Friday, April 29, 2011

California Here We Come

Image borrowed from the Internet.

On the road again
I can't wait to get on the road again
The life I love is making music with my friends
And I can't wait to get on the road again

Stay tuned as I may add more pics from the road trip.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Destiny -- The hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future; fate.

Oh wow, the anticipation for the next road trip which is coming up this Friday is just too much. I told her not to send me back to Phoenix without hope and what did she do? Yep that was exactly what she did only to lure me back this fast. Well, I like that.

Well those of you that have been following my blog may be asking yourselves "What in the heck is he talking about?" The answer is simple L O V E is back in my life and I intend to embrace and welcome it with all my heart, my body, and my soul, as it is being sent to me from a higher place than this earth.

Just three weeks ago we had our first official date, followed by a second one the next day and a third the following day. Today both families are planning a wedding, choosing dresses, music, etc. Who in the heck are these people?

Aracely I was told to keep in contact with you, it looks like there is a bridal shower coming up, we need to hurry before she gets cold feet. We are doing our best to kick her out of the house and have her move to Arizona. Que dices?

Craziness yes, but it's all good and wonderful. Why so much commotion? Well that's because this could have happened over 30 years ago but instead God had a different plan for us. He gave us each a canvas to paint our lives on and now that our master pieces are done He has once again placed us in front of each other. I for one do not intend to ignore such a sign.

I've had such a wonderful life so far. I had the most wonderful marriage, have the most awesome kids a dad could ever ask for, 10 + 3 fantastic grand kids that light up my life, a dad and mi chica whom probably still watch over us from heaven, and a mom here that still spoils me like a baby, the support of a loving family that continues to support my decisions what ever those may be. What else can a man that apparently has everything ask for? -- Exactly!

So, as life goes on and as I continue to grow in my faith and beliefs in God I will take this one day at a time and just be the best I can be in order to keep moving forward in this my crazy yet wonderful or should I just say my wonderfully crazy life.

I am specially excited because my youger daughter along with Ducky and Laila are coming with me and that means the world to me. So now you tell me, I am right or not to be so excited about the next road trip. Yes the distance gap between us is great but trust me I will cut severely very, very, soon. Oh yes I will.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Noche de Bohemia

"El concepto Bohemio es la coexistencia, es socializar con amigos en una atmosfera de camaraderia, donde la musica, canciones, poemas, anesdotas, y toda la espointaniedad es el el evento principal."
"En la Bohemia todos los invitados pueden participar y cantar como coro, recitando y o tocando un intrumento musical. Y si no se es necesario tocar o cantar con virtuosidad porque para ser Bohemio simplemente se necesita estar enamorado, excitado, apacionado, y o sumamente herido."

Bueno es un echo que en la Bohemia dodos somos una familia con un solo fin y que es pasar una velada maravillosa cada vez que estemos reunidos. Es bonito ver como tantas diferentes nacionalidades unidas formamos una sola familia con un solo fin, convivir y propagar la union sin descriminacion de ningun tipo.

Podria escribir y escribir sobre los multiples pros del porque si alguno de ustedes que lean esto y no an tenido la oportunidad participar deverian de simplemente asistir presentarse y pasar una velada muy amena donde el talento principal pienso you es el de saber disfrutar el canto y los poemas ahi regalados a nosotros.

Y para darles un pequeno ejemplo de el talento ahi derramado simplemente escuche y vea los siguientes videos, le garantizo que les van a gustar.

Berta Sanchez deleitandonos con unas buenas caniones rancheras.

Pioquinto Rojas y Guillermo Saenz ambos celebrando sus cumpleanos e imrovisando un dueto a peticion de PoeMary.

Pioquinto Rojas.

Mariaatt Salgado es una fantastica poetisa.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Tidbits

Oh what an awesome morning ride, I wish traffic was like this every day. I am amazed at how many people are observing a religious holiday. I hope this is a sign of people coming together in faith and not just a chance to have another day off.

So, for the first time this year I took the bike out from the garage and got on it without wearing a jacket, I just threw on a sweatshirt and that pretty much was enough. Hard for me to phantom the fact that my friend Tara in Michigan was willing to send me some snow just last Tuesday. Here we are wearing shorts and sandals there they are still shoveling snow.

We attended Holy Thursday mass, it was beautiful from beginning to end, and oh man what an homily, it was a good thing I was microphone free because I kept choking up. The mixture of members from four or five different choirs was awesome and it sounded as if everyone was inspired, well except me whom kept choking at the words. Tonight we sing again and the again tomorrow.

