Wednesday, May 02, 2007

American Idol As Seen By Joe Cool

So it's a family habit, but tonight I was dumped. Yes I had to watch American Idol alone. Not my favorite night but I must be becoming a seer, I knew exactly what Simon (Yes, I'm singling Simon) was going to say about the contestants. Truth is he was in some morning show and when asked he said then exactly what he voiced during the show, in his eyes Phil has to go, and he won't mind if he takes Chris with him.

So again, it didn't matter to him how well Phil would perform, his mission was to trash him as he has done in the past. He is the better guy singer but won't make him any money. I don't know why he is so afraid the first, second, and third places belong to the girls.

So I don't need to write a million word essay on a show that only lasts about 35 to 40 minutes. It is obvious that what I see is not what Simon, Randy, and Paula sees. I have no monetary interest in the outcome, they do. So they'll try to tweak America's votes in their favor and not the deserving contestant.

So, I think that Chris and Blake should go home, (yes I know that what I think doesn't matter) but I have not liked Chris since the start, I am truly surprised he's still in the competition. As for Blake, I am not a girl so I won't vote on his looks, he did not bring it when he sang "Imagine" and in my opinion and obviously Bon Jovi's too, he took a song that we all like, and like it just the way it is, and stuttered it trying to sing it as if he was a sound ma-ma-ma-mamamama-chine. So don't take on Whitney or Mariah or Celine or Stevie but take on a sound machine... great!

I used to like Lakisha for second place, but now Jordin my hometown girl is my candidate for second. First has belonged to Melinda since the day she auditioned. There's Melinda, then a gap, and then everybody else.

Am I a good critic or what?


Mushy said...

My sentiments exactly!

EC said...

I think you are a perfect critic! Mainly because it is exactly what I think, lol.

I do think Simon has had it out for Phil and Chris, and with actually good reason. I don't know what Randy and Paula were seeing last night because Chris, in my opinion, was pretty bad!! Blake - what is up with people loving Blake? Yeah, he would work for the teenie boppers, but what about everyone else in the world?

Melinda is in a different league with everyone else, and she should have just been given the trophy a long time ago, because she DESERVES it! That certainly doesn't mean she is going to win, because it rarely happens like that, but she definitely is the best!

I'm liking Jordin for 2nd place too. I think she is so fresh, cute, and lovable, and I think she is going to go a long way with or without American Idol!

SingForHim said...

Hey, I am an AI fanatic, too. I agree with you that Melinda and Jordin are the best, but I can't believe you don't like Blake! (OK so he bombed Imagine - don't like that song anyway) But he is the most original. I like Phil, but my husband says he can't stand looking at him. Poor guy! Anyway, come by my blog on Wednesdays, and I have my favorite pick up.

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