Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We Must All Be Criminals

Open your mind as you read the following:

It's 4:00 a.m.
You wake up and start preparing for the day
Lovingly you get the coffee going
Start preparing some breakfast for the kids
Make written and mental "to do" lists for the day
Find the clothes you want to wear
Plan on catching up on paying the bills
Wonder where the money will come from to pay the rent
Stops by the local church to pray to the Lord
To ask Him for a little help
Spend the last few dollars you had on generic brand foods
And still turn out some totally awesome and tasty meals
Walk to work because you can't get a licence to drive
And while walking always looking out over your shoulder
For on one side, the hood is not the safest place to walk
And you can be jumped at any given time
On the other side you are living here illegally
And you are now a criminal
No you don't deal with drugs
No you don't steal a thing
No car means no driving violations
And all you do is honest work
Because that's how it needs to be
Your kids here depend on you
As do your parents there
The worries and the stress you feel
Will really have to wait
Is today the day you will get caught
What will your family's fate be
Should you be caught and hand cuffed today
With that strong white plastic strip
And become a resident in "tent city" (jail)
And all because You're living here.

I was watching the news with my mom last night and they were talking about the new law here in Phoenix and the only image they showed was that of a Hispanic woman in her early 30's having her hands strapped with one of those plastic straps while facing a police cruiser. I am sure her fate is that of many that get caught as she will probably now be deported back to Mexico. I couldn't help but think of the "What now" what will happen to her husband, her kids, her friends, her life.

I keep hearing "What part of illegal don't you understand?" If you live here illegally you are a criminal and deserve everything the law throws at you. So I must wonder, where are the laws of humanity, the laws of decency, the laws of helping each other, the laws for caring for one another.

Is your mind still open as you read this.

Then I want you to think that the woman in the news was you.

Image borrowed from:
The Internet.

Wow, I just posted and this just came in:

Developing Story:
Phoenix -- July 28, 2010

Judge blocks controversial parts of Arizona’s Immigration law.
PHOENIX – A federal judge on Wednesday blocked the most controversial parts of Arizona's immigration law from taking effect, delivering a last-minute victory to opponents of the crackdown.

There is a substantial likelihood that officers will wrongfully arrest legal resident aliens under the new (law)," Bolton ruled. "By enforcing this statute, Arizona would impose a 'distinct, unusual and extraordinary' burden on legal resident aliens that only the federal government has the authority to impose."

JACQUES BILLEAUD and AMANDA MYERS, Associated Press Writers Jacques Billeaud And Amanda Myers, Associated Press Writers –

Read Complete article by clicking HERE.


Monday, July 26, 2010


So in an attempt to suck money out of our pockets the State of Arizona installed the speed cameras all over our freeways but apparently as of July 15 the cameras are no more. It's kinda erie now to see them still standing like a bunch of "Johnny 5s". There are three sets of these cameras on my way to work and I still slow down to 65 mph and I still expect to see that red light flash. The more I see machines run our lives the more I think about that movie with Stallone and Sandra Bullock "Demolition Man". LOL Every time I passed by these cameras I think I violated the Verbal Morality Statue and I was stripped of many, many credits.

Well, for better of for worse I rather see a real officer patrolling the highways, I truly go against any machine that will eliminate the actual work of more than one person.


I've been waiting for a great kick butt kinda movie like the ones from the 80's and 90's. Remember, Demolition Man, Predator, Daylight, Assassins, The Specialist, Tango and Cash, Universal Soldier, The Punisher, Army of One, Harley Davidson and The Marlboro man, and the list goes on and on. Well here comes a reprise of what once was, even tho they are all past their prime this movie promises to deliver lots of good old fashion action, I for one hope it's cheese enough to be worth making it into my collection. Can't wait til it comes out.


So it's Monday once again, the weeks just continue to fly by and swoosh over my head a little too fast for my taste but what can I do. While many people don't seem to like Mondays I for one really enjoy them. Then the next three days just kind of come and go and and then before we know it another weekend is upon us. Somehow when you are young that is actually the way to go, but at my age I just wish to slow time a little bit, no need for speed, slow time down and enjoy each day for its uniqueness, take the good with the bad, and do your best, then when the weekend comes again it will be that much more rewarding and enjoyable. It's like work hard during the week to earn your weekend. Nawwww! Just bring it on again.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grand Kids

My family life continues to be very active, this blog has been mostly an account of our family life, our celebrations, our activities, vacations, etc. etc. We continue to be very active and the celebrations just keep piling up. We have so many that now we kindda have to pick and choose, otherwise it is just too exhausting.

Last Sunday after mass my son and daughter in law invited us to their house for a "just because" reunion. It was like bring a dish let's have a pot luck. So lots of us showed up and had a really good time. While I ate and ate, the kids were out swimming and playing on the play station.

Food, swimming, and games! If you ask me that is just a recipe for a good time. All my grand kids were there so since I always carry my camera with me I decided to make ME the center of attention and hire anyone around me to capture some pretty cool images.

I am lucky and blessed to be able to have all my kids and grand kids at the same place and the same time on any given moment. It kills me to read how so many of you out there only get to see yours once or twice a year.

So, anyway I just thought I share some of these images.

This is me with Brianna, my first grandkid. Not the oldest but the first.

This is me with Talyanna, my oldest grandchild.

And this is the self titled "La Princesa" Alayna. Alayna is my #5 grand child.