As our weather is getting hot the going home motorcycle ride may not be as enjoyable as the morning one, one thing is for sure no matter what I know I will enjoy it because I love riding, period.

Well enjoy the rest of holy week and have a blessed and fun Easter Sunday.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In Loving Memory Of:

Fred Tims.

I was thinking what to say
About this man that I knew
Didn't think my mind would have
Memories of him but do.
I know at first he wasn't happy
His little beauty found her beast
But over time and little by little
He got to know him like I did
And so before he even knew it
But not in the blink of an eye
He got used to this idea
That this merger was alright
No we didn't look that foreign
I think we actually looked alright
And in our family gatherings
We came to peace and did it right
I pity the poor little angel
That dare ask him how it was
As I am sure his explanation
Will last more than he can stand
Yes he talked and talked with gusto
And he always knew what was up
On second thought I hope that angel
Is not one I know about
Cause she will kick him back from heaven
To the end of the pearly gate's line
To me he was the other grandpa
Cause I said I was "The One"
But I liked sharing the spotlight
When the grand kids were around.
In the end he learned to like us
And we learned to like him back
So rest in peace dear Fred the grandpa
husband, uncle, friend and dad.


Dear Fred,

It's safe to say we became one family with a common bond, now I hope you and mi chica check on us and keep up safe from up there were you are.


Your friend, Jose
a.k.a Joe Cool :-)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Mi Pequena Princesita

En un mundo de princesas
Lleno de sus fantasias
Se empiesa a escribir la historia
De un primer ano de vida

Princesita adorada
Munequita infantil
Tu sonrisita tan mimada
Que me hace derretir

Tienes toda la pureza
Para vivir una vida
Una vida de iluciones
Y futuras fantasias

Te quiero eso es muy sierto
Y tu me haces muy feliz
Pues tu eres la nueve de diez
Diez que me hacen vivir.



Atalie's first birthday party was very intimate and lots of fun. Not to mention the food was mucho bueno and the salsas well the best if I may say so myself, that's right I made them with some of Liz' and Brianna's help. I think these people are trying to steal my recipes. (Note to self, do not disclose full list of ingredients to these very random helpers). lol Not to be outdone, Nikki hooked us up with a guacamole that was da bomb. (Who the heck is teaching me to write like this?) Darn you facebookers.

These two were very interested in my helping me. Fair warning girls my salsas are totally copyrighted.

Michelle cooked the perfect trio of meats. Pork, beef, and chicken and we were all treated to a genuine taquiza, um que rico! Not to feel left out I cooked these very delicious or as my nephew Oscar put it scrumptious frijoliitos puercos, a recipe that mi chica must have sent me via e-angel or something cause this is only the second time I cook them and darn they were tasty.

Loyiel showing us how it's done.

Her comadre came out with a candy bar that I believe was a hit with every kid in attendance as they kept sneaking in to grab hand fulls of it. Boy am I glad I left before the sugar high hit them. Actually they were burning all the energy outside in the brinca, brinca a.k.a. the bouncy thingy for kids.

I believe hers was the umphtieth birthday this month and there are still more to come as next week it's Anthony's turn.

But I wanted to be a grandpa right?

Fabulous Fords Forever 2011

Conversation with my mom:

Me: Ma, I am goning to California once a month you want to come with so you can pay for half the gas?
Mom: *Rolls her eyes and smiles*.
Being that I am her predilect son I take that as a yes. lol

And so as if it wasn't enough when Sunday rolled in it was carshow time early in the morning. I picked up my date and headed back to Knott's Berry Farm (Yes Susie, I said Knott's Berry Farm) where we needed to be before 10:00 or we would not be able to show the car. We got there with half an hour to spare so we got directed to our spot where a last minute car cleaning session was performed and then it was off to explore and enjoy the show.

I am seriously suggesting a name change for that show from Fabulous Fords Forever to Fabulous Mustangs Forever. The Mustang outnumbers all he other models combined and basically represent about an 75 to 80 per cent of the cars there.

But seriously there is a little bit of everything there as you can see from the following images:

OK, there are definitely still too many non Mustangs.

Lunch time came around and we attempted to go and dine at the Knott's Berry Farm restaurant that supposedly is very good but after half our in the line and moving only about an inch indicated that we would probably go hungry while waiting so the next best choice was across the street at TGI Firday's. Food wasn't that good but really do you think I cared? Right? :-)

We walked some more, took some pictures, enjoyed some more cars, rested by the car, it was too hot so walk some more, breeze was absolutely nice, and then it was almost time to go home.

