Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009

Here's the gang posing and showing off the awesome costumes.

The decision was to skip trick or treating and to meet at Kika's (my cool sister in law) for a Monster Mash spooky filled Halloween Party. It was perfect as this year Halloween fell on a Saturday.

Everybody pitched in some funds and a lot of candy was bought for the kids and a huge party sandwich for us grown ups, and kids too. Mi chica works on Saturday but as soon as she came home we left for the party.

I had spent the previous hour putting the finishing touches on my costume, my daughter Nikki and I decided on going as cholitos. I already had some gray pants so a $15.00 shirt and a dollar bandanna from Walgreens made the outfit complete. So believable it came out that mi chica did not let me get off the van a the store. Yeah, I guess in my neighbourhood or my sister in law's I would have stuck like a sore thumb.

La homegirl Nikki and el vato loco Joe Cool... Orale!

They say la placa is there to serve and protect but in this case his only crime was to be so darn handsome. Qvo Mr. Swat man it wasn't me, it was the one arm man...

El vato loco showing his coolness.

Another awesome costume at the party was that of my nephew. He was dressed as the now iconic Edward (Manos de Tijera) Scissorhands. From the outfit to the hair which I think it's his real hair to the makeup, this was a winning costume that only he could pull it off. But I'll let you be the judge.

Pretty awesome, isn't it?

Of course when those scissors tried to mess with the doo homey wasn't happy.

Games were organized for the kids to have a good time. Musical chairs where the losers got candy and the winner got more candy, it was all about the candy. I can see the parents hiding it form them as soon as they got home. We all danced the Time Warp and Thriller, and there was even a parade of the ghoulish creatures. Ha, ha, the parade more than a ghoulish parade of scary creatures looked more like a celebrity red carpet walk, with the paparazzi snapping more shots of their favorites little and big monsters.

Of course your magesty "La Princesa" would not miss such an important event.

Eddy and Cleo striking a pose.

So handsomly cool, even a cave man can do it!

The Flinstones, jaba dabadaba dooooooo!

Mi cholita.

I hope your Halloween celebration was as cool and fun as ours was. Thanks to my sister in law for providing the perfect environment for the pary.



Chely said...

Great Memories=) I loved your costume. You even had the poses down! I'm glad your chica did not let you out of the car. You looked thretening. - lol

And, Edward Scissorhands was impressive. He had the character down to the expression.

Tara said...

Awesome costumes! Looks like a fun time :)

Nikki said...

Daaaaddd quit saying candy candy CANDY! We had more healthy alternatives than candy. Granted, there was some sweet stuff in there too, but also lots of oatmeal bars and stuff like that! Cut us some slack :D!

And we were such good cholos....pss pss psss pssss

ChrisJ said...

Great costumes and lots of fun by the looks of it. Love the one of the SWAT man and the homey.

kika said...

Haha! funny pics and good times! Great post too!

MrManuel said...

Lookin good vato loco!

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