Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bye Bye Brooke, This Time For Real

Make Syesha our "numero tres" American Idol

So I got home and started watching AI, the recorded version. You know the one that you can skip commercials and advance all those unwanted pieces. I watched Jason's performance and was not surprised by it at all. Luckily I am not part of Jason's groupie club and still think he should have been gone before Carly and Michael but behold the power of the groupie vote. However I was totally surprised when Ryan called him first to let him know he was safe and sent him to the safety of the couch.

David Archuleta was good as always, why does he have act as if it a big surprise he is safe. David was my original favorite as he showed he was good from the very beginning, but David Cook slowly but surely kept stealing the show almost week after week, with this week being no exception. His second song was totally awesome without sounding too Neil Diamondish. So come on, no surprise there as he too is safe. Can anybody say David vs. David finals.

It all came down to my favorite girl Syesha. Week after week, the judges headed by Simon kept telling her how bad she was, and how America would give her the boot regardless of weather she had a good performance or not. I'm telling you she could have blown the roof of the auditorium and it would still be "I don't know dawg, it was not your best but it was sorta alright". Or "I didn't get it, didn't like it, sorry!". I am just happy she is still here, and will rally and will do anything and everything in my power to take her all the way to "numero tres". Syesha deserves to have the number three spot and she will get the number three spot.

I know Jason's time is getting close but I guess the senoritas are not ready to see him go. Syesha really sings nice but is missing that little something needed to really be an Idol and Brooke has been pretty boring the last three shows. I would say Syesha has the most chance to leave us this week although I would prefer it would be Brooke.

The above is a quote from my post last week. I couldn't have been more right, even if it's a week after I wrote it. Jason is still getting the senorita's votes and consequently continues to be safe even though he knows he isn't even a contender anymore, Syesha could have leave based on her not being popular with the judges and specially with Simon, but the truth is Brooke had been boring for the last four shows and tonight she cried her way out of the show as finally America got the vote right.

American Idol is about to end it's seventh season. Competition in the reality show arena is huge and even if the ratings dropped I am sure they still dominate. Randy, Paula, Simon, and Ryan along with all the contestants are the institution that we all know, watch, and love called American Idol.

Is it just me or are they molding David Cook to look like "The artist formerly known as Prince" . He does have that "Prince" stare and now with the hair and beard, he does look like him. Take a look at the video again and then tell me I'm wrong.

Top 5

Yesterday my allergies were so bad and my eyes were so itchy that after I rubbed them a bit in hopes that the itch would stop. American Idol was only a minute or two away and I closed my eyes to relax them a little. Yeap, when I opened them it was five minutes to eight, I had totally missed the show. It was my night at my mom's so no DVR, I will see the recorded show this afternoon.

I have never really been a Neil Diamond fan but have heard pretty much most of his music. I mean, who doesn't know who Neil Diamond is. So unlike last week, I wasn't really all that excited but you know I don't miss Idol anyway. And to top it off they were singing two songs each. I don't know, 10 Neil Diamond songs in one hour, I just don't know about that.

So, since I didn't watch the show last night I am really trying to stay away from American Idol related sites. However, how can anyone escape the headline "Paula Abdul make biggest blunder ever". Paula amuses the heck out of me so I couldn't help but wonder "What did she do, or say now?". As it is, no one can understand half the things she says. But apparently she commented on Jason's two performances except Jason had only sang once at that point.

Don't I keep saying the voting system is rigged, this is just proof that no matter how the contestants do, the judges' critique is always pre-thought. Their job as judges is not to judge the performances but to convince us to vote for a particular contestant. I am just glad America didn't listen to them this season, otherwise Syesha, a favorite of mine would have been gone a long time ago.

So, due to the controversy I now can't wait to watch the show tonight. I have to watch it before the elimination show. I don't know how they did but I am really hoping Syesha makes it to next week. I still think that she deserves to be number three over all after all is said and done.

Jason and Brooke just didn't cut it for me. They are both out of their league, and even though Syesha took on huge songs by great singers before, at least she didn't butcher them.

In the end the David vs. David showdown will be one of the most even showdowns in American Idol history.

Monday, April 28, 2008

El Treintanero

When you are a guy and complain that your two younger sisters had a big "Quinceanera" celebration and you didn't. You may be asking for more than you can chew. You just may get your wish 15 years later.

My son turned 30 and had a big birthday party thrown by his favorite girls: Mom, wife, and two younger sisters.

