Tuesday, November 03, 2009

29 Again...

Mi chica turns 29 again
It's like if time just stood still
While I continue to get old
She amazes me with her youthful will

The years don't seem to leave a mark
They only come as if to tell her hi
Where is this fountain she may have found?
Fountain of youth, fountain of life

While getting old is not a bad thing
You know some things vintage just fine
Yes mi chica gets better with age
just like a fine wine does

So on this November 3rd
I would like to make a toast
To my friend, my love, my life
Yes you all know her as my wife

Happy birthday my sweet darling
And may you live many more
As you keep going on that voyage
Take this fool of yours in tow

Happy Birthday my baby
I love you very much.



MrManuel said...

Happy birthday Mrs. Jose!

Elena said...

Que hermoso!!!

Ade said...

Happty late birthday Syl. un fuerte abrazo y que los mejores aƱos de tu vida empiecen ahora.

sylvia said...

Gracias, a todos por las felicidades y deseos. To my Love, you always amaze me with your love, words and most of all your presence.

Your Chica

Chely said...


Wanda said...

Oh Jose, you are such a romantic...
I love it.
My hubby wrote me a love note one Valentine's Day, and I still carry it in the cover of my Bible!!!

You guys are a wonderful couple, and have a wonderful family... Rare in our times and society.

Love and Hugs to both of you

ChrisJ said...

Happy Birthday to Sylvia. You guys make a handsome couple.

Nikki said...


Tara said...

That is so sweet Jose :) Hope Sylvia had a wonderful day!!!

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