Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Sometimes inspiration comes from everywhere and everything and sometimes it hides in the deepest parts not wanting to be found. What can be used to lure it out? I was taking my morning walk and the weather felt so good at time of the morning that it allowed me to notice the ducks happily swimming on the lakes, I noticed all the landscapers hard at work making the local landscape look so nice, I notice how Cosita our female chihuahua had to take about 10 steps as opposed to one of mine, crossed about the elderly couples also on their morning stroll and apparently enjoying it too, I noticed the mom on the bike followed by her son trailing right behind her apparently on their way to school.

It's amazing how much one notices when ones mind is clear. It is inspiring to see how well coordinated life is when allowed to take its natural course, all that is left to do is first thank God for allowing us to live, and second live it to the fullest. In my case all I can say is "What a life", and what a privilege to be a part of it.

Monday, October 08, 2012

My Weakness!

I am sitting here realizing that finally the grueling Phoenix summer heat has finally subsided and that it's time to start shedding those few pounds I gained during the summer. The morning weather is great for walking so I think I need to start my routine again, my goal is to once again be able to wear my belt in the last hole, not to mention it is healthier to be slimmer is it not?

Did you know that a good life and good food equals a few extra pounds? No? Well, all you have to do is look at me and that theory clearly will come to light, but when you are blessed with a bunch of great cooks in your life as I am it is hard to bring yourself to say "enough", and in my case if the cook happens to be my mom and I tell her enough she says "no entiendo" and packs my plate full of nothing but exquisite food and since I am blessed to have my mom around to cook for me and to actually know she enjoys cooking for me saying "no" in that context is non existent.

I guess when it comes to food the bottom line is I AM WEAK and it truly is very hard for me to say "enough is enough" and much less to say "no". Who out there can say no to a "mole rojo" or to a "carne asada" or to "chiles rellenos" or "cochinita pivil" or "tinga", and the ever delicious tacos. Ummm que rico! (can you tell I am Mexican?).

So I wonder, what is your food weakness? Something you almost never say no, something you sneak so nobody says anything. You all know mine is tacos, God know I have posted this fact a million times, I swear if I don't eat tacos on a regular basis I'd probably go on withdrawals.

So the goal is simple, I don't see myself not eating anytime soon so I must compromise and learn how to balance eating and exercising so I can stay healthy, I am 53 years old and still not on any medications but then again I haven't visited my doctor in over a year so that may change soon, then again maybe not. In the meantime as long as there are great cooks in my life and they keep cooking delicious dishes for me I will continue to let them spoil me as yes I am weak, weak, weak, but with a full stomach.

And apparently I am not the only one that can't say no to tacos.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Avondale Fire-Rescue Open House

Every year we try to attend the Avondale Fire-Rescue Free Open House at the local firehouse which luckily for us is only a five minute walk from the house and this year is no exception. The open house features free hot dogs and hamburgers, popcorn, sodas, and ice cream. The fire engines are displayed and Billy Scott, the singing fireman put on a show involving the kids. They do a little show, act silly and they get little giveaways. Kids love it!

I have always loved to do things with my kids and grandkids, the sense of family unity, the bonding, the fun, the memories we create, the accomplishment of seeing my family grow together on a daily basis is worth to me more than anythng else, that's why we make outings such as this a tradition. Just two weeks ago I had the opportunity of creating wonderful memories with my new family in California while visiting The Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa California (but that is another story to be told).

Today's event wasn't any different than last years, yet the kids seem to enjoy it every year. You've all seen the face paintings Nikki does on the kids. Well there was a girl painting the most simple designs on the kid's arms and yet they tought it was the most awesome thing and so they all waited paitently in the long line to get theirs. Sometimes it's the simple things in life isn't it? I thank God for the opportunity to spend this type of quality time with my wonderful family and I appreciate it very, very much.

Some of the things the firemen teach the kids and adults is how to protect your family from fire. We love to tour the station and the engines, the kids just love to get prizes, oh and to get baloons. Why are kids so mystifies with baloons is beyond me, but they are, if they see one they want it and won't stop til' they get it.

This event kicks off the Fire Prevention Week. It's amazing to see how much valuable information the kids pick up at the Open House while enjoying the food and fun. Oh and did I mention it is all FREE?

Fireman Diego putting out a fire.
Ummmm hot dogs and chips, que rico!!!
Oh Diego you got a spider on your arm. I like it!
Oh you so cool Mr Cool!
Tattoo time!
Alayna and Ariele, twins a couple of years apart.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Thank God It's Friday!

TGIF... Wait, what's the difference? Being out of work for so long has put me out of touch as to what a weekend should feel like, when you don't work everyday is the same, OK except maybe Sunday cause that's when I go to church. Since my honey started working I can at least from her perspective wait in anticipation for the weekend.

So now I once again wake up early to see her off and once she leaves I pretty much stay up, yes the bed does call me repeatedly and says to please come back but I resist, not easy but I do, talk about will power.

What to do? What to do?, well since it is not so hot anymore I think it's time to get the old pony out of the garage and start it up, run it up for a while and take it to emissions to get it passed, at least that is my hope that it will pass without having to sink lots of money into it, so I can get my tags current. The weather is getting great for top down cruising around town.

My two ponies are so much fun to drive and are attention getters when I'm out on the road.

The newer pony too is in desperate need of being washed so the question to me is: What are you doing here blogging instead of being out there doing those things? Ummm well, I don't know, I guess that is how I roll.

Well, in any case I am ready for the weekend and hope you are too, so have a fantastic Friday and see you later.

Have a fantastic Friday and a great weekend!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

What? A new post?

Wow, it's been a while since I wrote anything here, why with married life and the honeymoon, which by the way is not over yet it's easy to see why I neglected the good ol' blog. But I am still here and I miss you all my bloggin' friends.

So I am hoping to commit to my blog and write at least a little bit here and there as no to make it look like a ghost blog. Hope to hear from you my two readers out there, I too want to know how you all are these days.
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