In keeping with the "Quinceanera X 2" theme. His mother in law baked these big and delicious sugar free pair of cakes, they were very delicious as they were very pink. lol

As you can see, he had his court of honor. His two sisters and their husbands somehow got "dragged" into this, no pun intended. lol
Then, last but not least he made his grand appearance to the eager and awaiting crowd outside.

Pretty much most of his family and lots of his friends came to join in the celebration. Here he poses with his two best friends and his brand new son.

So there it is, fun was had by all. As always the food cooked by his mom ("mi chica") was delicious. Ummmmmmmmmm que rico!. The cake baked by his mother in law was really, really, really good, I say this and I am not a cake guy. I think the sugar free part helps a lot. And the company was the best.

I said it before and I'll say this again. To know my son is to love him. I just hope he doesn't complain anymore because when it comes to our girls, they outnumber us and they are not a force to be messed with.

What I'm Watching

What I'm Watching when I am not watching movies.

What I'm watching these days. For starters I have been watching American Idol. Here we are, it's season seven already and the show still comes in as the strongest reality show out there. Many say that the show is getting old, and I kindda agree but the fact is that millions of us watch it and I think the end isn't anywhere near. This season they changed the format a little bit, I am not impressed with the changes and prefer the show as it had always been up to last season. I don't care for contestants playing instruments, or for them being behind the curtains while their names are being called during the elimination shows. Still over all, AI is a major favorite of mine.

Very conveniently, they placed "Hell's Kitchen" right after American Idol. I did not watch last season's shows but been watching this season and so far it has been a very entertaining show. Kindda scares me to think people like the ones competing may be preparing my foods when I go out to eat. Anyway "Chef" does a great job at screaming at the contestants and if anything else the show is amusing. Not the best show but entertaining enough. For now I'm hooked.

I love country music, and show that have to do with dancing and singing. The producers of American Idol came up with a new show called "Can You Duet?". Musical duos are competing for a spot in the big show. An interesting aspect of the show is that some contestants go with their partners and advance to the next round, but some contestants have been split. While one of the two members advance to the next round, the other one is sent home, the one that remained will then be paired with another contestant. Sort of interesting, but I don't think these impromptu duos will have a chance against the more established ones that have been singing together for a long time. Anyway, so far the show is still in the shape up stage. We'll see how it goes as the real competition begins.

and while at my mom's, it's novela time. This mini series are addictive, once you start watching one more than likely you'll be hooked and will seat by the TV Monday through Friday to watch the darn show. "Fuego En La Sangre" will start today and it promises to be a good telenovela. My mom is not the only one that gets hooked, "mi chica" is a novela watcher too.

And my second favorite show after American Idol is without a doubt, "So You Think You Can Dance". This will start later in May, can't wait.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Juanito

My son and I have been blessed with a mutual respect for each other, I like him and he actually likes me, I love him and he loves me back. It's like we were meant for each other. I enjoy seeing him and like spending time together with him. This we haven't done as of late but at least we had a terrific day at the races two weeks ago. Yeap we are buddies, we are friends, but above all, we are father and son or son and father.

And yet we are so different and love to tease each other about it. Let me give you some examples:

He loves sports.
I hate sports.

He loves pizza
But for me it's tacos.

He'll watch the Super Bowl.
I'll watch the commercials.

He loves his teams.
I'm all for the cheer leaders.

He roots for the Raiders
Me, the Cardinals

He, The Bulls
Me, The Suns

He's a Chevy guy
I love Fords

Do you get the idea? We never seem to agree on anything, but you know what, that's absolutely fine with me. I love it that he developed his own mind, and did the things he wanted to do, I love to hear about his successes and will listen about his failures too. But above all I love that he knows he can count on me through think and thin and that we are and will be always here for him.

On Thursday my son reached a milestone as he turned 30 years old. I guess his two younger sisters got the best of it all as they both had their "Quinceaneara" party celebrations and he got zip, cero, nada. So today, the girls in his life headed by his mom and his wife along with his two sisters did their best to surprise him with his very own "Treintanero" party. He is getting his quinceanera party times two. lol

To know my son is to love him. He has the wackiest sence of humor. No one can go more that two minutes without laughing while around him, and his two sisters love him to death too. I trully am lucky and blessed to have him as a son and I know that this feeling I have is shared by many.