As I mentioned before in Facebook, no fair the weekend went by so fast. But as most good things come to an end so did the show. Not so the date, it lasted a few more hours. A movie and some awesome company pretty much marked the end of the weekend. Once back at my sister's house it only took me about a minute after I crashed on the couch and was fast asleep not to wake up until the next day.

Thanks to Chely whom always makes sure my visits to Cali are filled with fun stuff to do. Just makes me start thinking and planning the next time I will be going back.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Day At Knott's Berry Farm

Grandkids Rule!
Here's the reason why I love going there. They just know how to have a drama free good ol time.

We came back from Casa Cabral at 5:00 a.m. so waking up early was not in my sister's or my agenda, the kids started texting me with wake up calls like at around 8:00 a.m. but I never heard the ringer go off. Needless to say the left without us but not to fear a few hours later we caught up with them.

The forecast called for rain throughout the weekend but we were lucky cause it never came. It was a bit cloudy and cold but nothing a sweat shirt didn't take care of. Once we hooked up with the family it seemed like we were moving in slow motion but to me the important part was just to be with all of them enjoying the day, the rides, the food, and seeing the kids faces light up when they came out of the rides.

My sister was so proud to take a picture with her daughters to seal and remember that wonderful moment. Her daughter Thalia was just too happy to make sure she would remember it for a long time to come.

Of course my date continued there so I for one was specially enjoying each moment. There is something about Knott's Berry Farm that I like, I am sure the happiest place on earth better known as Disneyland is fun too but to me this much smaller and more intimate park does the trick each and every time.

Don't judge, I was tired from partying too hard the night before.

We did some line dancing, and also took one of those old time pictures where you get to dress up. Me I chose to be a gambler, the picture came out really nice, I loved it. You all will have to wait to see an image of it cause my niece has it. Night came and with it the colder weather, so after getting ice cream for my niece and coffee for us wimpier and slightly older folk we were ready to go back to my sister's house for yet more coffee and good ol conversation.

Line dancing was fun.

Wanda! Do you recognize this?

My beautiful niece Becca and I.

Remember "tomorrow" I will have to really get up early, go pick up my date and head back to Knott's Berry Farm for The Fabulous Fords Forever Car Show, but that's a different post.

Mi hermanita me pregunto
Que porque tan inspirado
Es que a mi vida el dia de hoy
Una nueva musa a llegado
Aparecio de la nada
La nada de mas de treinta anos
Quien lo fuera a suponer?
Quien se lo habria imaginado?
Los cordones que Dios jala
Los mueve pa todos lados
Y yo mancito y obediente
Me dejo ser controlado
Quien soy yo pa resistirme
El DESTINO esta marcado
No planeo serrar mis ojos
Si El asi me lo ha disenado.



Thursday, April 14, 2011

And so it was Friday and of course we can't eat meat, no problem my little sister had just the place to take me to. She took me to Senor Baja where they had the best and I am not exaggerating fish and shrimp tacos. Man, they were tasty and pretty filling.

Me, waiting for my fish tacos.

After eating we went back to her house where the car needed to be cleaned and put away for the rest of the day and Saturday, and then drafted her car to be the car to commute all over town. Ja ja she said "When did we decide that?" little sister I am after all the older brother and I call the shots just so you know. lol

After cleaning the car we sang for a bit and then she started cooking, not for that day mind you as she was cooking meat but for the next day. It was torture because she cooks good and I am a meat eater by nature and the aromas coming from that kitchen were killing me.

She drove an hour and a half in traffic to be my date. I like her! :-)


We then got ready to go out to karaoke and that's when the real fun began. We stopped to pick up this PYT I had asked to be my date and we got to Casa Cabral fairly early. We sang and danced the night away and it was all pure fun. The people there treat me pretty nice every time I go there and make me want to keep going back.


And just plain ol' having fun!

My lil sister and I still got it after all these years.

The place is supposed to close at two but after we stopped singing and dancing the owner and some friends remained at their table so we remained at ours and they kept the music going, it wasn't until a bit past three that we left but not for home but for a taco place. We were all starving for tacos. We finally got home at around 5:00 a.m. and we were supposed to be ready by 9:00 a.m. for Knott's yeah right! Good luck on that one.

Ummm tacos, que rico! Attack!


The girls.
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