Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Exercise... What's That?

Grandpa, tell me about the good ole days.

Once upon a time, there were simpler times, no complications, just routines that marked the days and set the tone for others. This is my grandpa in the picture, notice he is carrying a handbag which was used to go get groceries. For them the nearest store was miles away and there were no cars available so they walked for hours sometimes in their "huaraches".

We put on our tennis shoes to walk to the car, and then drive to the store a block away. Putting things into perspective makes me go ummm!

For many this was a daily walk as they had to get the groceries for the day, no refrigerators or even electricity back then. Going to the "mercado" meant getting every thing fresh. We on the other hand have everything at our fingertips but as refrigerated as our groceries may be, nothing is fresh and in many cases the food inside the fridge gets rotten before it's eaten.

Look at how slender my grandpa was, he lived to be 92 years old or so. In my recent visit to Mexico (about a year ago) I noticed how many old people are out going to the stores and buying their own groceries and carrying in their little handbags. Here, you go to the store and many people still have the bag boys take their groceries to the car. And then we wonder why so many of us are so out of shape and overweight.

I think technology is wonderful but not when it does everything for us. I know we'll be doomed when we can program a machine to exercise for us while we sit on the couch eating potato chips and watching action movies.

I am just glad I grew up in an era where we used to play outside on the streets, and when having fun meant walking to the park some ten miles away with all your friends, staying active was part of our daily lives.

I've been asked by my doctor to exercise more so I don't have to be put on high blood pressure medication and I can't even get started. I've kindda forgotten how to exercise. Well, I guess I best get up from this chair, walk away from the darn computer and walk around a bit.

Yep, that's just what I'll do. Perhaps if I start now I can live to be 90 and look as slender as my granpa was. See ya later.



MrManuel said...

Yup, there is a definite lack of exercise now. Especially in youth today. I love my video games, but they are sure are the downfall of healthful living...

kika said...

hmmm...what is this new concept you talk about? Excercise, I never heard this word before?

Chely said...

Pues, I have never been one to exercise. Pero ponme a bailar y no me paras!=D

I finally noticed that I'm getting old=( You see, I went dancing two weekends ago and my left foot got swollen despues de bailar; cumbias, merengue, punta y disco. Tuve que ir al "Sobador" this past Saturday. And even though the swelling is now down, my feet still hurt. Ouch!

El Sobador told me that my foot had poor circulation. In my old job, I used to walk from the parking lot to the office bldg and always used the stairs instead of the elevator. Now I park right next to the office door.

So…In order to increase my circulation, I guess I must go dancing more often, huh?=D

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