Saturday, August 11, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance

What a terrific season it has been for "So You Think You Can Dance". The dancers shone all season long, and it will be a matter of who has more fans. Now six dancers remain with two more leaving on Monday.

I like them all but I think that Pasha and Lauren will be the ones leaving. Again more than anything they will leave based on popularity more than their ability to perform. Danny is a great dancer but has come across as being to over confident which is why he was bottom two a couple of times.

That leaves Sabra, which to date has been the most consistent of the girls and Lacey which in my opinion is the most liked. I don't know if America wants brother and sister to hold the crown but I certainly do. She is one hot dancer and consistently gave us good performances time and time again.

Should America decide we need another guy as a champion then I hope it will be Neil. This guy is amazing and has proven to be worthy of the title. The judges have been hard on him more than once but so far they have not been able to fool America. He is still alive and I wouldn't be surprised if he takes the title. Well at least that's the way I would like it to go.

For now we wait until Monday night to see who goes on to the final.


Tina said...

I cross my fingers for your favourite. Oh, and i watched the Movie Dance with Antonio Banderas. It´s an interesting and on a true story based movie.

Bye the way. Sorry for commenting so rearly. I promise, i always watch both pages, but i do not always made a comment. Some stressful days for me.

Hope you have a great weekend. :-) Oh, i am soooo nervous. Why, my friend from Japan visits me on Monday.

Mushy said...

No, I know I can't dance!

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