Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Squirrel in Disguise

OK, my daughter and her family went camping last week, on their way to the camping site they saw what she calls a gray and white squirrel. Below is the image she captured of it.

Of course I argued that it didn't look like a squirrel but she defended her position on the issue and said it was. So, with all the technology at my finger tips I decided to get to the bottom of this and cropped the image then enhanced the colors, and in the end I was right, it was not a squirrel, here is the end result of my investigation.

I'm enjoying the short workweek, can you believe tomorrow is Friday again. It's still hot here in Phoenix but I think the weather is trying to change, it won't be until next month that we will finally start seeing two digit temperatures but to us even a 102 degree day is a good day.

Mi chica has been planing this big birthday fiesta for me (more on that later in the week). It's scheduled for Saturday the 19th, I hope the weather will give us a break that day since it's going to be in the backyard at my sister's house.

Well, today my mom hooked me up with some home made burritos and our HR person just notified me that she'll be bringing pasta and bread stick. Umm yummy! I'm hungry already just thinking about it.



Michelle said...

It was a squirrel! But your investigation is quite convincing.

And pasta for lunch... are you trying to make me jealous?

Chely said...

I'm impressed at how you use the technology at hand for your investigations - lol.

What would you do without my mom???

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