So, all of you out there in blogland if you so feel inclined to join me in singing a Happy Birthday song to him please be my guest and take the lead... What, you want me to lead? OK on three -- One, Two, Three:

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear mijo (Juan to the rest of you)
Happy birthday to you
and many more...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Carly Gets The Boot... Unfairly

How many are with me? Show me by raising your hands, no better yet via a comment. Almost every AI fan I know thought Brooke was going to get the boot. And she wasn't even bottom two. I smell a skunk here. I have been saying since season four that this this show is rigged.

Am I happy Carly is finally out? Absolutely. But based on Tuesday's performance her receiving the boot and not a pass to next weeks show was totally unfair. I believe in give credit where credit is due, but crediting Carly with such a loss is heart breaking and super unbelievably unfair.

This has definitely been a surprising season, I guess that's why we glue ourselves to the TV every Tuesday and Wednesday. So much drama, bring it on.

Say Goodbye To Brooke

If your name isn't David, each week could be your last. ----- Ginger Marks

Just as I suspected, a Broadway night had the potential to be a good night... or a nightmare for others as Brooke may attest. What a bad break for Brooke, to lose it right at the beginning was a blessing, it would have been worse to loose it in the middle once you past the point of no return.

Will America be as forgiving with Brooke as with David A. I don't think so. And yet to me Jason was totally awful (she may still get lucky). With such a huge Andrew Lloyd Webber library, David A, and Jason had to go and pick songs written for a female performer. "Memory" from "Cats" is a very pretty song but not for a guy, I know many of you may fight me on this but that's just me. So, there's no two ways about it, the fight for advancing to next week is Brooke vs. Jason.

David A. did good as usual but nothing out of the ordinary, I knew he would just breeze through next week. I have seen the movie "Jesus Christ Superstar" many times and in my mind I kept seeing "Judas" sing the song, is Carly the female Judas? (((lol))) I agree with whoever said she screamed a big part of the song. What is it about Carly that annoys me so much? I just can't get past a tattooed girl act like Paris Bennet, her innocent sounding "Thank You's" sound totally fake to me.

So that leaves my two favorite performances of the night. Syesha just blew me away with her interpretation of "One Rock & Roll Too Many" from Starlight Express. Not only she sang good but she looked the part too. My respect to the judges because they always try to steer us away from voting from her but last night there was nothing bad they could say about her. She was that good and I for one am happy she will at least be a top five, I think when all is said and done, she deserves to be #3.

David Cook sang one of my favorite songs from Phantom of the Opera "Music of the Night" and considering the song is very slow and could be considered boring for the competition, he sang the heck out of it and did enough to be my second favorite performer of the night. I must agree with America and accept that "homey" can sing.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Top Six

Tonight's American Idol show has the potential of being one of the best ever or be totally boring. The music of Andrew Lloyd Webber has got to be a huge library. Phantom of the Opera, Jesus Christ Super Star, Cats, and the list goes on and on. It will all come down to the song choice for each contestant. I have a feeling that David Archuleta will have no problem singing songs from this genre.

You all know I don't like Carly, no I don't dislike her either but she is just indifferent. However due to her strong voice I have a feeling that if she chooses a good song (I don't know how to love him -- Jesus Christ Super Start)comes to mind, she will sail into next week fairly easy. And David Cook apparently the number one pick for many may just surprise us with another unique arrangement.

That would leave Syesha, Jason, and Brooke as the bottom three. I know Jason's time is getting close but I guess the senoritas are not ready to see him go. Syesha really sings nice but is missing that little something needed to really be an Idol and Brooke has been pretty boring the last three shows. I would say Syesha has the most chance to leave us this week although I would prefer it would be Brooke.

Who are your bottom three? Who do you think will leave this week? Care to comment.

Personlized Plate and a meme

Driving home the other day I saw a red Chevrolet SSR that had personlized licence plates. It read "S8N". Needless to say I got chills. I prefer the bumper sticker that says, "God is my copilot".


EC you know I don't do memes. But today I'll do this one just for you.

I was tagged by ec for this meme, here are the rules:

1) Write you own six word memoir.
2) Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration is you like.
3) Link to the person that tagged you in your post and to the original post if possible so it can be tracked as it travels through the blogosphere.
4) Tag at least five more blogs with links.
5) Leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

OK here is mine:


Now here comes the real crime, and that is to nominate six of you.

So please will you participate or not... it's entirely up to you.


