Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wing Mountain Snow Day

OK it was a little bit past 5:00 a.m. when the alarm clock went off and mi chica woke me up for the first time, of course she knows I won't react until maybe the second snooze. Yep, that's me. Finally I got up and woke up everyone else. A quick shower, a cup of coffee and a loaded van. We were ready to hit the road, but not before dropping "chapalita" off with her ninos.

We did really good time and pretty soon we were stopping at the Prescott/Flagstaff crossroad. My daughter in law and two granddaughters caught up to us there. My daughter and her family left last and somehow were like half hour ahead from us. After a short pit stop we resumed our trip. I like a dummy got on the wrong lane and headed towards Prescott, I realized this right away so I threw a u-turn and got back on track, however my daughter in law didn't realized this and she kept driving towards Prescott thinking she was on the right path. When she finally realized her error she was a good 25 minutes behind us now. There for a while the kids were watching rocks, when I asked why the sudden interest in rocks, they said, "Didn't you see the sign that said watch for rocks next two miles" Not really, while the sign was there I just made this up. lol

So, when we got to Flagstaff we stopped at a gas station and that served as our meeting point. Half an hour later we were all on our way to the snow together. Having the instructions in advance on how to get there was a plus because we found Wing Mountain Recreational Park very easily.

We parked next to the snow so the kids started to explore and to play in the sleds we had bought a few minutes before. We all started on a little slope that didn't even look like a slope at all. In the meantime my in laws started setting up the TV in the back of an SUV. It took a lot of tweaking the antennas but they finally found the reception, it was sort of ironic because the reception was kinda snowy and we were in the snow.

After a while we graduated to the bigger slopes and that's where the fun and the accidents began. While everyone loved it, there were many wipe outs. Diego came back with a black eye, Jen and Nikki wiped out and landed on the gravel, Noe was totally knocked out by a runaway sled and got a bloody mouth, booty aches, scrapes, yep we had it all but in the end everybody wanted more. Junior decided to stick around the TV and he watched most of the game, they came calling out the score and of course the Cards were winning most of the game so the crowd went crazy.

At four we were ready to leave, the game was not over but that was fine we were still winning but wait... what? Philadelphia just scored and we are now down by one. Man that just sucks. Let's go.

Two miles down the road there is a small restaurant that sells the best coffee and hot chocolate, we went in and they were all watching the game. We were still down and I just couldn't take the pressure of watching my team lose so I went outside and babysat all the sleeping kids on three cars while everyone else stayed inside.
I said let's go and they said are you crazy? We won't leave until the game is over. With that they all marched inside the restaurant to watch the last 2 minutes 53 seconds left in the game. Of course to me that was an eternity, in the meantime mi chica called from home and told me we were winning and there was only 1 minute left. She said it's pretty safe to say we won, but me knowing my Cards I had to know the game was over.

Good coffee and hot chocolate and inside featuring the Cardinals. And this is where we found out we (The Cardinals) are going to the Super Bowl.

A few more minutes and everybody comes out running from the restaurant screaming and jumping and saying that the Cardinals won and that we are going to the Super Bowl. Ufff what a sight of relief, I knew my three and a half hour drive to Avondale would be a nice one.

Junior bought me a coffee and I started to drink it, everybody fell asleep and I was enjoying my coffee when I read a sign that said "Do not drink and drive". Man and I was really enjoying my coffee.

Part of the group, it was just too hard to get everyone together.


nikkidaarling said...

I still miss my camera :(

amy said...

you still make me smile when you talk about your family. Glad you all had a good time..Love the pics..We havent seen snow in soooo long

Jose said...

I know, I am so sorry you lost it.

Jose said...

amy - My family is my world.

Betty Flocken said...

Great Photos! Sounds like you guys had a great time. I like the family picture at the end. The Flocken Clan needs to go to the snow! I understand why it was just too hard to watch the last few minutes of that game

ChrisJ said...

Guess you all had a great time and you didn't have to give up watching the game. At least the Cardinals won! Great family gathering.

Crystal said...

I didn't know that Christian went! =)

Looks like a looooooooooooooooot of fun! I've been dying to go to the snow. But I don't see that happening with 80 degree heat :( :( :(

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

Sounds like some brutal fun! I loved your pictures!

Chely said...

Ay Fide,

You and your sign interpretation. lol

Glad you guys had fun.

Super Bowl - There's a Super Bowl?
What is that? Are you eating Pozole from it? - lol

Can you tell I'm not into Football at all???

Wanda said...

Family is the best World to have!!

I'm with you Jose...

Elena said...

Estas bien loco. But I love you.

Michelle said...

Ok 1 trip down... up next... Knotts!

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