Thursday, April 30, 2009

So I Wait

I've been wanting to do a post on our framed photos but I have to depend on my daughter whom doesn't understand about deadlines, business, etc. So I wait and so do you. But I promise soon I will post something.

I wanted to post about bike night at Westgate. I invited my son in law to come with me to go check out the bikes and to take some pictures. He did capture a bunch of good images but they are on my daughter's camera, mine is not good for night photos so I may or may not be able to post them here.

So I won't post about any of those two things. Tomorrow I may come up with something else to blog about.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wow! What a Show.

Before I read anybody's comments just let me say that last night was by far the best American Idol night in a long time. Five finalists, five outstanding performances. Wow!

Unfortunately I have never liked Kris so even though they said he set the standard so high I have already forgotten his performance. Allison still one of my favorites and will hate it if she is the one that gets the boot tonight. Matt should have shinned last night and yet he left me wondering why was he saved, Anoop would have done way better with the Standards.

I am not a Danny fan but must admit last night he kicked major butt. Wow! And double wow! I didn't know the song he sang but it sounded awesome. There is no way that can be topped... or so I thought. Adam closed the show by taking possession of the stage, and showing his many, many, many, many followers why he should win.

This kid has it made. Even if he doesn't get the title this year he will definitely get the best and probably most profitable record deals. Not to mention he has what it takes to fill up arenas. As I watched his performance last night I couldn't help but think of Freddy Mercury. Yeap, I think this kid is that great.

And now next week I believe it's going to be Big Band night... wow! Can't wait.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Top Five

So here we are down to the top 5 American Idol hopefuls, too bad Anoop is gone, he should have been in the top 5 as he was always a favorite of mine. That little idea of saving someone didn't make much sense, specially since Matt has no realistic shot of going all the way. But oh well, que sera sera, the show must go on.

Is it "Rat Pack Standards Night". If so it should be a good one. I have always enjoy the standards and it will be fun to see this young five put a spin on them. I think Danny should not have a problem tonight, and maybe even Kris will be fine, Matt can definitely shine tonight if he picks the right song and plays the piano. This is right up his alley. That leaves me with the two rockers, Allison and Adam. Now we all know Allison can sing and has a beautiful voice but what can she sing to make her shine, and Adam already has proven that he can bring it down and deliver a good ballad.

Tonight will be decisive for the remaining idols. Do they sing one or two songs tonight? Either way one or two songs it should be awesome. Oh, and yes my fingers will still be doing their best to keep Allison in the competition.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

On The Way Back To Phoenix

Monday we left California at an early hour, 45 minutes into our trip back to Phoenix we stopped at our favorite fast food restaurant Gus Jr's in Loma Linda. They have like a one hundred plus item menu but I only order one thing, a pastrami. Mi chica drove with me for all the way to Palm Spring with the top down. Since Michelle and Junior had never been, we took the detour and stopped at the Aerial Tram and then we cruised through Palm Springs. Unfortunately it gotta very hot so mi chica went into the van while Michelle rode with me.

Mi chica and I enjoying the drive on our way to Palm Springs, California.

A few minutes later, we stopped at a gas station to check the fluid levels and then Junior offered to drive the Mustang with Michelle while we rode in the air conditioned and way more comfortable van. I pretty much ordered them to put top up because it was very hot. Next stop Chiriaco Summit, ice cream and pictures there for a 35 minute pit stop.

Before long we were at Quartzite. We always stop at the Luv's Truck stop. We were hungry so we ate some Subway sandwiches there. After another 35 to 40 minutes we hit the road again. We were doing great, I was in front with Junior and Michelle in tow, I was not exceeding 75 miles per hour. Then the following happened in the next minutes:

There is a slow truck on the road.
A Scion shoe box is behind it
Then me
And behind me Junior and Michelle
Scion moves left to pass truck
I move left to pass truck
Junior moves left to pass truck
Scion passes truck and merges right
I pass truck and decide to get in front of slower moving Scion
Junior still behind me
Before I pass Scion I spot a highway patrol cruiser hiding in the median.
Half his car stick out and touches the tar in the highway.
Calmly I pass Scion and merge right still doing about 75 miles per hour
Junior the spots police cruiser, speeds up and squeezes between me and Scion
Cruiser starts moving and driving in left lane
One minute later cruiser positions himself directly behind Junior
Light show begins immediately as all cruiser lights are on
I pull to left and park on shoulder
Junior pulls to the left and doesn't stop until he is pretty close to me
Blah, blah, blah, for the next ten minutes (Feel like an eternity)
We stay put in the van knowing that cops don't appreciate intruders.
Cop comes over and invites me to the party.
Runs my licence too.
Proceeds to tell me junior is driving my car with a suspended licence.
What?????? Why officer I had no idea.
Officer totally polite throughout the whole thing. Sucker know he will ticket us no matter what.
Decides to be nice and won't impound my car for 30 days. Hmmm, that is good news indeed.
Tells Junior the only reason he stopped them was because he drove too close to us. (Yea right, two young kids in a hot Mustang = must pull you fools).
(Oh, it's my story so I can say my Mustang is a hot Mustang. lol)
Notifies him he must keep his driving licence until he gets things in order.
Tells me I must drive the rest of the way, Junior now a passenger in the van while Sylvia drives chaperoned by Junior. Remember mi chica can't drive because of the medication but can drive if she is chaperoned.
I pull top down, and enjoy the next hour and a half left in the trip.
Didn't I mentioned before that in our case the actual drive is part of the whole experience.

And all this wouldn't have happened if the officer wouldn't have had his cruiser parked in the median with his nose sticking out. The only reason we merged right so fast to get out of his way was for pure cortesy.

On other news, my sister and her husband invited us to have dinner with them at their house on Saturday. Tacos de Lengua was the menu, she knew it's one of my favorite meals so I kindda starved myself all day so I could pig out at night. Ummmmm, they did not disappoint. Then to wash it all down a dessert with caramelized bananas and ice cream. If you ask me that was a total winning combination. Thanks sis and Alfred for the invite. Both mi chica and I enjoyed it.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Car Show

It's Sunday and we have to be in the parking lot before 10:00 am or they will close the doors on us, it's a good thing I had the opportunity to wash the car on Saturday. On previous years I had to get up at 6:00 am to wash the car. Both my sons in law were coming with me, my daughter threw us a huge curve and sent the kids with my in law.

Oh, I'm all about family and kids but this show is not designed with kids in mind. The cars parked out in the open parking lot, this particular Sunday was hella hot and the pavement makes it even hotter. Usually about 2000 cars give or take register and this Sunday was no exception. In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Fox Bodied Mustangs I thought they would keep us all together. Normally Fox Body Mustangs are sent way to the back of the parking lot. Well this year was no exception but for whatever reason this year the convertibles got prime spot and while all cars were parked inside the parking lanes us convertibles got a spot and a half, meaning we had plenty of space in between cars. Too awesome!

Anyway, back to the kids, I got to babysit the whole day. We walked up and down the rows and rows of cars at the mercy of the sun and a few hours later I knew they were suffering. My little Duck was in his stroller so he didn't even take one step but Noe walked as much as I did, he was tired and sunburned and finally Loyiel very against his will had to head back home to take them to safety.

Junior and I stayed to film some of the cars leaving the park. They changed the way we exited so to keep the cars from doing burnups, the wimps, what's a little burnout before leaving the show. The endless parade of cars which by the way are mostly Mustangs is usually enjoyed by bystanders that know about the show. They'll sit there giving the participants a thumbs up.

Once on the freeway it's Amazing how many Mustangs were on it. In California the speed limit seems to be a suggestion as most cars drive extremely fast. Just wait until Arnold decides to put cameras on the highway as they did here in Arizona.

We finally got home at around 4:00 and I was exhausted from the heat. As I walked in the house and sat on the couch, no let me rephrase that, and layed on the couch I was out for the next two hours.

I had every intention of visiting Wanda and my sister but by the time I woke up it was too late. So Wanda and Chely, there's always a next time.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saturday, Not Quite as Planned

Mi chica and I before she got her "chiripiorca" or as she calls them her "Tarantarans"

Saturday we woke up early enough to get a good jump start at Knott's. We all left from different places but at around the same time. We got to Knott's after an uneventful drive save the big truck that took the curve to go into the 91 Fwy too fast and lost it. I can almost hear the drive going no, no, no, nooooooo... oh crap! Yeap, the truck's side was totally on the floor.

