Saturday, June 02, 2007

Welcome Home!

Welcome Home! Dear nephew of mine
Let life's lessons guide you now
Look for your strengths, make them anew
And realize your strength is now with you
It's called you family
But I'm sure you knew

If wasted time then
Yields you a better future
Then I thank God now
For I know your mom's prayers
Were answered and your son's love nurtured.

Look around you
Open your eyes
Give us the chance
To show you how
Ask us questions
Come for help
And don't falter
When temptation is there.

Your little boy has waited
Do not fail him now
And show him that daddy
Came home to him now

Today we are happy
Today we rejoice
Today we all tell you
that you are welcome home.

Love you mijo,
Por vida


EC said...

That was so beautiful!!

Tara said...

Truly touching :)

Chely said...

Ay Fide, that's BEAUTIFUL:)

I had the opportunity to talk to Christian on Sunday morning.

I hope this beautiful poem gets to him soon.


Elena said...

Yo creo que fui la primera en leer tu poema y me dejaste sin palabras.

Gracias, yo se lo hare llegar.

I love you.


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