Saturday, February 06, 2010

Meeting Wanda

What a highlight it was finally meeting Wanda in Person.

A week ago today I had the honor and pleasure to meet my long time blog and now facebook friend Wanda. A little bit over two years ago she visited my Photo Blog as we used to participate in the Saturday Photography Scavenger Hunt. Eventually we just started commenting on each others blog and before we knew it a friendship was born.

Back then she used to live in Norther California, as her husband was the pastor of their church. Last year he retired and they made the move back to beautiful Southern California where now they live very close to all their relatives. They live at the foot of the mountains and I know based on Wanda's writings that they are really enjoying their retirement.

Well Wanda, I hope you were not disappointed, it has to be a bit on the weird side to meet someone in person that you met of all places in the Internet. Your daughter is not too far off thinking that there are too many weirdos hiding behing the computer screens. I am glad your husband didn't have to use one of the "Old Timer" pieces on me. lol -- I really had a wonderful time visiting you and your husband. The couple hours I was there went too fast talking about motorcycles, paintings, blogs, photography, etc. etc. Too many topics we have in common we definitely have to meet again.

Michelle and the kids thank you for the delicious batch of home made cookies and she hopes the next time we visit she will be there with me.

Again, thank you and your husband for your hospitality but most important for your friendship.

Hugs to the both of you.

Don and I, enjoying a good cup of coffee and wonderful conversation.

If you have never read Wanda's Blog "Brush Strokes from the Heart" then give it a try and visit her.



Kansas Bob said...

Visiting my friend Wanda had to be a highlight for sure. I am hoping to one day get out to California to visit with her and many of my other blog friends.

Sandy said...

I've seen your name for so long at Wanda's and of course Betty's. It was great to actually see the photo of you meeting Wanda and Don.

I have met a few internet friends in person through the years, one, a long time friend in an airport in Seattle when I had a layover for a few hours and she drove from Portland.

Sandy said...

and meant to say, Wow, seven grandchildren and three more on the way..

I have the five and two more coming in April and May, both boys.

Michelle said...

That's just so awesome!

And yes the cookies were delicious! Thanks Wanda for sending them to us! I do hope to be able to be there the next time my Daddy visits you.

Chely said...

I'm so glad you two got to finally meet. Did your accent throw her off? - lol



Jose said...

What accent???????????????????????????????????????????? lol

Wanda said...

I just had a few minutes and decided to visit you blog, and my eyes popped out when I saw my face starting back at me!!!

Jose, it was such a treat to meet you personally. Don and I still talk about how fun it was to have you sitting in our living room, drinking coffee and sharing stories.

accent??????????????????? I don't think so!!

The lovely picture is hanging in our bedroom. Your photography is excellent, and it's a reminder of your visit.

Don said when we visit my friend in Tucson, we will be sure to look you up!!

Lots of love

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