Friday, October 23, 2009

Michelle's Birthday

Yesterday was Michelle's birthday, it's hard to believe but she turned 25 years old. Not too long ago it seems she was the little girl that would have to go out with daddy everywhere he went. Actually if it was up to her I think she would still be tagging along.

So as she put it, she is now a quarter of a century old and to celebrate we will have a small family gathering tomorrow but last night the kids and I decided to try our luck at baking a cake for her so we could sing the happy birthday song.

I had tried baking before and didn't do too bad so I read the instructions, had the kids do the hard labor and of course the finger tasting (you know they loved that) and before we knew the whole house smelled like cake, in this particular case chocolate cake.

I am proud to say that it did not go flat, actually it fluffed pretty rather nicely. I decided against frosting, we definitely did not need the sugar rush at 9:00 p.m. The cake not only looked good but it actually tasted pretty good too. Of course to wash it down a cup of fresh coffee did the trick for me, for the kids milk.

We had a nice family moment and now we wait for tomorrow as mi chica will be cooking pozole as per Michelle's request.



Chely said...

What! No pictures of the cake???

Como siempre, sounds like a fun family moment.

Michelle said...

Yup if I didn't have to drag 3 kids along and sometimes a husband... I would totally ALWAYS try and tag along with you. I mean... I still try anyways... but sometimes my Mom tells me I am not a baby no more. What does that have to do with it right Dad? I am still your baby right?

And thanks for the cake... it was mighty delicious! You are the best Dad ever!!!!!

Elena said...

Happy birthday Michell!!!!
y todos sabemos que eres la nina de los ojos de tu papi.

Nikki said...

SHE gets "happy birthday" in many languages....

SHE gets a HOMEMADE cake from DAD....

SHE is ugly! >=/

What gives?!

Happy birthday brat

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