""From a little girl so very small, how and when did you get so tall?"" --- ~Karen Mortensen

Surrounded with love.

"Do you know why children are so full of energy? Because they suck it out of their grandparents" --
~ Gene Perret

My mom with Laila, the youngest of my grand kids.

This is my son and my #8 grandson Ramon. I know he doesn't look like a Ramon but he is. lol

This is Juanito, my #6 grand kid.

"Grandparents are there to help the child get into mischief they haven't thought of yet."
~ Gene Perret




Me and my "duck".

Alayna, me, and Arielle.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tidbits Time

And it comes faster than I expect it. It's like today is Monday and all I hear about is how everyone is so mad, and how much they hate Monday, and then I blink my eyes and it's Saturday again. That just leaves me wondering, "What happened to Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday?" But no matter, if it's Saturday might as well enjoy it. That's why the plan for tonight is to finally go watch Toy Story 3. All I keep hearing is how good that movie is.


Borrowed this from the Interne. That is my idea of an awesome ice chest.

I would like to thank yesterday's monsoon for messing up my car. The light coat of dust you left all over it is trying to make a permanent home there, but it's not taking any new tenants, so no thank you you will soon be evicted. If it wasn't cause right now it's too hot to be out there washing cars you would already be gone. Well, it's only about 109 degrees today, but it really feels like if it was more. I love these hot summer days, what I don't love is how my electricity bill jumped from $85.00 a month to $333.06, and probably more next month. Not happy, not happy at all.


I am happy to report that I feel the very and exact opposite way. lol I love



Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear princesa
Happy birthday to you

And may more

Yes my princesa turned Five years old today and she was pretty happy about it. She knows her fiesta will be next week, so she is cool with that. In the meantime she patiently awaits.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mustang an Iconic Car.

My baby!
My 1993. Fox boddied Mustang.

Well it was bound to happen, this thing was just there waiting for me and it seemed nobody else would dare touch it cause it was to be mine. So, at least for now I already enjoyed it for a day, I am turning in some more paperwork today, etc, etc, and hopefully this baby will finally be mine, mine, all mine. It certainly makes a great addition to my stable, two ponies and a Bronco. Now if only the Bronco would work. lol

My son keeps asking himself where he went wrong because I continue to buy Fords instead of his beloved Chevys but come on, a Mustang is like apple pie, is an icon that comes second to none. There are Camaros, and Corvettes, but then there are the iconic Mustangs and there are in a league all its own.

So, cross your fingers everybody and lets hope I don't have to return those keys tonight.

Here are some great looking ponies.

I love the paint scheme on this one, I would love for my Fox Body Mustang to look like this. Ummm maybe it will.

Dressed in black.

Pretty in pink.

Knight Rider.


And now I am proud to present to you my new baby, a second pony to enhance my stable.


Thursday, July 08, 2010

Day Three - The San Diego Zoo

So, day one and day two had been pretty hectic but now with our guests back in L.A. and everybody else either going back to Sea World or to the beach we headed for the San Diego Zoo. This was far from a stressful day, actually although tiring because of all the walking up and down the hills and slopes that are part of the park, it was stress free.

How can you not feel stress free in an environment like this.

Just a stroll in the park. Again a stroller with a cooler full of water and sodas was all we had to deal with. I didn't know what to expect, I only visited the Los Angeles Zoo once many years ago and I have never been to the Phoenix Zoo either. I really expected it to be stinky and stuff but I was really surprised at how clean the park is, and that includes the cages.

For sure a highlight of the day was feeding the giraffes. This giant but gentle animals were more than happy to take the biscuits off our hands with their very long tongues. The kids for sure loved it.

Dropped it the first two times. He had it right after the third attempt.

Then there was the crazy orangutan that rolled from one edge of the cage all the way to the other end and then back. Homey orangutan had got be very dizzy when after what it seemed forever he decided to sit against a tree.

This guy rolled all over the place before he sat there to rest. Probably dizzy too.

In the end it was the monkeys that gave the biggest show, ewwww. Not to be outdone they decided out of the blue and without fair warning to give us a lesson in how to do the nasty monkey style. I'm sorry it sounds explicit but truth is it was funny because well they are monkeys just monkeying around. lol

Bad monkeys, bad monkeys. Next time get a room.

If you never been there, this place is huge and yes they do have double decker buses that give you tours and probably take you all over the park, but we decided that walking was the way we wanted to experience the zoo.

We easily spent a good eight hours there, we caught a kids show and took them to the petting zoo, went on our mandatory souvenir and t-shirt shopping and off we went back to the hotel.

All said and done we had a really great time.

The plan was to go to the hotel change into warmer clothes and to go back to Seaport Village to watch the fireworks. What was I thinking? I don't go anywhere on the fourth of July in Phoenix because of the insane crowds and traffic, what made me think that it would be easier in a place like San Diego?

Well, needless to say the rest of the night was a blur.

And just to end this weekend tale, day four, the day we had predestined to go to the beach and maybe cross the bridge to Coronado Island is... yep! A blur too.

Here are some shots that I really like:

Diego, the polo player.

This magestic creature was just there posing and displaying its beauty in front of everyone.

Oh no! I'm going to be puree.,

You don't go to the zoo to have them play in a playground but gosh once they saw it that's all they wanted.
These photo ops are just to cool to pass them up.

The spider and the fly.

Me petting the goats.

Savannah sitting on one cool bench.

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