Saturday, May 02, 2009

Bike Night at Westgate

So last Thursday was the third installment of Bike Night at Westgate City Center in Glendale, my son in law and I got there when it was already dark and the place was so packed with motorcycles that the overflow was starting to park in the adjacent parking lots. No I did not count them but there were surely at least 500 bikes there.

For a limited amount of time Bike Night is every Thursday night but if profitable for Westgate it may be there to stay. To date this is the closest we Arizona bikers get to having a place where bikers can meet and park their bike within view. It gives the feeling of Sturgis or Daytona minus a few thousand bikes of course but nevertheless just to peruse some 500 bikes can take a while.

Every restaurant in the venue was packed and bikers are known to be very generous which again leads me to believe that Bike Night at Westgate is here to stay. I really hope so.

All these images were captured by "Junior" my son in law. He is still learning but sometimes his captures prove to be display worthy.

This is Coyotes Blvd. Also known as "Events Plaza".

This is one sweet Heritage Softail.

The gas tank says it all.

One nice yellow on black custom chopper.

Awesome looking chopper.

Trikes are supposed to be fun too, I have yet to ride one.

Two Screamin' Eagle baggers.

Old school flames.

New school flames.



Tina said...

Here they are :-) Wow, the bike with the new flames looks awesome. And it seems like you had much fun with Junior. Good to read and see. Hugs, Tina

Jose said...

tina - I knew you would like them. If I remember correctly your first comment ever on my photo blog was on the image of Diego and I riding my FatBoy in one of the Photo Hunters section. Can't believe it's been over two years. Wow!

Michelle said...

My photographer in training does pretty good now. LOL. It's either that or the bikes just photograph nicely.

Jose said...

Michelle - Gotta give him credit. He is quickly learning a trick or two.

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