Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Top Eight

Wow, top eight, just like that Jasmine, Alexis, Michael, and Megan are gone. Supposedly the top three spots are taken so the show right now is all about Anoop, Matt, Allison, and Scott surviving one more week, as they try to build a fan base.

Tonight the sing songs from the year they were born, that could be interesting. With a group like this the judges keep saying it all comes down to song choice. Choosing the right song is key and I agree with the judges that sometimes they picked horrible songs. Don't they have any advisers that will let them know a certain song will cut their chances to go on?

The way I see it:

Danny Gokey: Again will be safe. His designer glasses and trademark smile are already safe. Yep, I really like this guy but keep thinking he is too much of a Taylor Hicks type. But that's just me.

Kris Allen: I can never remember what he sang but the judges always go ga ga over him so he must be good. I say he is going to be safe... again!

Adam Lamber: I am most intrigued by this contestant, although not my type of music at all I always want to see what he will do next. So, will he stay clean cut tonight or will he go back to the rocker look. We'll soon find out. Oh and he should be safe.

Lil Rounds: Has not grabbed me at all. I still can't see what the fuzz is about. Jordin Sparks was a sweet heart I alway liked, Mandisa always great, Doolitle the queen without the crown I had to always watch her performances again, Lil Rounds has not given on performance I want to watch again. But I know as a fan I am a minority. She'll be safe.

Anoop Desai: Anoop has taken half the votes I have casted. I really hope he moves on but his days are counted. Possible bottom three.

Allison Iraheta: In my opinion the best female in the competition. Not a favorite though and two time bottom three contestant. She is another possible bottom three.

Scott MacIntyre: My hometown guy. He has gotten the other half of my votes. He'll probably get some more tonight. His days are also counted.

Matt Giraud: This guy has surprised me before, but he is not consistently good. In his case is I like him or not based on his performance. Another possible bottom three.

We'll see how they do tonight, I man or may not want to re-think my forecasted choices.


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