Well there you have it, if you play let me know. I really would like to read what your six word memoir is.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Juan on FOX 10 News

You asked for it so see it here. This is Juan's Sportscasting Experience for FOX 10 News over at PIR on Saturday during the NASCAR Basha's 200 race.

Here's Juan broadcasting the racing news for FOX Channel 10, at least he thinks so. lol

C L I C K H E R E ! Then scroll down until you find him. I know, I know, it says Juan Mello

E S E -- E S -- M I J O !

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Subway Fresh Fit 500

Phoenix International Raceway (PIR)

I really didn't want Kristy to go but that is another story. In contrast with the outing on Friday with my son, on Saturday I had four tickets for NASCAR. These sponsored by DLP High Definition Televisions and Texas Instruments. We opted to again drive on our own as opposed to driving to the WigWam Resort where I bus was going to take us to the truck. On Friday my tickets came with a parking pass, and when you have a pass you park right at the entrance of PIR. DLP did not have a parking pass so we had to park in the general admission and then we had to walk about a mile or a mile and a half to get to the race track.

So what that the bus had an escort that took them all the way down to PIR without stopping for red lights and dropped them right in front of the door, for us walking from the parking to the race track is half the fun because you have to walk through vendor row. A highlight was going into all those RVs that were on display and dreaming that we could own one, but a quarter of a million and up they are definitely just a dream.

"Mi Chica" and I sizing up a bed in one of the RVs.

While the UPS suite was almost empty all afternoon the day before, the DLP suite was super busy, we just got there a few minutes before J.J. Yealey driver of the 96 DLP car was to come and visit us. We found sits and J.J. got there right away. He spoke about his career for about 20 minutes or so and then he had a questions and answers session.

When he finished it was up to the suite lobby for pictures. He gave us his autograph and a photographer took a picture of us with him. I gave him my program and he signed the cover, but "mi chica" wanted his autograph by his picture. So he spent the next five minutes trying to find a page with his picture in it. I suggested that he sign the book as we were taking a lot of his time and the line was long but he only said "They can wait. I will find a page with my picture, I like to take care of my fans". He got my immediate respect just based on that answer.

J.J. Yealy, driver of the DLP #96 car.

After he left we went down to the DLP Experience Display. Again, everybody got a kick of the preview of next year Voyage to the Center of the Earth which will be in 3
D and is totally wicked.

We went back to the suite and we were asked if we were ready to go down to the pits and garage area. We were still eating so we told them we would take the second tour. They were taking 16 guests at a time and in order to follow the strict directions you must follow while down there they all wore headsets.

An hour an a half later our guide asked us if we were ready, which we were. She said we won't be needing the headsets because it's only you four and me. Wow, we had our personal guide. How sweet was that?

DLP's -- Texas Instruments #96 racing car and pit stop equipment and crew.

I had never been to the pit and garage area so that was the biggest highlight of the day. We learned so many things that I still wouldn't know if wasn't for that opportunity. There were little details like for example, their hauler cost $250,000.00 but in it's current state was worth close to three million. They only have one driver, and he logs over 100,000 miles a year. The racing tires are worth $460.00 each and they had 16 rows of four layed on the floor ready for the race. They use as many as they can but whatever goes unused is bought back by their supplier except they only pay them $100.00 per each unused tire.

Our guide was really good at pointing out the interesting moments of the tour. She asked us if we knew who (and then she said the name) was? We all said no we don't, then she says "Well he is just the president of NASCAR and he is standing right behind you" as we turn around, we see how people mobs him trying to get pictures and autographs. She then asked any Jr's fans here, we all said "not really" well you guys are touching his car. I mean she really gave us a lot of information.

We went up to the suite because Saturday was hot and we needed to drink some beers, so we went up and waited for the race to start. I had never been to the big race and was pretty entertained with the pre-race show. The fly over on Saturday consists of four jets as opposed to only two on Friday and finally we scored passes to go up to the terrace. The terrace will show you the whole track and you'll be almost were all the driver's spotters are.

We had a terrific time and my sister in law's husband and I got pretty drunk, we were not falling or anything like that and we did have designated drivers but boy did we drink.

All in all, we had a great time. I wish you all were there. Oh and that picture the photographer took earlier, they gave it to us already framed and boxed.

