Thursday, July 12, 2007


So they trip to Mexico didn't happen, well I'm over it now. So now we go back to our old bag of tricks and will try to do something fun this weekend. There's an Arizona tradition that to date we have not tried and we have been living here since 1990.

Tubing down the Salt River is supposed to be lots of fun, it's relatively close to us and it's very affordable. Basically this is what you do, go to the river and park your car, then take a shuttle that will take you to one of four launching points to a higher elevation of the river, then rent a tube and start floating down the river. I have only seen pictures and it's like a massive river party, you can take food and drink I believe this includes beer as long as they are not in glass containers. Many people take a boom box with fresh batteries just to have some music.

It can take from 2 to 6 hours to tube the Salt River, depending on where you launch, how many stops you make, and how the water is flowing. I have friends that have done it and they say it's a blast, only thing is that the longer you stay at the river the more you may get sunburn, and with the temperatures we are experiencing now I think the two hour trip should be more than sufficient.

I don't think I'll risk taking my camera on this trip unless we can find a cheap disposable so for now I'm posting a couple of "borrowed" pictures from the Salt River Recreation Area's site. The scenery should be beautiful as you can see from these pictures.

So that's the plan, now let's just see if it happens. Should be loads of fun. Another great excuse to do something together as a family.


Mel said...

I have been tubing and I got welts on my arms from them rubbing the rubber. I did not care for it but thats just me. I cant swim LOL

EC said...

I think it looks like pure heaven out there!!

Wanda said...

Oh, Jose, thanks for the tip...I was able as you can see, to get to Joe Kool!!! Nice pictures, not Mexico, but glad you are adjusting to the disapointment! Sometimes these things happend to protect us...only the Father knows whats ahead, and we been stopped from doing something to find out later, if we had would not have been good!!
I am sorry for your Momma!!

Tina said...

Wish you and your family tons of fun on weekend. Who is going with you? Did you take a boom box with you? I would not, i would savor the nature.

I believe what you said. It´s so good to make them. And you know what? Yesterday they called me, and we laughed together. Rosy said, they miss me, and i miss them, too. I think you know how i feel right now. Your family is the most important part of your life, too.

The answers: I know "Dirty Dancing", "Dirty Dancing - Havannah Nights" and "Dance with me", but never heared about "Shall we Dance". I will catch up. Do you know more Dance Movies? I like "Honey", "Save the last Dance", "Step Up" and "Center Stage" Want to watch "Stomp the Yard" too.

Squirrel said...

Ohhh how sad you couldn;t go to Mexico! Well this sounds like a fun trip too!

Mushy said...

Between Mexico City and tubing...I'd have to chose the tubing man! Looks like fun!


You look as if you really had a grand time there. Seems like a wonderful place.
Thanks for the visit.

Gypsy@Work said...

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Webmiztris said...

oh, that looks like fun!! sure beats white water rafting! lol

MrManuel said...

I did some tubing once, but it went a little slow for me. I would rather paddle hard, get some exercise, and get done faster. Great pics though.

Tina said...

Thanks so much, i´m glad you sang for me. You have a wonderful voice. *hear it*

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