Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My First Hospital Visit Ever

Kudos to Banner Estrella, more than a hospital this place is a place to relax. Too bad reservations have to be submitted only by doctors.

I have not been to work at all this week. On Tuesday I had a colonoscopy done, sounds like fun huh. Well I spent all Monday drinking this ugly substance that towards the end was making me gag. The pharmacist said to drink the whole bottle which was huge, me I thought no problemo so I immediately served me a glass, not a big one but a small one and drank it all in one big gulp.

Boy, that was the beginning of a long Monday afternoon. The procedure was scheduled for Tuesday at 2:30 pm but on Monday morning they called and rescheduled to Tuesday at 10:30 am. I looked at my bottle and it looked completely full. Oh crap, (no pun intended) how in the heck am I going to finish this whole bottle, maybe if it was tequila I could and this considering I am not a drinker but this elixir from hell was just to much.

I started shortening the intervals and kept pushing that horrid elixir that pretty much after the tenth glass was making me gag so bad I though I was going to puke. It had already been a long, long Monday afternoon and at almost midnight I realized that my mouth, and my stomach were not going to accept any more of that so I came to the conclusion that I had had enough.

The next morning we got to the hospital early and got all the paperwork taken care of. Mi chica didn't feel good enough to go to work but she was able to take me to the hospital which to me made all the difference in the world. Now you have to know that I have never ever in my life been admitted to a hospital, I've had no operations and at this point I am not taking any medicine at all. So I went in super calm and relaxed.

The nurses were extremely good, and made me feel so at ease. After I changed my clothes into this sexy gown that by the way took me a long time to figure out how to assemble it I got on the bed and just relaxed. Then the nurse came in and place the caterer on my hand so that I could get some needed fluids, I don't think I need to tell you all what that liquid I was drinking all day on Monday made me do.

By the way she did such a good job that I don't even have a mark on my hand from the needle. Next another nurse came in, she asked me all the pertinent questions again just to make sure that I was me and I didn't have a substitute on the bed ready to take my procedure. Then she proceeded to wheel me into the operations room where the doctor came in and smiled at me while shaking my hand, she told me what the procedure was all about and asked me if I had questions. I said no and then I was mobbed. Before I knew what was happening I had oxygen tubes in my nose and I was being laid on my side with knees bent up and...

That my friends is the last I remember, I didn't feel anything or knew what happened after that, next thing I know is a nurse is passing the thermometer over my forehead and I open my eyes and almost immediately mi chica walks in.

Wow, I felt no discomfort, no pain, not fatigue, but I was a little dizzy. I think 20 minutes later I was on my way home, starving and craving a huge hamburger which my daughter produced some twenty minutes later.

If I'm ever at the hospital again, I hope my visit is as brief and pleasant as this one.



Michelle said...

I love Banner Estrella! When I had Alayna at that hospital all I know is I NEVER wanted to leave! Who wants to check out when they do everything for you... and you get to order your food 24/7 off a freakin menu?! Yes they definitely are very dedicated to their patients. I've only ever heard wonderful things about them.

G;ad your procedure went so well!

So said...

I feel your pain..I had to get a colonoscopy last year I'm 24 but I had to drink a salt solution that tasted like rancid sprite.

Betty F said...

I was in the hospital with Diverticulytis (sp) two years ago and they wanted to do one. I couldn't keep more than half of it down - it all came back up! I'm with you though.. the worst of that procedure is the prep work!
GLad your experience was so nice. Banner is a great place

Jose said...

Yeah, Banner Estrella at least the one on Thomas on the West Side is the spa of hospitals. And visually it's a really pretty place. I've been wanting to go just to take pictures there, plenty of art and fountains there.

Chely said...

Pobrecito for taking that yucky liquid.

But I can tell that you were REALLY hungry because you claim that, the nurse placed the "caterer" on your hand, instead of the "catheter". - lol=D

Its places such as these, that show us that, true vocations really do exists.

I hope the after effects of the colonoscopy were not too harsh, but considering that your visit was "brief and pleasant" I wouldn't be surprised if you returned for a 2nd opinion. Ja,ja,ja=D

Ay Fide, your stories crack me up!

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