Sunday, July 22, 2007


Our nieces and nephew came to spend their last two vacation weeks with us, our nephew is already 18-years old (I think) and our nieces are 18, 15, and 14. My nephew and older niece identify more with my daughters event though they are married, since they are young and their husbands are young they never run out of things to do.

The younger ones go to my sister in law's house, she too has a 14 year old and two younger ones. We have been trying to make their stay pleasant so today we took them tubing down the Salt River. Since we went last week and liked it so much we thought they would enjoy it too.

"Mi chica" also went with us this time and she liked it too, it's hard not to relax while tubing down the river, her only problem is that she is dark skinned so as soon as the sun hits her she get very dark. The day was great and the sun was kinda hidden by the clouds for the first two hours, those of you that know Phoenix or have been to Phoenix in the summer know that that's a plus.

Somehow we had lost track of two of our visiting nephews, for one reason or another every time we went to California we couldn't see them so we had only seen them maybe three times in the past sixteen years, the last time we went to California was one of those rare occasions where we did see them and so we extended the invitation for them to come. I am so glad they accepted, actually two out of three came, the middle brother stayed.

They have been taking this past two weeks to reacquaint themselves with each other, I truly hope that after these two weeks they stay in touch and don't disappear for another 10 or 15 years.

Family is all we got, the bigger it grows the better it is, in our case there is no such thing as too many of us.


TLR said...

Still an awsome blog Jose

amy said...

SOunds like you have have an awesome family as well!

Lynda said...

I always like family reunions, even though sometimes it reminds me why we don't get together quite so often. ;)

I think this will be good for the nephews though! Especially with today's technology, it's so much easier to keep in touch.

Squirrel said...

Visiting with relatives and tubing, sounds like your having a good summer!

Tara said...

You do sound like you have a family filled with a lot of love.

amy said...

Let me know when you get some mail!

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