Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Father and Son

My daughter likes watching a show with Hulk Hogan and she invited me to watch it with her. In this particular episode Hulk was desperately trying to fit in his son's life. Apparently when he turned 17 he started doing things on his own making Hulk feel like he no longer fit in his life.

Hulk started to listen to rap music and actually was rappin' which was actually kindda funny, but it seemed that no matter what he did his son still wasn't showing the kind of interest he showed before.

Finally he went and took lessons in "drifting" which is what his son has been doing since he got his drivers licence. As we went down the track he asked his son's friend to let him use his car. Needless to say the lessons had payed off and his son actually showed enthusiasm and pride in what his dad had just done.

When he asked him where he learned to drive like that, Hulk told him that he had taken a couple of lessons, that way he could be connected to him again. His son replied that he didn't have to go to that extent and that no matter what his interests were he didn't have to impress him because he was his dad and he loved him no matter what.

In this I have been blessed, I don't recall a time where my son shinned me off or even implied that he didn't want me around. Our love has no bounds, no borders, no limits and or limitations. I don't like rap music even though he does, I don't like Chevy's even though he does, I don't care much for sports even though he does, and yet there are still so many other things that we have in common, so many other things that we can talk about. Just the other day we were going down music memory lane as he was showing all the music that he had downloaded into his ishuffle or whatever it's called. Most of the music he had is the music I used to listen when I was younger than he is.

It was awesome to see that most of the music I listened to was passed on to him, we spent a good time together reminiscing.

My son already has to beautiful girls, one seven years old and the other six. But as of yesterday he also has a brand new baby boy. Little league baseball, seems to be in his future, as it is now part of my past. It was priceless to see him call anybody and everybody that is listed on his cell phone. Plans to sit with him and watch sports are probably already going through his mind, and I'm sure that he'll pass the music to him as well.

So to my youngest little angel, you are lucky to have such a great daddy, and to you my son, God has blessed you and Jen with such a beautiful bundle of joy.

May you be as lucky as I have been to have a good loving son.


Mushy said...

Congratulations to you both...beautiful baby boys make a daddy's smile wider somehow!

Maybe it's because in them, we live on a little longer!

TJ said...

So sweet! Congratulations!! One boy might help even the balance of and estrogen dominated household :-)

Michelle said...

I feel blessed to have a son and a daughter and I am happy that my brother will finally be able to experience both sides.

Webmiztris said...

awwww, congrats, jose!

Tara said...

That was a sweet post all sound so lucky to have one another...thanks for sharing :)

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