Monday, August 10, 2009

Dance, dance, dance, dance.

They love me, they really love me. Yeah, I'm talking about about my three or four readers, I went on hiatus just for a little while but I have been called back, the summons I received said loud and clear to come back, jeez people I was just taking a week off.

So, most of you know that I grew up dancing so I get hooked on dancing shows, last week we watched the finale of the greatest dancing show around. So You Think You Can Dance is definitely the best dancing show out there. It is amazing to see what these kids can do, for those of you that followed it let it be known that I was 100% on agreement of how the top four placed. We all knew it would be between Jeanine and Brandon but I had a pleasant surprise when Jeanine took the whole thing. She out danced Kayla on the last show with a terrific solo and a great Paso Doble with Brandon.

Then tonight my second favorite dancing show America's Best Dance Crew started its new season. Sunday night is usually boring so I am glad that the show is on Sundays. I think it will be hard to top last season but I know as the weeks pass the dancers will only get better.

The remake of the movie Fame is about to be released, I remember seeing the original at the movies when it first came out, then the following week we went to see it again, obviously when the TV show came out I watched pretty much every episode.

Someone asked me if I like Dancing With the Stars and the answer is no. I watched only the second season and was very disappointed, the show doesn't feel fair as some of the contestants will always be totally out danced by the others, and when those underdog contestants move on to the next week you know it's due to the pity vote.

The best news is that we don't have to wait until next year for the next season of So You Think You Can Dance. The new season will start immediately in September. How awesome is that.

When I first started this blog, SYTYCD and AI were some of my main topics. Well, I dropped American Idol last season, I finally got tired of the show, it feels totally fixed and I stopped watching it three weeks before the finale. I was glad I did. Now the show without Paula won't be the same. I am one of the many fans that enjoy seeing Paula's weird and drunken critiques and she had been a huge part of the show. Will it make a difference now that she is gone? Thankfully I don't really care any more. I hope she does come to SYTYCD as a guest judge and choreographer.

Well, that's it for now folks, I'll talk to you all later, enjoy the week.



Michelle said...

Thanks for coming back! :)

I am so happy Jeanine won! Now SYTYCD tour no? Come on... you know yo wanna!

Chely said...

Well, I finally had the opportunity to watch SYTYCD for the past month. My Bible class was always at that time. But we are still on Summer Break and so I had a chance to watch. I liked it!

I liked the last two standing but I was rooting for the negrito. He was awesome!

I was telling Crystal that although I appreciate the great talent these kids have, they are still trained in dancing. Therefore I expect them to be great! However, "Dancing with the Stars" are all off-the-wall people who have never had formal dance training, who eventually better themselves and are entertaining - and that's - what makes it fun for me to watch.

As for AI - I am happy that Paula is no longer there. She was just so out of it this last season. We'll see what's in store next.

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