Friday, October 02, 2009

A Treasure Framed

Back on May 31, 2007 my dear friend Wanda of "Brush Strokes from the heart" had a post on her blog entitled "A Treasure on 7th Street". In this post she highlighted some old machinery in someones yard. She had passed by these treasures many times but funny enough she didn't really pay much attention to them until she became a blogger and like most of us starting searching for things to blog about.

I've driven down 7th street for over 20 years, and I've seen this old rusted farm equipment and just driven on by. It wasn't until today, when I came by, the sun was hitting the old pickup that I realized I had been passing up a treasure on 7th Street. ~Wanda

For five days I posted a picture taken by Wanda and highlighted it in my "Arizona... But it's a dry heat" photo blog. She was so happy that I did that and in return she sent me five greeting cards featuring her original water colored paintings in them. One of those images was the one that we have dubbed "The Old Truck". This image of the old truck was the first picture of hers I posted.

The Old Truck.
(According to Wanda this is the first vehicle she ever painted.)

Wanda is a very talented lady, her blog is so popular that it receives many hits per day and a healthy doze of comments per post.

On September the 18th I turned 50 years old and Wanda sent me as a present an 8 X 10 print of that old truck. I had received a gift card for Hobby Lobby and some cash as well so I went all out and took the print along with a copy of the original picture to Hobby Lobby and had them professionally mounted on a beautiful frame. The outcome was absolutely beautiful.



Wanda said...

Oh Jose, for some one who never runs out of words.... I stand speechless!

I've never been honored like this.

You are a blessing! Thank you, it turned out beautiful!!

Love and Hugs

Nikki said...

Awwww <3333

Chely said...

That is such a lovely frame, but most of all, the true treasure it holds. Priceless!!

I can hardly wait to see it up on your wall=)


Michelle said...

Well I love it. And now that it's hanging on the wall I love it even more. You have a frame hanging in your house! I never thought I'd see the day!

Jose said...

Michelle - LOL After 10 years I had to give in.

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