Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rocky Point Outing

This post is a little longer that I'm used to but hey it's my story and I'm sticking to it. So, please read on.

It's pretty amazing, we left Phoenix at around 4:30 a.m. and 20 minutes later the sun was up, it wasn't quite 5:00 a.m. and we had absolutely no need for headlights which was fine with me because I could start taking pictures.

We stopped here and there, with two cars full of people it was to be expected but before we knew it we were staring at the ocean, I think it took us about four hours to get there, it was still early so most places were still closed. We started exploring and cruised through the new where a bunch of high end hotels/condominiums are being built. We stopped to eat in this small restaurant that served us the best fish, shrimp, and carne asada tacos. Ummmmm! tacos. I opted for the shrimp and carne asada tacos only but I heard that the fish tacos were way excellent too.

Me saying "I'm so cool you may call me

I was told that you could rent houses there, "mi chica" mentioned this to the lady at the taco place and she directed us to this woman she knew that rented houses, unfortunately there were too many of us and she only had one small house available. So back we went on full stomachs and cruised back to where the action is, there were two very nice hotels a block away from the ocean, it was decided to go to the one that had a swimming pool. It was a very nice hotel but it is decorated with college students in mind, it had not one picture on the walls, no carpet, two beds which basically were two mattresses on a concrete block, and one sofa bed. A TV and small refrigerator and microwave completed the furnishing. Oh and the room was the biggest room I have ever stayed in.

Once we unpacked grown ups and kids alike agreed that the first thing to do was to go to the ocean. Here something amazing happened, as most of us sat where the water met the sand, my son in law decided to go in deep. It wasn't really deep but the waves although small were very powerful, there were four guys all swimming there looking like they were having fun, all of a sudden we started to see some commotion, what happened was that they tried to catch the waves to swim to shore but as soon as the wave passed the back tide pulled them back. When they realized that they were going no where and the shore near as it was might as well be at the end of the world the panic set in and they started to drown.

My son in law was still fighting his own battle, he is a good swimmer but then he caught the face of one of the older swimmers, he looked like he was in his early 30s and all he could make out is that the guy was saying "Help me, I can't swim". The relatives of these people were standing on the shore throwing a rope for them to grab, you have to remember in Mexico you don't see the red swimming suit girls or the Hasenholfs of "Bay Watch", there it's a swim at your own risk situation.

My son in law at this time had reached them and was trying to push them out, except they were totally panicking and almost drowned him, he was able to freed himself and somehow started pushing them one by one until the last one was out and safe, it took a great effort for him to swim against the back tide but finally him too reached safety, he did come out with a bunch of bloody cuts and sratches, but other than that he was OK. All I could see were people shaking his hand and thanking him. The 30 plus year old man was down on his knees for about 15 minutes.

My daughter Nikki running to greet her hero, notice the people in the back were the rescuees.

This all happened very fast, thank God there wasn't a tragedy, that for sure would have dampened the weekend, instead once we left the ocean and went back to the hotel's swimming pool and
there we spent the next three hours just relaxing by the swimming pool bar (yes the pool had a bar inside the water), sipping Coronas and eating chicken wings, nachos, and "quesadillas" and we had so much fun there that the earlier events thankfully just looked like a blurr.

In the afternoon we went down to "El Malecon" where we ate a hot (as in chilly hot) shrimp cocktail, and more "carne asada" tacos. After eating we went outside and stood by the ocean where we witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen.

Needless to say most of us had the worst sun burns we have ever got, I know that the next day I looked like a lobster, that's how red I was, now as I'm writing this the pain has subsided but the itching continues. Oh but it was all worth it, it was a quick trip on a budget but it all worked out in the end.

Coming back as we were going to cross the border and the official asked us for our IDs yours truly for the second time pulled the visa debit bank card instead of the driver licence, the official told me that it would be acceptable only if it had lots of money... Yeah right!


EC said...

That must have been a scary time - but thankfully your son in law was there!!

All in all, it sounds like a great weekend. It sure looks beautiful there!

Jose said...

EC - After the incident happened and we realized they were all fine we just continued having a great time. My son in law did come out with some mean bruises and cuts. Rocky Point is very pretty and so close by, now that I have been there we will definitely go back.

Michelle said...

Hey the story didn't seem long at all! I liked the recap. Pictures look good.

Tara said...

Hope your son in law is better and his cuts and bruises have healed.

Great photos! I like the one of you by the water...truly a Joe Cool moment :)

Chely said...

Many times we feel as if we have no purpose in life. Here is proof that we do have purpose.

For this person (drownee) who probably felt he was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, God placed your son in law, in the right place, at the right time.

You have all been "Witnesses" of His greatness!

Now, did you happen to remember you older sister's famous "fix-it-all" remedy for sunburn?

HUEVITO! (Egg Whites!) Thoroughly soak yourself in egg whites. This will help to calm the heat of the sunburn & prevent pealing. It is recommended to apply A.S.A.P. but it's never too late.


Your little sister

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