Monday, December 14, 2009

Mi Chica

On Sunday night while watching Christmas movies and almost towards the end of the one we were watching mi chica asked for a small brake as she wasn't feeling too good, the next minutes happened too quick and to tell you the truth they were blurry at best. Mi chica had gone to the rest room, the next thing I heard was a faint "Joe" and the next thing we know is I'm rushing her to the hospital. Her blood pressure went so low that she even passed out. I know it wasn't a good feeling for her poor thing but it wasn't a good feeling for me either. Trust me, acting like a chicken with no head is no fun.

With all the medication she takes, it seems when she starts with a new one which she did the day before something always happens. While at the hospital the medication she was given made her feel cold inside, so no matter how many covers we put on her she would still be cold. After a cat scan and the medication her blood pressure returned to a "normal" level and after making sure she could walk without getting dizzy she was released.

It was a nice feeling to see her in her bed under the covers feeling all nice and warm and resting like nothing had happened. In one way or another she has been fighting migraines all year long, it has not been a good year for her. I pray that next year is not as bumpy as this one was, and if you are up to it don't be shy and join me, I have always know that the power of prayer is very strong.



Chely said...

I will definitely pray for her and will ask the congregation to join me at our Posada Celebrations coming up this week. - Besitos, Chely

Wanda said...

Oh my goodness Jose.... Been gone too long, didn't know until tonight when I was trying to catch up that your honey was sick. It reminds me of when Don passed out in church.....can't mess with blood pressure....

I will be praying..

Love and Hugs to you both

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