Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just a Thought

As I drive to work these days I now realize that it's better to be pissed off because of the morning traffic and finishing your coffee too soon while driving, than getting to work in 30 minutes and your coffee mug is still half full because traffic is so light due to the thousands of people that have lost their jobs. Heck, sometimes it used to take me half an hour just to travel five out of the 20-mile commute, and yes people that overslept would be driving like maniacs flashing their lights and flipping you the bird because they had only so many minutes to get to work and they knew that they were going to be late.

Oh, how I used to complain about those days, but truth be told I kindda miss them. For a while there if I didn't get on the freeway by 6:00 am I would be late. Lucky for me I never have to worry about getting to work on time, but many places will fire you by the third occurrence.

As the days go by I see no increase in activity at work. May and June are our strongest months which makes me wonder that if things don't pick up we may have to start handing pink slips or worse yet I may be the recipient of one. No body is safe as no one is indispensable.

I know change is gonna come but unfortunately it won't happen overnight. I just hope that we remain strong as a company, as a society, and as a family.



ChrisJ said...

Amen to that, Jose.

Chely said...

Hey! Where is your American Idol final thought???

P.S. My Word Verification was "AMENE" - lol

Jose said...

I gave Idol up when Allison got the boot, Kris winning had Simon in a not so happy mood. I did not watch the show.

I still have faith in SYTYCD, the last two seasons were fantastic so I hope the top it this year.

Betty Flocken said...

Things will get better; I think sooner rather than later.
Have a good weekend!

Jose said...

Betty - We all need to keep that possitive thinking. I do plan to enjoy the weekend specially since I am having four days in a row.

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