Friday, September 01, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

The three day weekend is finally upon us, just a few more hours and we'll be going home to rest and celebrate, even though I don't drink my refrigerator is laoded with beer so I'll probably drink one or two here and there. The temperature is still over 100 degrees so I know they will taste pretty good.

My little sister and her daughters will be visiting from California so that should be a treat. We will probably be karaokeing as that is one of her favorite passtimes. Again I don't drink but when we karaoke we make this drinks we call "afinadores" (tuners), they consist of tequila and honey with lemon, mmmm mmmmm goood. This drinks are supposed to tune our vocal cords so that we can howl herrr I mean sing better, but truth be told is that the more "afinadores" we drink our perspective of how we sing is such that we start believing that we are seasoned professional singers. ha, ha, ha.

Disclaimer - I do drink but it's only on social occasions and I'm a very light drinker. The beer in my refrigerator is left over beer from our Father's Day Luau. And I do enjoy mixed drinks once in a while.

My brother and his "chica" are having a baby and the girls in the family are throwing a "Baby Shower" on Sunday. This is my brother's first baby and since he's already a 30 something guy we are all excited. This should be a big fun event that will probably bring the whole family together, and trust me there is a bunch of us. They'll probably play the usual baby shower games but me, I'm just looking forward to the food, I've seen the menu and it's gonna be good.

While on the subject of food, we will probably have a "carne asada" get together on Monday. This I also look forward to, "carne asada" parties are usually the best, with all the rice and salsas to complement the "carne" we can't go wrong.

So I just hope that you all have something planned for the long weekend as well, have a nice and safe Labor Day weekend.


MrManuel said...

Sounds like a great upcoming weekend. Have a good time...

Chely said...

This was one of those times when the saying, "Uno pone y Dios dispone" fits. As you may agree, my mom's health comes first.

I for one was looking forward to our little Karaoke and Video Show get together. But, oh well!

We'll try it again on our upcoming cruise.

By the way, when we arrived in L.A. today, I called Yolie to let her know, we arrived safe and sound and she said, "Chely, you are going to die when I tell you something". I said, "Oh yea! What did I forget?"

"ALL your Karaoke CD's", she said.

So, if you are interested, pick them up and have a ball! If not, I hope someone can bring them to me when we go to our cruise in 3 weeks.

I think I can handle 3 weeks without them. Any longer than that, I think I'll experience withdrawals.

I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to be with you but hey, at least I got a kiss.

Jose said...

Chely - Sometimes the even best layed plans slip right throuugh our hands, but there's always the next time. Like you said our mom comes first. Anyway we'll see you in three weeks for the cruise and don't worry we'll take all your karaoke discs.

Love ya. Y te mando otros cuantos besos para que duren hasta el fin de mes.

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