Saturday, January 09, 2010


So, this morning I woke up at 7:30 and normally I would have gone back to bed, as many of you may have heard Saturday for me was my "sleep late" day, and when I say late I mean like 12:00 or 1:00 p.m. But the day seemed so nice that I decided against going back to bed and headed for the kitchen instead.

First things first, ummmm can you smell it? Yep, I nice warm cup of coffee to wake up. Let's see make the bed, turn on the computer and check my emails, my facebook, and my blogs, a comment here and a comment there and I was done. What to do now?

I resumed my lunch time walks while at work so why don't I just take my trusty steed and take a ride? It will be good exercise. So I did and I took off. Sweat pants and a sweat shirt was all I needed. Sorry back east friends but even though I know we'll pay for it soon when it gets hot, our weather here in Phoenix is just plane gorgeous. I can't even relate to what you guys are going through with the cold, the now, the wind chill etc.

Image captured at around 9:00 a.m. notice how clear and wonderful the sky is and how awesome my trusty steed looks.

I kept going and a few blocks past the freeway is the Avondale Autoplex. I rode up and down the long street looking at all the cars. It saddens me to see how much the dealers are struggling to stay alive. There are already about three or four dealers that had to close as they did not survive the bad economy last year.

Still it was fun taking pictures while riding around the area.

Ahhh! a steed of a different breed.

Gotta love it. Reduced to $14,000+, convertible and with 20" custom wheels. Sweeeeeeet!

Then I saw this and I thought it would make for an interesting capture.

Then I swung by Coyote Honda hoping to see some bikes and to my surprise they only had ATVs in there, I guess the motorcycle sales were down and now they will concentrate on the all terrain vehicles. I truly hope this bad economy that has been very unkind to many will finally turn around.

The freeway was widened so the bridge had to be reinforced, it took many months to complete this but it's finally done. It looks great and it proudly shows our town's name and our State.

So, I am heading home now and it's still early. Wow, waking up early gives you a chance to do many things. Back home I took the next hour to continue cleaning my garage, another couple of bags filled with garbage and some box shuffling but nothing major there. I will continue to do this regularly, sooner or later I will have that garage the way I want it.

Next I went out to the back yard and decided to water it down. It really needed it and after I was done it really looked nice. The day kept getting nicer and nicer and to prove it I give you these two shots.

A cleaner backyard.

Gorgeous weather.

The floor looked great after it was watered down.

At this time my pictorial will end as my camera decided to stop working. I've had it for over three years and have carried it with me daily, and it's captured thousands of images but I think it's about to finally and completely quit.

I have a $50.00 gift card to a Harley Davidson dealership that was given to me on my birthday so I decided to go to Arrowhead Harley Davidson. I spent a couple of hours there as the sales rep that sold me my bike ten years ago still works there. I had not seen him in over four years so we talked for nearly the two hours I was there. The I walked around the store twice hoping to see something I would like to buy but found nothing so I came home with my gift card still intact.

After all I had done all day I was a little tired so I took a nap but woke up in time to go to my daughter's for enchiladas. Good food, and great company made it for a fabulous ending to a busy and fun Saturday.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great Day Jose.. You HAVE to fix or replace your camera... I'd miss your photos too much.
Enchiladas sound SO GOOD...
I think about you every day and I'm happy I've had a chance to "catch up on your posts today"..

We really should plan a picture taking day some time.. you and the grandkids me and sabby at a Park!

Mom said...

sounds like a really great day as evidenced by all the pictures. I wish I could sleep as late as you but never do. However, I'm not as accomplished getting up early. Your house is beautiful.

Jose said...

Betty - We difinitely should do it. A Saturday morning should be ideal. I'll have Michelle find a park unless you already know one.

Mom - Thank you so much for your continued visits, I've been waking up early which is rare for me in the weekends. I get up make me a coffee and start thinking how to keep myself occupied.

Wanda said...

What a treat to come and take a Saturday tour with you. My legs are tired already from going so many miles.

You home is beautiful inside and the shots of the freshly watered yard...Look at that green.

Hey....What about those cardinals today..Was that a game or a game!!

Hey, Jose are you trying me make me and Chris feel old telling us both you had not been born yet when we were in High School!!!

Love and Hugs

Kika said...

good job joe and what great pics!

Kika said...

oohh i forgot to add... that is an awesome looking mustang. Me like!!!

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