The New Generation.
My little duck in the front was like two full inches short from the line so he couldn't do any of the rides. Poor thing, he did a lot of crying.

But in the end they all have a lot of fun, specially at Camp Snoopy.

Some of us wonderful guys, what would our chicas do without us? From left to right, my son, my son in law, me, and my other son in law.

We got to Knott's, parked and immediately proceeded to walk to the park. Since we had tickets we didn't have to stand in the already long lines. We went in fairly fast and started taking pictures. Once we got in there we went to the Roaring Rapids, I thought it would be better to get wet in the morning and not in the afternoon. Then we went to the bumper cars and while some of us rode in them the rest stayed buying food.

I had just asked mi chica if she was feeling good and she said she was. We were sitting there eating, I got up to take a picture and when I turned around mi chica told us she was getting dizzy. Well, if a matter of minutes her and I were driving back to my brother in law's house. We got there and she immediately went to bed where she rested for the following four hours and then woke up as if nothing happened.

I chose not to go back to Knott's but I did take a fast trip to the local Harley Davidson dealership for some drooling. Every time I go there I wish I could own a whole fleet of those bikes.

Yeap, I was drooling. These babies are nice.

After watching two movies, "Grand Torino" and "Underworld 3" I still had enough outside day light to go out and wash the car to make it presentable for the next day. Not the way I had planned it but still a very relaxing and fun day for me.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

From Phoenix to West Covina

So, I took Friday off, the plan was to leave for California Friday morning but the car broke down and there went our plans. However as usual my father in law whom is getting kindda old is still one heck of a mechanic. The car broke down on Tuesday night, he went to check it out on Wednesday, decided the differential was totally busted, he then spent most of his Thursday looking for a used one. I had told him something but he didn't believe me then he tells me "You are right, there are no Mustangs at the junk yards". He disassembled it and had it ready, finally he found one and on Friday morning he installed it.

He called and said the car was ready and by 4:00 pm we were picking it up at his house in Peoria. My son in law took it down to the car wash where he works and had it washed, a few minutes later we were on the road. The Mustang would take the trip to California after all.

We decided to drive slow as I needed to make sure the car would be working properly. Now, my sister in law was in front driving her Tahoe and she claimed she was doing 65 to 70 miles per hour, my speedometer was marking 50 mph. I kept wondering, why is she driving so slow? I say this every time I write about one of our trips but it's one hundred percent true, in our case the getting there is part of the excitement.

We always stop everywhere and are really never in a hurry. This time junior and Michelle had a screaming child so they decided to drive a little faster, we continued our slow pace although my sister in law did increase the speed by 5 miles or so.

Mi chica and the screaming child. She looks like she can't break a plate but was she was strapped on that car seat it was screaming fest.

We got to West Covina at about midnight, we were starving and just before we got to my brother in law's house we spotted a taco truck. We stopped and ate some really good tasting tacos, I was pleasantly surprised they tasted so good.

All in all, it was a nice quiet trip from Phoenix to West Covina, unfortunately both mi chica and I felt we wasted the day. Friday was to be used to go and visit friends and relatives but plans don't always go as you envision them. And they said they were waking me up at 7:00 to go to Knott's, good luck.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Little From Here and There

A quick note, Wanda's operation is tomorrow, if you read this and feel like spreading some cheer say a prayer for her and maybe even give her a heart warming comment on her blog.


OK here's the skinny on things. It's Wednesday and I am still not a hundred percent, although I still say I'm getting better. I'm telling ya, that affair between the toilet paper and my nose continues to grow more intimate. Not my idea of a romance though, I would just be as happy if we parted ways right this instant.

The Fabulous Fords Forever car show is this weekend, but now my Mustang decided not to be so fabulous and decided to break down yesterday. Ugly grinding sound tells me it may not make the trip. This changes things as we were planning on leaving Friday morning. The good thing is that I am grateful it happened here as I was leaving my sister's house and not out in the middle of nowhere or in California.

Mi chica and I contemplated on renting a car for the weekend and still let the kids use our van but nowadays renting is not cheap. You figure with this economy we would have found some deals but nope, it didn't happen. My father in law will still try to check my car and try to determine what's wrong with it. He's been known to fix it very quickly on previous occasions so that one tiny little hope is still alive. Otherwise I will have to lose my entry fee for the car show.

