Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beauty and the Boots


Well this week is the turn of the letter "B" and what more appropriate than this image. Back in the day when I first met her in a pretty legs contest she was flaunting them. Here she is concealing them a little bit but not really, her legs still looked fine boots and all.


"B" is also for this Beast that charmed that beauty into his life for a little bit over 30 years.

When I combine the two then I realize that "B" is also for BLESSING which is what she was in my life.



ChrisJ said...

She was indeed a beauty and a blessing.

Wanda said...

Your "B" is just wonderful, and what a darling picture, boots and all!

Michelle said...

Wow look at my Mama! Those boots! And the old house... sigh... I love that house. That closet behind her was our barbie dream house.

Chely said...

I like your "B" post=)

Anonymous said...

Jose! I love your post. Blessings is true. Hope you're having fun in CA

Nikki said...

Those boots are sexy :D

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