Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Princess

My little Cinderella
Is turning two today
But if I fully close my eyes
It feels like yesterday
What are those screams that wake me
In the middle of the night
Whose are these hands that pinch me
and pretend they give me a massage
Who's this little one that calls me
With "jampa" I wanna go
All I know it's a little bundle
A little bundle of joy

So today I'm celebrating
Even if a little late
They say better late than never
So just call me "Mr. Late"
So with this I see you get here
bringing with you a number two
I don't see what is so terrible
Why they say terrible twos?

So keep jumping on my bed
And keep using "jamma's" things
And keep showing me you're healthy
With your smile, your laugh, your glee.

Love you so my little baby
Your are my princess, yes indeed
Hope you have happy birthday
A happy birthday here with me.

I love you baby!
Grandpa Cool


amy said...

What a sweet post and a lovely picture..!! I know you are proud

Elena said...

Me encanta!!!!

Tara said...

Jose...that was completely beautiful and touching...she is a very lucky two year old to have such a kind Grandfather. Hope her birthday is the best!

Chely said...

I Loooooooove these Poems you make!

Happy Belated Birthday little one:)


Tia Chely

Mel said...

They grow up so fast! She is adorable grandpa cool :)

Nikki said...

"And keep using "jamma's" things

OOOOO moms gonna killll youuu!!!


Tina said...

Happy belated Birthday ;-) Your entry is very kind written. You love the little girl, that´s what i read.

Heart of Rachel said...

She's so lovely especially in her lovely dress. Belated Happy Birthday to her.

What a nice coincidence. My son celebrated his 4th birthday a day after her birthday (July 18).

Michelle said...

I love this poem daddy! I may have to steal it for a scrapbook page for her! Yeah, that's the ticket!

Wanda said...

Your little Cinderella is truly darling. And your poem, too special...!Happy Birthday little one!

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