Friday, May 08, 2009

Tidbit Time

When I bought my car back in 1990 my gas tank used to fill up with about $14.00 then gradually gas prices increased but it was still not too bad considering my Mustang has a 5.0 V8 engine under the hood. Then last year the gas prices sky rocketed and my small gas tank took as much as $42.00 on a couple of occasions. That pretty much meant $168.00 a month in gas and that only covers Monday through Friday.

Well for the past few months I fill up my tank and the receipt total is usually between $16.00 and $17.50 now those are prices I can live with. How much longer this low prices will stay? When we used to have the Expedition it was nearly $80.00 to fill it up. How much is your tank taking these days?

I have to wonder how many people are not working these days, judging by the morning traffic which has been very light it doesn't look too good. Man I do wish and hope things turn around soon, even a small turn for the better will be welcomed. Pray people we need to get back to whatever our "normal" used to be.

So, I did not go karaoke last week so I guess tonight that's what I'm doing. It is getting hot in Phoenix and since karaoke is out in the restaurant's patio they stop it until the heat is gone. This week we already had three days of over 100 degrees, I believe today we were supposed to be at 105. That my far away friends is HOT! Then for tomorrow we have my niece's birthday that should be fun as well as productive because some of the pictures and frames ordered last week will involve portraits and we are supposed to see them tomorrow. Sounds like fun huh.

Prison break, why did they move it from Monday to Friday? Well, thanks to my DVR because it has been doing a great job at recording it. Will this be the final season?



MrManuel said...

Yup, it is nice filling up the car compared to last year. I think I fill up in around $20.

Nikki said...

My sexy lil thang fills up somewhere around $35 I believe. It lasts a good minute too.

Ugh, I remember when it was almost NINETY yes...NINETY dollars to fill it up. I cried! I filled it up that ONE time and never was able to fill it all the way up again. 20 bucks every other day is what I would have to put in because of school/work/ducky school/teres everyday.

It was a stressfffulll time.

Thank GOD its back down again....

Tina said...

Dou you have a picture of your car?!

And you watch Prison Break, which Season is aired in the US?

Betty Flocken said...

I think things are turning around a little. The amount of NEW unemployed Americans is going down.. That's something? So many in my family have lost their jobs or taken pay cuts. It's hard

Erin said...

I guess I can't complain about my couple of 94 degree days then :-)

I actually filled up today and it cost me $24.50, which compared to the $54.00 it would take me just a few months ago, I can't complain, but the gas prices did rise like 20 cents over the weekend.... which totally ticked me off!

Hope you had fun singing Friday night!

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