Thursday, September 06, 2007

Huntington Park High

As you can see from these pictures, Huntington Park High School was the only school in the district that had no fence, I believe to this day it remains without a fence.

I came across some pictures that reminded me that next year will my 30 year class reunion. Now not that it matters or that I'll be attending because I probably won't, but just to realize that it has been 30 is pretty impressive.

Even though I graduated with high honors I was not too involved in the events that school had to offer. I did not go to The Prom, or Grad night, or senior trips or senior breakfasts/dinners. I just attended school and in the end had a small celebration with my friends and that was enough for us.

I always liked school and was sad to leave but we had to move on. During my three years at Huntington Park High School in Huntington Park, California I spent many hours just trying to learn the language, I was an ESL student during the first two years there, it wasn't until I became a senior that I was thrown to the wolves so to speak and had to attend regular classes with teachers that were not bilingual.

We started the ping pong club which went on during the three years we were there and we also joined the gymnastics team, we found out that we didn't need to speak English to jump, flip, and tumble like a monkey. So what was there not to like. School years were some of the best years while I was growing up.

I believe it was during the summer of 77 that part of the movie "Grease" was filmed at our gymnasium, most of us that went there will never forget that, specially since the movie "Grease" is such a classic now. To this day my "Members Only" gymnastics jacket still hangs in the closet and my school beannie in in a drawer somewhere in the house. Oh I tell ya, those school years were great.

I was lucky enough to drive my sisters 1966 Mustang Fastback, one of the hottest cars in the school's parking lot, my sister used to worked half a block away from home so driving was not needed, it was during that year that I developed my love for the Mustangs. Unfortunately one morning as we were all getting ready to leave the house for work and school we stepped outside to find that my sisters Mustang had been stolen. Yeap, it was gone never to be found. The police told us after we showed them a picture of the car that cars in that condition are usually smuggled to Mexico complete.

So anyway, I just happened to get an email from the alumni association and as I started to go through their website I saw all these pictures. I believe the school still looks the same now as it was back when I was there in 1976, 1977 and 1978 when I was there.

A portion of the movie "Grease" was filmed in this gym.

Pictures "borrowed" from Huntington Park Hight School Alumni Association website

This jacket is 30 years old, it used to be bright white but now is adopted a yellowish color.


EC said...

Sounds like you had some great years there! That is SO cool that Grease was filmed in your high school. I'm totally going to remember that the next time I see that movie, lol

Andy said...

Cool pics. And you should be happy the jacket fits after 30 years. I'm sure that isn't the case for many of your classmates.

squirrel said...

Too bad you don't have any video of you doing your gymnastics, that would be cool to see! Neat post.

Jose said...

EC - Yeah, it was the scene from the dance, remember that scene?

andy - obviously it's too little but you are right, I was able to put it on and for the picture and it actually closed. Does anybody remeber "Members Only" jackets.

squirrel - You know what, I wish I had movie or even pictures of those years, but in those days we only had 26mm or 110 cameras and it was such a hustle to develop them that we never thought about carrying cameras. These days my camera goes with me everywhere.

MrManuel said...

Very cool flashback! I had my 10 year last year and it was a great time. I wonder what the 20 and 30 year will be like...

Mushy said...

Great post old school burned years ago, but would have been replaced by now if it had survived.

I really like you "Friends" links with the badges and all...nice work.

Mel said...

wow that is so cool about Grease being filmed there!!

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