Anyway, one way or another, we are all looking forward to our California Trip. Final tally came to about 30 of us going to Cali for the weekend. Should be fun, should be wild, should be a one of a kind trip, but then again all of our trips are.

And in other news, American Idol is way too equal this year. The heavy favorites continue to move forward even when they are out sang by the lesser favorites. I watched the show last night and came to the conclusion that what I said last week about Lil not being all that was reaffirmed this week. I just don't get the hype, in the meantime Allison Iraheta consistently out sings her week after week, why isn't she getting the fan base is beyond me. I just don't get it.

Danny, a super favorite from the beginning has left me wondering if he really is as good as they have promoted him to be. Truth is I was bored with his performance as was I bored with Kris'. The song Kris sang may have won an Oscar but it was still very slow and boring for this competition.

Matt, blows my mind one week and disappoints the next, I wouldn't be shocked if he leaves tonight, but people have set Anoop as their target. Again, why don't people like him, he has shown he can sing. I for one want to see him again next week. I do.

And what can I say about Adam, this guy has been the most unpredictable contestant ever. I seems that every week millions of us are just waiting to see what he is going to come up with, other than during Country Week which I hated his rendition of Rings of Fire, I have liked everything else he has come up with. Watching this guy is like watching a concert already, yes I think he is that good.

I know to many I am way off, but I would really, really love an all Rock finale with Allison and Adam being the last two standing. Danny lovers before you start hating me just remember Taylor Hicks. It really isn't cool to be the winner when you know in fact you were not.


Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm Almost Recovered

Oh man this was not good at all, I don't even know if I had the flu or not but I had something that put me down since Thursday night. My nose and the toilet paper and in a sort of relationship that they never thought would develop. I felt better yesterday and we were able have our Easter Dinner at my son's house.

This morning I woke up and got up to turn the shower on but I immediately asked mi chica whom by the way is also sick to turn it off. I really needed one more day to recuperate. For the most part I am feeling a lot better but now I have a body ache. Could be from too much bed time but I just think my body has taken a toll between the constant nose blowing and this pain in the butt of a cough that I too developed along the way.

Now it is very important to be well by Thursday night because we need to be 100% next week for our California trip. We've been waiting for it for too long to be all sick.

A dear friend of mine that some of you may already know is going to have an operation next Thursday. Wanda of "Brushstrokes from the Heart" will need many prayers and good wishes not only from those of us that know her and love her but from anybody else that may want to send prayers her way. A soothing comment from a stranger sometimes moves mountains, please keep her in mind during this week.

Wanda's strength in her faith is one of the biggest things she has going for her as she gets ready to do what is needed to do for her to conquer this. Please join me in keeping her in our minds and prayers.

The plan still is to leave for Los Angeles on Friday early morning so we can get there at an early time that will allow us to rest, after that it will be a hectic weekend.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

Oh No I'm Sick

Now here's a rare thing for me to blog about but I am sick. I woke up yesterday and I told I had a severe case of allergies, I went to work and stuck it out all day but as I got to my mom's house for dinner I was feeling miserable. I only stayed with her for a short while and headed home. By the time mi chica got there I was hot, so needless to say I stayed home on Friday and did absolutely nothing but stay in bed.

I am just getting up, mi chica came home and cooked some very delicious fish for me and I'm already feeling a little better. Luckily I have Saturday and Sunday to get well.

I am hoping I'll be fine on Sunday because the plan is to go to my son's house for Easter. I will be so nice to have my whole family there. I know my seven grand kids always look forward to the Easter Egg Hunt and to the treats they get in their baskets. Should be a nice time. Maybe on Sunday I'll post some pictures as I am sure they will all look grand in their new outfits mi chica bought for them.


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Mac Tonight

Mi chica really loves Mac Donalds coffee, I think I have mentioned that before so on a certain outing my daughter Nikki whom is about to graduate from The Phoenix Art Institute, her husband, his brother, and I went to buy a Mac.

I was thinking how much I like the classic hamburger with the secret sauce, the pickles, and no lettuce or tomato. I am not a fan of yellow cheese but I know many people can't have theirs without cheese. I was treating so for a moment there I thought about super sizing. Yep, it would be a perfect Mac Tonight.