We didn't have a marker, but if we did have one we could have written any good wishes to any driver on the finish line. Note how many people had already left a message there. You can always write over the faded messages.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Top Seven

OK here is the deal, contestants are always criticised for singing anything Celine, Whitney, and Mariah. Yet, tonight they are being forced to do just that as Mariah Carry is the mentor tonight. Anybody that sings a Mariah remake is a chicken. They need to stick to songs by Mariah, the library should be huge.

David C and Kristy seem to be the only two that are out of their element, every one else should have no problem.

My pre-show prediction is:
Bottom 3: Kristi Lee Cook, David Cook, and Jason Castro
Leaving: Jason Castro

I wonder what kind of surprises they'll throw at us tonight.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Bashas 200

And so, at around 12:30 my son and I hit the road and drove to PIR. I live very close to PIR and so I knew how to get there without getting caught up in the heavy traffic. We were there in about 15 minutes.

Friday was the "Basha's 200" race and we were there thanks to UPS. We got to the suite at around 1:30 p.m. but no one was there yet so we decided to go down and start visiting some of the displays. We visited just about every big display there was. The best for us was the DLP display. The had a video shootout where you could see how technology has advance when it comes to high definition TVs. From the plasmas to the LCD projectors, they had them all.

A view of the track from our suite.

You can really build yourself a theater for almost nothing nowadays. The last big projector they had was showing previews of the upcoming movie "Voyage to the center of the earth" with Branden Fraser. This will be a 3-D movie and it's going to be pretty awesome.

We finally went up to the suite again and by now there were a couple of people there. The hosts got there and immediately introduced themselves and started giving us some goodies. Our goodie bag included an awesome UPS racing jersey with the number 44 in the back and "Jarret's" name. Jarret retired this year so now UPS has a new driver, I was just glad the shirt was still a Jerret jersey.

Here's Juan broadcasting the racing news for FOX Channel 10, at least he thinks so. lol
Oops, they spelled the last name wrong, well that was close enough.

We also received a hot wheels car from PIR and a replica of the UPS racing delivery truck, a disposable camera and a six pack cooler. Friday for the first time I got passes to go all the way up to the terrace. It was one of the best views to watch the race.

If you make them think you are a famous NASCAR driver, the groopies come by themselves.

It's cool to watch the race from the suites because you don't have to worry about the heat, the sun, the noise, plus it's fully catered and there are plenty of beverages. UPS did not offer alcohol, only Pepsi and Sprite, but that was fine for my son and I.

"Now that's the ticket" is what Juan said, now grilling and watching sports on ESPN, my kind of barbe-queing.

It was a great day at the races, we ate, we had fun, we enjoyed the race, but best of all, my son and I had a day with each other, it had been a while since we've had a boys day out.

Friday, April 11, 2008


It should be a fun weekend, NASCAR is in town. NASCAR gives more revenue to the city than any other event. I am new to NASCAR and I enjoy seeing all the activity around town. Every business wants a piece of it, and the radio stations talk of nothing but NASCAR and how good it is for our city.

So, today courtesy of UPS I will be attending the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race. It's nice to be a part of the crowd, but watching the action in the comfort of a private suite is even better. In the stands you hear the roar of the engines and smell the track as the rubber meets the road. But trust me, you learn to enjoy a fully catered suite, that include all the drinks you want throughout the day. Nest time you see a commercial on TV and you are asked "What can Brown do for you?" I am just going to say "Take me to the races".

What Can Brown Do For You?

Tomorrow, I'll be going again for the Subway Fresh Fit 500 courtesy of Texas Instruments DLP. Once again, I will skip the stands for a suite. How sweet is that?

For the past two years, U-Pack Moving / ABF had invited me to the races. Although ABF did not have a suite and we had to sit in the stands enduring the Phoenix heat, they did have a space in "Corporate City" where they wined and dinned you before the race.

R+L Trucking also sponsors a car, the only time they invited me to a race was in Las Vegas, I would have gone except I had to go to L.A. that same week. However, R+L brings their car to Phoenix once a year and we get invited to go see it while we enjoy a lunch on them. I have posted pictures of their car twice already. Well, here's another one for you to see.

So as you can see, I am well taken care of by my trucking companies. Would you say spoiled is a better term?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Michael Johns.

Sheer disbelief, I had never seen Randy, Paula, and Simon stay motionless as they heard that Michael Johns was leaving us tonight. Granted I did say in my last post that he wasn't the best but I believe he wasn't the worse either. If Ryan would have said Carly or Syesha (as much as I l like her) I wouldn't have been surprised at all. But Michael definitely was the wrong one for this week, and of course that is just my humble opinion.

