Friday, September 25, 2009

Nikki Graduates

This is the historic Orpheum Theater in Downtown Phoenix.

What started four years ago finally culminated today. Yes my little girl got her Bachelor of Arts, Graphic Design degree from The Art Institute of Phoenix.

A grand Graduation Ceremony was held at the historic Orpheum Theatre in Downtown Phoenix on Thursday September 24, 2009.

The four years Nikki spent at Ai were long and hard. I saw her losing her sanity more than once due to deadlines and cash problems but with the support of her husband and family and her perseverance she finally did it. They celebrated their commencement into the next stage of their training, it is time to start thinking how to make that education pay off big dividends, not to mention loans that will need to start being paid very soon.

The marquee says it all.

I'll be honest, graduations are emotional, and important, but they are boring, I am seriously thinking that my daughter Michelle can offer her party planning services for future graduations. Maybe a little music, key note speaker, music, presentations, music and singing, diploma presentations, surprise celebrity guest, more music, some more singing, and why not let's throw in some dancing too, and since they have a culinary department have them serve hors d'Ĺ“uvres... just sayin'

*Note to self: Not too bad of an idea! Joe Cool, you are a genius.

I think after they called Nikki's name the second most exciting thing was when some fool --(Whom shall remain nameless... Loyito) blew an air horn in my ear and made me jump from my seat.

The required photo session started promptly after the ceremony, we took pictures with Nikki for about half an hour and then the kids decided to go celebrate with pizza.

I am really proud of my little girl and we are already talking her into not stopping there and go beyond the Bachelors and pursue the next step in her education. Unfortunately it's sort of a never ending game but the future belongs to those that prepare themselves.

In my case with my limited schooling I reached my limit a long time ago, and regardless of how much I know and or how valuable I am the corporate world will not give us a chance to advance. Education is key and the only way to be successful. Trust me I'm in management and I know.

And now, please enjoy the following images from another milestone event in our lives.

Mi chica, our graduate, and I.

Michelle, Nikki, and Juan.

Photo op with the guys.

And then with the gals.

And lastly with her son, whom was more interested in making ugly faces for the camera.



ChrisJ said...

Congratulations to Nikki. What a wonderful family you have! I had to catch up on all your postings today as I have been a bit 'out of it' -- busy, and too many doctor appointments. So glad you had such a wonderful party. You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Oh Congratulations to Nikki! How wonderful she went all the way... I finally found a course in Digital photography at Glendale Community College.. If I can get a grant.. I'm going in January.. Michelle might be interested in that too. How proud you must be Dad!
You're family looks great. Nikki looks tired :)

Elena said...

Felicidades Nikki!!!!

Ade said...

Muchas felicidades Nikki.
Ahora descansa un poco y luego manos a la obra.
Tu tia Ade.

Kika said...

I missed it but Joe always captures the essence!

Chely said...

I am soooooo proud of you Nikki=D
Completion - what a thrill!

I wish you the best for your future. And I am so happy for the two proud parents=)

Besitos a todos,


Nikki said...


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