that today just turned four.

This is a special occasion
It's our time to celebrate,
And to give him lots of presents,
And to make him feel we care.

So with a wish full of hope
And your future bright to be
The best present is yet to come
So very soon, you'll see

So today enjoy our company
For we are all glad to be here
And to sing you and Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday wish with glee.

By Joe Cool

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Thinking Award


Congrats on winning the Thinking Blog Award!

Nice work! Please stop by my blog to grab your award and link.


By Carol, at 2:13 PM

I consider Carol from "The Turning Point" to be one of my few friends here in blogland. She found me as she was reading a comment I posted a long time ago on a post from another favorite blog "Biker Betty". She read some more of my boring stories and we never stopped visiting each other.

So just imagine how I felt when I read the above comment left on one of my posts. Wow, I know now that at least one person out there has enjoyed some of the stories I have posted enough to think of me as a "thinker".

Now the "Thinking Blog Awards" originated as a meme that is different from all the memes out there, which to this day I have not participated in. No, I have nothing against memes I just don't participate, but occasionally I read some of the memes posted some of my blog friends.

I want to thank Carol from considering mine one of her must read blogs, and for honoring me with the "Thinking Blog Award".

So without further ado and in no particular order here are my five "Thinking Blog Winners" CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL:

1.- Mushy's Moochings -- By Mushy
There are master story tellers and to me Mushy is a master story writer. I have come to know a lot about this man as he himself states that his life is an open book. Through our blogs we have discovered that we have a lot in common although we are completely different. His is a daily must read on my sidebar. If you have never read this blog please accept my invitation to do so, but fair warning, it's addictive.

2.- Whatever Blows My Skirt -- By EC
Single mom, raising her son, trying to make ends meet and amusing us with her daily stories. EC writes about anything and everything she can think of, from her addiction to gambling to her love of writing. Day after day you will find a fresh story that just keeps taking you back to her blog. In spite of being a mom, she had managed to write about her son without turning her blog into a mommy blog.

3.- Soul Blessings -- By Tara
The personal, political and reflective thoughts of an eclectic thinker.

Just about every post on this blog makes you think. Tara brings up many subjects that other blogs don't and right away invites you to a discussion. Tara may not post daily but trust me when she does you can bet it's a great post.

4.- Manuel's View -- By Mr. Manuel
Here's a blog that will talk to you about many different subjects. Comic books, video games, movie reviews, weight loss, book reviews, and daily occurrences. Mr. Manuel and his guest writers have managed to capture my attention and keep luring me back for more. This is a great family blog where most of the comments come from family members. While some bloggers love the anonymity Mr Manuel like me invite our family members to be a part of it.

5.- Tiny Voices in my Head -- By Webmiztris
This is the newest blog to make my sidebar. A no holds barred blog that tell it to you like it is. Lots of humor in this one. Again, this blog will make you think with just about every post entered in it. Addictive and fun, as measured by the many comments that grace each post.

So there you have it, congratulations to all you won.


Should you choose to participate, please make sure you pass this list of rules to the blogs you are tagging. I thought it would be appropriate to include them with the meme.

The participation rules are simple:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote (here is an alternative silver version if gold doesn't fit your blog).

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm a Sanjaya Fan... So What!

This year "mi chica" is more relieved I am healthier when I watch AI. Yeap, no McPheever this year. But even without Kat I still think that for my money American Idol without a doubt the best show on TV... What? It's free to watch it. Heck even better, why say no to free.

Bueno, bueno, bueno. It's Latin Night on Idol and if you know "Joe Cool" by now then you know he is Mexicano to the bone. So kudos to AI for including one of the biggest markets music has. Yes, I am talking about the Hispanic market. Orale pues then!

One of my favorite sites that has been on my sidebar since I started my blog is DJ Slim's and last week he posted a youtube video done by comedian Eric Schwartz called Sanjayas Anthem. I swear I was laughing my ass off and I am not even a Sanjaya heater, (my two daughters are) but it just amuses the heck out of me how America supposedly wants him out of the competition and yet popularizes anything and everything he does.

Anyway, in this video he even has his own Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, and the tune is catchy as hell. "Sanjaya, Sanjaya, Simon says Deplorable! but America says Adorable!". Shit I am laughing as I'm writing this. Out of all the performances tonight I give his the most props, trust me I closed my eyes to hear him sing and unlike Simon I did understand every word he said, go figure it does pay to be bilingual. I guess I am being forgiving, since I attempt to sing Country Music with a Spanish accent when I karaoke, so who am I to judge.

I don't think he should win, but he really isn't that bad. Let's face it, when I ask people why don't they like him, they usually say "I just don't", wow what a valid reason. So today I vote for Sanjaya's rendition of "Besame Mucho" to be the song in the upcoming finalists CD.

So I took a poll and here are the top eight reasons people don't like some AI finalists.

"She doesn't have a neck" -- So what she still sing better than the rest.

"She is too big and has big boobs" -- Wow, what a crime. Again she still sings awesome. Have you heard the expression big is beautiful.