Riding in the back seat of their little Kia SUV I thought I was being kidnapped, our local Mac place is only about a mile away, so why was I on a freeway for over 20 minutes? Kidnapped I say, too bad there's no money for ransom. lol

Best Buy? Ummmm why this is not sounding tasty to me? So we walk in and before I can say "can you help me" I find out that we are already at the counter paying and they are asking for my debit card. But what is it I am buying here? This is not our regular Mac place.

Nikki and her graduation present. Your mom and I hope you like it. What am I saying I now you like it. Ufff, am I glad I didn't supersized it. And all this time I thought I was talking about a Big Mac, sorry you'll have to settle for that little Mac.


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Coming Soon!

So, Michelle and I are starting a new business venture. As you my long time readers know I love taking pictures, so much that my camera travels with me everywhere. I have a small Panasonic camera I bought at work at a discounted price as it was discontinued. That was a little over two years ago. Unfortunately it's starting to look its age. After dropping it a few times and always being carried either in my pocket but mostly in the back pocket of my tote back the images are not coming out the way I would like them.

However, during these two years I have captured thousands of images with it and have published a huge amount of them in my Arizona... But it's a dry heat! photo blog. During the peak days of I entered many of them in various contests and I had many top places including a first place for a sunset in Rocky Point, and some third and fifth places for cars I photographed at a local car show.

My dear friend ChrisJ has even taken some of my images and done some drawing renditions of them. Now Michelle on the other hand has a talent, actually she has so much talent that she doesn't even know what to do with it so I have taken it upon myself to explore it and exploit it -- lol. While I had taken to photograph inanimate things, she is great at photographing people. She is like a candid camera that captures good image after good image.

So, that's why I came with the idea of investing $100.00, the idea was to go buy a couple of frames then enlarge a couple of our images, frame them and then sell them. Well, the first hundred dollars only completed about four frames so I put another $100.00 dollars and that gave us at least six big pictures and some smaller pictures.

I started to advertise with all my family and friends and so did Michelle, I made it sound like we are doing something that has never been done -- lol and it kindda worked. A lot of my family members wanted to see them. Michelle and I have planned for an exposition to be held on the first weekend of April, I was hoping that by then I would have at least 12 frames.

Michelle held a party for her daughter Arielle last Sunday and since most of my family was here they wanted a preview. Needless to say the preview was a huge success, half of what we had sold on the spot and some wanted additional custom work. They will go ahead and let me keep them until we do the expo in April buy told me to make sure to put a SOLD sign on the ones that are spoken for.

To date I have spent a little over $250.00 but we expect to make a good profit once all the pictures sell. Before the month is over we will also launch a blog to showcase all the images that we have framed so far. Our starting price is $20.00 for a framed regular size photo. To our most expensive being $50.00 and then different prices in between depending on the frame and mat size. All the mats have been custom cut and color coordinated to complement the image, and so far we are working with 8 X 10 and 11 X 14 but once we get the funds in we will re-invest and explore with 14 X 16 and bigger.

I have asked Michelle to photograph some of the frames that are already done so we can post them, trust me you will be amazed that my $125.00 camera has captured such frame worthy images. At first they kept asking if we bought the images and framed them. "No, I was there and captured them myself" was my answer time and time again.

So, look for our new blog coming soon and tell us what you think. We are looking for feedback and critiques.


Top Eight

Wow, top eight, just like that Jasmine, Alexis, Michael, and Megan are gone. Supposedly the top three spots are taken so the show right now is all about Anoop, Matt, Allison, and Scott surviving one more week, as they try to build a fan base.

Tonight the sing songs from the year they were born, that could be interesting. With a group like this the judges keep saying it all comes down to song choice. Choosing the right song is key and I agree with the judges that sometimes they picked horrible songs. Don't they have any advisers that will let them know a certain song will cut their chances to go on?

The way I see it:

Danny Gokey: Again will be safe. His designer glasses and trademark smile are already safe. Yep, I really like this guy but keep thinking he is too much of a Taylor Hicks type. But that's just me.

Kris Allen: I can never remember what he sang but the judges always go ga ga over him so he must be good. I say he is going to be safe... again!

Adam Lamber: I am most intrigued by this contestant, although not my type of music at all I always want to see what he will do next. So, will he stay clean cut tonight or will he go back to the rocker look. We'll soon find out. Oh and he should be safe.

