Monday, November 16, 2009

My Dad's Portrait

So, as we continue redesigning the inside of our house I continue receiving wonderful presents from some of my long time bloggin' friends. You've all seen the art that Wanda sent me and that now graces my walls.

Well last week, Tara surprised me with a portrait rendition of my dad. I got home on Monday afternoon to find a note left by the mailman that I could pick up the package at the post office in Old Avondale. I immediately drove there only to find out that the mailman was still out delivering his mail and that my box would not be available until the next day.

Well, Tuesday I stay with my mom and Wednesday was Veteran's Day, that meant I had to wait until Thursday to pick up my package. So I called my daughter and she agreed to pick it up for me on Tuesday. I still had to wait until Wednesday afternoon to see it but trust me it was well worth the wait. I was thrilled to finally see the portrait and to see what great work Tara did on it.

The next step was to have it framed. The end result was absolutely awesome. This was totally different form the frames I'm used to. This is an open frame no glass, no border, only the frame and the painting.

And here is the the portrait in it's frame.



amy said...

That is absoolutely beautiful. Opening that would have made me cry

Tara said...

I really love how it turned out in the frame may have inspired me to start framing things :)

Chely said...

It looks beautiful!

I'm guessing that you didn't put glass on it so that it matches my mom's portrait, right?

Where did you place this picture?


Elena said...

Absolutamente fabuloso!!!

Lucky Lady said...

The picture is really nice I love having family pictures on the walls most of our are of my husbands family but thats o.k the only way I could ever have met them

MrManuel said...

What a gift! How awesome!

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