Kristy Lee Cook should have been eliminated in the first two weeks but since she wasn't she is doing something most of us didn't expect her to do, no not surviving but actually improving and earning her stay each week that it passes.

Michael's exit song of Dream On sounded even better today than it did last night. Am I going to miss him? Probably not, did America get it right, I don't think so. But as I said before, there were no Sanjayas this year and eliminations will probably continue to be surprising.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


So I'm trying to catch up with yesterday's American Idol, the theme was inspirational songs. As I watch Michael Johns I had to agree with Randy and Simon, he kindda did a good impersonation of Aerosmith. Although I like the song I didn't find it that inspirational. Then Jason Castro whom has disappointed me the last two weeks comes and sings one of my favorite versions of Over The Rainbow. He was smart enough to not allow the judges to compare him to Katharine McPhee by singing Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's version. If you have never heard his magnificent rendition take a minute and check it out.

Syesha sang pretty good, I rally like her but I don't like her song choices, they are too big for her and I still think her days are counted. I hope she survives though. David Cook, Carly Smithson, I just didn't care for them this week and Kristy Lee Cook, is like a cat, she seems to have many lives. I really like her performance this week and believe it or not I wish to see her again next week.

David Archuleta sang one of my favorite songs. Robbie Williams' "Angels", this song was sung by Yuridia in "La Academia" a Latin version or spin off of American Idol and made an already famous song even more famous. Jessica Simpson sings it and it's also a pretty awesome version, and oh yeah I sing it too. LOL -- David's version will be popular too, the last verse is the most powerful and David was smart and played it safe as he left it out. Brook White, she is our home town girl but still not my favorite. I am really curious to see how America voted and who will leave the show tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Well hello again, it's bragging' time. I bragged about my beautiful new granddaughter now it's time to just give you little pieces and bits better known as tidbits of nothingness.

For starters, tomorrow... OK today, (What am I still doing up? I should be in bed)thanks to one of my favorite trucking companies (ABF) I will be going to the ball game. The home opener was on Monday by the way we crushed the Dodgers 9 to 3. So tonight we'll see them battle again in the comfort of a suite. My rep sends me an email first thing in the morning and asks me if I want a suite ticket to go see the Diamonbacks play the Dodgers, herrr does a chicken have legs? What kindda question is that? lol

It should be a great time, as the game comes complete with food and drinks, and if the D-Backs win, it will be even sweeter.


How great is to have a DVR, I will not be able to watch American Idol tonight as I will be at the game. That means I have to come home on Wednesday and watch the show before Idol Gives Back starts. I hear it will be inspirational songs this week. As opposed to last year someone will go home this week except it wont be during Idol Gives Back, a special elimination show will be aired on Thursday. Heck, the more Idol the better is what I say.

I will pick my pre-show bottom three, this week are as follows:
Kristy Lee Cook, Jason Castro, Carly Smithson. I purposely left Syesha Mercado (wishful thinking, lol)

Sunday, April 06, 2008


"And why do you want to marry so young?" Because I would love to meet my grandkids. Is what I answered. That was my way of thinking back then and wow, did that wish come true seven fold so far. Truth is I wasn't that young, I was 21 already. These days kids are getting hitched at 17 or 18 and getting pregnant at a way earlier age. So they may get to meet even their great grandkids, but that would be their story.

So, last Thursday night we drove to Tucson as my daughter was going to be admitted at the hospital early Friday morning. Our granddaughter was only hours from being here with us. This little bundle of joy was my daughter's third baby. I am told that out of the three she is the biggest one, at seven pounds nine ounces.

I am happy to report that both mama and baby are doing fine. She is indeed a beautiful little girl that if we retract time it is almost like seeing my daughter being born again. We have a feeling that this one will look a lot like her. At least that's what we think, but I guess only time will tell.

Well, I welcome this little one with open arms and wish her a great life full of love and harmony. She comes to join two fabulous siblings that I know will love her a lot.

For a while and a least until they get used to the new baby both mama and papa will have their hands full, but they'll get the idea soon. We did.

As if that wasn't enough, almost exactly two days later my brother and his wife also get their second baby, this one a boy. To say we are happy and excited for both of them is an understatement, we wish both babies and all the parents lots of excitement and happy times to come.

Click Here for a different take on this wonderful event.
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