Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Top Ten

And then there were 10. This is just such a great group of dancers that each week it doesn't matter who goes out it is not a happy ending. I miss them all. I am happy to say my favorites are still in there. OK, maybe not all my favorites as last week Caitlin one of my favorites since the auditions finally got the boot, so to speak because along with Phillip they were the bottom dancers and the two to go home.

Oh but not so fast, Phillip and his unique hip hop style and Caitlin beautiful dancing charmed the judges and the producers so much that for the first time they are taking the top six couples on the road. What a great surprise, specially for Caitlin whom seem sad to be so close and be eliminated.

The next few shows will really showcase the dancer's abilities and their versatility as they will be getting a different partner from now on. Kayla should be already used to this as she has had different partners already. I kindda worry about Evan and Randi only because everybody else is much taller than they are. It shouldn't be that much of a problem for Randi as it will be for Evan, but again all ten remaining dancers are very talented and I really don't have any predictions as to who is going out. Funny because I am usually accurate on my predictions. This season I am just taking it in as it comes.

On the curiosity side, I want to see what happens to Brandon and Janette. Together they had been the strongest couple now they go their separate ways just like everybody else. Janette the Salsa dancer had been good at everything she has danced so far and I doubt she'll get to dance Salsa in this show. Brandon is just good at everything, he'll be just fine, I'm even thinking he'll be top 2 and eventually will be crowned this seasons champion. Oops, I thought I was not going to do predictions.

I am so looking forward to Wednesday's performance, and can't wait for the fall season to start and this one isn't even over yet.



Michelle said...

I know right? It's not over and we're already anxious for the falls season to start. My favorite is still Kayla but Jeanine is very close behind. As for the guys, Brandon for sure as far as technique. But I really like Kupono for some reason. Ade is pretty cool too. We'll see!

MrManuel said...

Happy Tuesday (you know I don't watch this!) :-)

Betty F said...

I hope your favorites win!

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