Friday, August 03, 2007


Once again, "mi chica" and I are adapting to our new schedule. My brother and his fiance moved in with my mom about a year and a half ago but recently decided to buy a house and moved out to be on their own, nothing wrong with that except my mom once again was left all alone.

Before my brother moved in with her we used to each spend a night at her house, "mi chica" also volunteer to spend a night with her, so now we have to start a schedule again. "Mi chica" came up with the idea of her and I spending Tuesday and Wednesdays with her and so this was our second week staying there.

For now this is one of the reasons that my posts are being far and few, but soon I'll get back in the swing of things.

Staying with my mom has it's perks. She cooks for us some of the best meals, actually "mi chica" is a terrific cook too and my mom can say she taught her. Also her tales and stories are great plus she always makes us laugh because she is also a great joke teller. Every time we go there she tells us one or two jokes, I have no idea where she learns them but her repertoire is huge so even if she recycles them for us sometimes is like if we heard it for the first time.

Since these days my house is a small circus going to my moms is a bit relaxing only thing is the bed we sleep in needs to be replaced, it is old and totally makes our bodies ache.

So do not think I'm slacking it's just that at my mom's there's no Internet, which in turn allows for some quality time and best of all going to bed early.

Note to my baby: What for most would be a now show or an inconvenience for you is just another way of showing me how much you love me and how much you care. I hit the mother load when I got you.


Wanda said...

Hi Jose: Good to be back home and get caught up a little with my visiting my favorite blogs.
Sounds like you are a good son, and I think your mom is very fortunate to have you be so compassionate, even at the expense of your aching back!!! God bless you!

Elena said...

Se te olvido que tambien mi cuerpito amanese todo adolorido.

Podriamos comenzar comprando nuevas almohadas de perdis.

Love ya

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