"He's bald" -- So freaking what! So was Chris last season, just because he is far from that rebel without a cause look doesn't mean he can't sing, and yet he'll be crushed by the judges week after week.

"But he looks, like Justin Timberlake" -- He does doesn't he? I think that's the only reason he is in the show but that's just me. But really, to praise him week after week, does America need a Justin clone? Randy, Paula, and Simon seem to think so.

"She just can't sing" -- So what isn't it a Hot Leg competition... Oh sorry! Wrong show.

"But she's only 17" -- Oh yeah and she still wears diapers. Again who cares about the age, my hometown girl can sing period.

"He dresses funny, always in plaid, and his preppy collar sticking up like in the 80s" -- Shit! I used to dress like that too, and let me tell you I was stylin'. Don't believe me? As mi chica, she'll tell ya. Anyway homey is definitely the strongest of the males, after Sanjaya or course... OK, I'm kidding.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Rubber "Balls" vs. Indecent Exposure

Most of us refer of our cars as a she. So why do some fools keep hanging this rubber testicles under the rear bumper? Does the car suffer of an identity crisis? Or does the driver think he needs to display some "balls" to let other drivers his bad? In either case I think it's just plain stupid, call me dumb but I just don't see where the statement is.

So the other day I see a woman driving a truck with testicles hanging under the rear bumper. I had to think maybe she is a lesbian and wishes she could have some of her own but since she can't she'll just hang some on her rear bumper. Wow, real classy.

Or maybe it was something like, "Honey, last time I went to the store this punk kid wanted to race me on my mini van, I would like to take your car in case I see him again, I want to take the one with balls, so I can teach him a lesson".

As I said, I just don't get it.

(I guess I could tell you about the time that my niece let me take her car to work and I felt funny because the license plate read "Princess", oh but that could be another story).

So, since most of us refer of our cars as a she, I'm going to come out with some sort of rubber boobs to hang in the front grill of the car. That for sure will define my cars sex without a doubt.

In my case, if I could afford it I would just need lots of chrome and a hot rod engine to put on my car. And I will continue to call my car... well my car.

So, does anyone out there know why people men or women would hang rubber testicles under their cars? If you do, please shed some light into the subject. There was a state that wanted to outlaw this things but they couldn't do it, something to do with freedom of expression. If I was in charge I would just suspend the car's licence siting indecent exposure. And unless the car or the owner I don't care which of the two covers them with a brief or shorts, I wouldn't lift the suspension. We can not run around with our testicles hanging for the world to see, so neither would our cars.

Rest assured that when I invent the rubber boobs for the front of our cars, I'll make sure they come with a bra.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Why I Should Keep Quiet... Sometimes!

When it comes to heavy accents mine has got to be one of them, my youngest daughter used to try to correct me all the time but she finally gave up, as my son said "I have no problem understanding my dad". It's not only the accent but the pronunciation.

I wish I would have a teacher like "Cheech" on the movie "Born in East L.A." If you never saw that movie you missed a really good one. During an illegal immigration round up, Cheech is deported by mistake and is sent back to Tijuana because he didn't have his wallet with him and couldn't prove he was actually born here in this country.

While in Tijuana, he is trying to make some money to cross the border illegally like many of us have done in the past and one of the things he does besides selling oranges in the street is to teach the OTMs (Other than Mexican) how to speak English as he does in East L.A.

"Orale, whazzapennin, psss, psss, psss!" So back to me. If you ask me when was my chica born I would have said something like November 3rd... "No, Dad -- Not November turd, it's November T H I R D, say it, say it". What did I say? Turd, and what is it? Third. Shit they sound the same to me.

Yeah baby, I did hire my temp for the busy season, he is a big dude that sounds like the terminator, homey is big, he lifts weights and I think he may have taken steroids as his voice is way too deep. But he is actually a great employee and is learning very fast. His name is Doug. "No baby, his name is not dog, it's D O U G, say it, say it." What did I say? Dog, and what is it? Doug, shit they sound the same to me.

Well, I have been banned from using words like "banging". "No dad -- Diego was not banging Dora all over the house, he was however hitting the Dora plastic doll with a plastic sword".

When it comes to speaking the language, it does not come easy for me. And yet I survive monthly executive meetings at work, and even won a couple of story telling competitions during our Copperstate Mustang Club ice cream socials. So as you can see I am not too worried.

Then there's my other problem which is taking words out of context like the day I thought a pedometer was a device to measure farts . The list could be endless but I get by, and at 47 years of age and after 37 years of living in the U.S. I think my language skills and speech pattern is as good as it'll get.

Friday, April 06, 2007

What's in a Name

Right before my car stereo was stolen I was listening to an mp3 disc that my brother had recorded for me as a Christmas present. The stereo read different formats and had several functions that I did not have the time to use as I rather concentrate on driving.