Lil Rounds: Has not grabbed me at all. I still can't see what the fuzz is about. Jordin Sparks was a sweet heart I alway liked, Mandisa always great, Doolitle the queen without the crown I had to always watch her performances again, Lil Rounds has not given on performance I want to watch again. But I know as a fan I am a minority. She'll be safe.

Anoop Desai: Anoop has taken half the votes I have casted. I really hope he moves on but his days are counted. Possible bottom three.

Allison Iraheta: In my opinion the best female in the competition. Not a favorite though and two time bottom three contestant. She is another possible bottom three.

Scott MacIntyre: My hometown guy. He has gotten the other half of my votes. He'll probably get some more tonight. His days are also counted.

Matt Giraud: This guy has surprised me before, but he is not consistently good. In his case is I like him or not based on his performance. Another possible bottom three.

We'll see how they do tonight, I man or may not want to re-think my forecasted choices.


Monday, April 06, 2009

Arielle and Danny Turn One

And so just like that Arielle turned one. I remember as if it was yesterday we were going to Tucson as Michelle told us she was ready. Time do fly and it doesn't ask for permission. Her fiesta was pretty nice, pretty much all the family attended and she got a lot of presents. A Dora themed jumpy was rented by her nino and some chairs and tables too. Typical to Mexican families we had the party in the front yard away from the swimming pool. There were just too many little ones and the water isn't even warm yet so we didn't want to be jumping in after the little ones.

The cake was most excellent, I don't have pictures yet but I may add some later on. My daughter in law's mom bakes the best cakes. Last week she did the pirate theme for Diego, this week it was a colorful cake with a separate little cake just for her in the shape of a teddy bear. The frosting was all pink with a second tier cake in the shape of a yellow butterfly. Instead of sugar she uses Splenda and low fat low sugar frosting. I am not a cake eater but hers are really so good that I may eat a slice or two.

My brother's baby also turns one year old today, his party was on Saturday. I tell ya they just never end, even skipping some of the parties there are still so many birthdays and when you are about to hit the big 5-0 kids parties get harder and harder to attend. So far we still make an appearance in most of them but we will let the younger generations have a ball at this fiestas while us grown ups can stay home and enjoy some much needed peace and tranquility.

Click on the button for pictures on Michelle's blog.


Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Power Of The Spokesman

Only two more weeks and we will be on our way to California for the Fabulous Fords Forever Carshow at Knott's Berry Farm. Although we missed it the past two years this will be our fifth time going since I joined The Copperstate Mustang Club. I will be driving the Mustang as this year Ford celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the Fox Bodied Mustangs which mine is one of them. As always we will be going to the amusement park on Saturday and then us guys will do the show on Sunday while the girls do their girly stuff.

Megan knew her time had come and so she went out with a bang. She told Simon that she liked him a lot but she just didn't care about his critique as she once again was chosen to be a bottom three contestant. The she acted silly pretending she was a crow and flew to her stool while she made this crow like noises. A few minutes later she finds out she is the one leaving and when Ryan asks Simon if they would consider saving her, he proceeds to tell "With all due respect when you said you didn't care, neither do we", no we will not save you just do your good bye or your swan song and be on your way. Ouch! She took it graciously and didn't seem to be affected by it, she once again performed the song and in the end when all the other contestants came to her she finally broke in tears. The musical guest was Lady Ga Ga, I think the only reason they asked her to perform was to use her as a vivid example of what the contestants should NEVER sing in the show unless they want a ticket back home.

How did this guy become the spokesman or should l I said spokesdog for Taco Bell. I think his whole speaking repertoire was "You Quiero Taco Bell". I think if he would have said "Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof" would have been more realistic. I think he's been fired though.

Here's another one that made it big and he is a nudist. In one of the commercial they bring him a little suit but he prefers to go al fresco and obviously refuses to wear it. And so people continue to listen and buy car insurance as naked gecko advises.

This guy is totally creepy. I have said it before, just because of him I don't go to Burger King. What possessed them to even think of these series of commercials.

This one for sure is one of my favorite spokesman, OK spokesbeagle. And he irony is that he doesn't even speak.

And again this is why I like Knott's Berry Farm. Snoopy is a sort of spokesbeagle for the place. If you know me a little bit then you'll remember that I love Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the whole peanuts gang. The whole lot of them.

As my grandkids tell me when they see Snoopy. "Look grandpa there you are".

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