Friday, January 09, 2009

Our House

A house, in the middle of the street.

I was 14 years old when my parents moved us into this house. The apartment we lived in was too small, it only had two small bedrooms and there were now seven of us (small is relative, in Mexico we all shared one bedroom). So, when my parents spotted this house for rent they had to inquire. At the time the house was white with a brown roof, it had a charming porch, something new houses don't have anymore, and it was a two story house, how cool was that?

Inside it had a small foyer then to the left a straight stair case going up to the second floor and ending directly where our only bathroom was. To the right was the living room, followed by the formal dining room and lastly there was small bedroom. Past the foyer was a hall that lead to the kitchen.

The upstairs was simple, it had three very big bedrooms and one bathroom, that was it. The first two bedrooms were divided by a shared long closet, and the last one had it's own closet and was slightly bigger than the other two bedrooms.

The house looked innocent enough but if you happened to be the only one in it say at around when it was dark it was actually a bit creepy. Because it was all wood, including the floors it made all sort of weird noises when the sun sat down, as the wood compressed with the change in temperature. We always got that haunted house gut feeling if you know what I mean. However, the house was hardly ever empty, with so many of us living there there was always noise and action going on.

The landlord offer it to my parents and my mom knew it would be a great buy, so this house became the first house my parents ever owned. Bought it for $17,000 and sold it seven years later for $75,000. This was one of the best investments they made, although with my mom's brains for business there were more. Consider this, my mom did not go to school ever, where she came from they only offered as far as the third grade and it was mostly reserved for the boys.

Last year we went to Los Angeles for a weekend and we drove by the old neighborhood. We went past the house and captured some images of it. As my sister would say, the house is no longer white, it is now a "gay pink", don't ask because I don't know where she come out with that color but it made us laugh.

We all have nothing but good memories of that house, the house that for the first time made us feel that we were important as we felt my then middle age parents had finally achieved something important.

Funny though because for them that was just the beginning.


catscratch said...

I love this!

It made me remember how happy our first real home outside of the apartment was. :)

Nikki said...

Toooo awesome dad.

Gosh, I WISH we could buy a house for 17,000! Heck, ny CAR cost more than that!

amy said...

I love hearing about memories of special places

Jose said...

catscratch - Sounds like we had similar situatuions. For us it was a big difference from life in the tiny appartment.

Nikki - Your car? But can you live in it. lol That was back in 1974 baby.

amy - Memories are wondeful aren't they?

Michelle said...

I think it's a cute house Dad. I've been by it a few times.

Chely said...

So many memories! I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I still have dreams of this house. I dream I return to live back in it with my daughters. In fact, while driving my one day, I actually
stopped and asked the tenants to allow me to walk through the house because I grew up here and
I wanted to show my girls, the house that as my home, had made me very happy. She did!

This indeed was a great investment and I think that it would still be a very good one because this house is situated in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles and it is one of many original Colonial Homes.

The sad part for me is, that these homes are being purchased and remodeled and the integrity of the houses is getting destroyed. These houses would be worth so much more if they could be restored to maintain their original look.

Maybe one of these days, my dream can come true. Thanks for the memories.

Jose said...

Michelle - It is sort of cute but mostly it was scary.

Chely - I agree with you, the "Mickey Mouse" remodelings pretty much destroy the house's integrity but it is the ghetto and in the ghetto nothing is sacred. If those homes were in a ritzy part of town I bet ya they would be trying their best to restorm them.

Betty Flocken said...

I love that house. Of COURSE the color is all wrong. Maybe it was really haunted. It was an older house. I really enjoyed your post. Those memories are so special

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