Anyway, one day I decided to press a button that would show me the song and singer names, what I didn't know was that my brother had named the entire CD after me. How cool is that? The stereo may be gone but I still have the disc, and let me tell ya, it's about ten hours long and has close to 100 tracks.

I continue to listen to the sound of the exhaust and all the other sounds that the radio conceal, because I still haven't replaces the stereo.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

New York Nitty Gritty


So the other day I checked my bids to see who would be the week's co-pilot. To my amazement Otilius from New York Nitty Gritty put in a bid and I gladly accepted it, making him the co-pilot of the week.

Points where exchanged and actually they are now gone, lost, since I keep losing in the BOTBs but for a full day he was here riding the ponies with Joe Cool, it was kinda West Coast meets East Coast. However he is no longer riding with me, I think the new servers BE is using lost some of the information. Anyway, I decided to honor the most consistent winning blog by acknowledging him with this post.

I am not going to talk about his blog because we all know it, shit we've all been beaten over and over by it but what you can do for my phantom co-pilot of the week is go to his blog by clicking on the picture and enjoy it, oh and while you are there vote for him.

Or better yet CLICK HERE - The 2006 Best of the Blogs Awards and vote for him now, he is a finalist there, please show your support, Do it right now I tell ya.

Every Thing Comes Back

I know that many of you remember this. When I was 11 years old I had a transistor radio like this one only mine was cooler because it had it's leather case and I could wrap the strap around my wrist.

This is how most of us used to listen to our favorite radio stations. The speakers were so tiny that we had to put the radio very close to our ears, but if you had to lay it down you could pump up the volume and listen to the squeaky voices sing. No stereo sound back then it was all mono, and if you wanted to be fancy you could plug the mono ear plug that also came in this little cubic looking leather case too.

Back then the sounds of The Carpenters, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Credence & Creed Water Revival, The Doors, Chicago, The Bee Gees, and even Elton John was what I would listen to.

Plenty of classics among those groups, we didn't care how they sounded, we just liked the music because of the lyrics.

Then in the late 80's and the 90's the mini stereos came out and they revolutionized the way compact radios played. Once you put on those headsets the sound was actually very good, you could hear the highs, the lows and lots of base. They then gave us the mini cassette player and finally the portable CD player. The sound that came out of most of these units was extremely good.


Enter the new millennium, we now have mp3 players that are so stylish but that sound like crap, but they do store hundreds of songs in one memory chip, then people are buying these little contraptions with a tiny speaker so that they can listen to them at work instead of using the ear piece.

And finally, the cell phone. Now you can "enjoy" your music at full blast coming out of a speaker that is the size of a dime. I hear people listening to their little radios and I can't help but think of the days when I was eleven and used to listen to my portable transistor radio.

Life does recycle.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Wedding

My son, sporting a special haircut for the occasion.

To me, marriage is the commitment to be with the one you love. To honor and respect, and to love and share. The institution of marriage is a sacred one, but many choose not to honor it and many choose not to even try it. That is all good and fine until something comes up that makes you think, why is it that I am so afraid to sign the piece of paper? Does it make a difference weather I am married or not? I think it does.

Well after give or take nine years of living together with his girlfriend, my son finally got married to her last Saturday. They decided to finally make the union legal at least in the eyes of the law. I for one couldn't be more happy because I do believe in marriage and commitment.

Since we live in Arizona, a desert wedding was planned. Using Papago Park in Phoenix as the background for the ceremony. Papago Park is a good example of the reminder of where we live. Yes, Phoenix is a big city but it's still the desert.

It was a small intimate ceremony, mostly family and a few close of their friends. The highlight of the ceremony was when they exchanged their bows. They wrote their own and some beautiful words were exchanged that brought more than one tear to our eyes.

I wish for my son and his bride all the love and happiness that they deserve, they had already found some hurdles but have also conquered them. Marriage is sharing and working together as one to make their home a happy one.

Click Here!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

My Ponies Unveiled

As most of us grown up guys like to have our big boys toys, I decided to share a couple of mine, along with my 1994 Harley Davidson Fatboy and my 1993 Mustang GT Convertible, I also have a bright yellow 2005 Mustang GTR, complete with 20" chrome wheels and low profile tires. Obviously not your every day driver.

This past month "mi chica" decided to be nice to me and started looking for a matching 1967 Shelby to add to my collection. Now I have mentioned before that I belong to the "Copperstate Mustang Club" here in Phoenix, and I can humbly tell you that right now I am the envy of the club. Here's the proof that "mi chica" loves me, she really loves me.

After all there are not too many of you out there that can claim to be as fortunate as me to have a "chica" that will share my passion of cars but specially my Ponies. I could write about what's under the hood and all those technical pieces of information, but I know a lot of my readers will probably not care about mambo jumbo like that. Let is suffice that both engines are as chromed out as the wheels you see in both cars. Show car winners they are for sure.
For now let me say good bye, it's Sunday morning, the weather is beautiful and "mi chica" and I are getting ready to go cruise in the Shelby. Wish you could all come but since you can't, "mi chica" and I will enjoy the cruise for you.

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