Wednesday, May 12, 2010

They Really Love Me!

And so while at the reception eating and mingling with the family I started to feel very sleepy, remember I drove in the afternoon and got to L.A. at almost 1:00 a.m. So I asked my sister and my mom if they were ready to leave, they did so we said good bye and left for my sister's house.

The idea was for me to go and take a nap but somehow during the ride I kindda got a second wind and was pretty much very awake, that and the fact that my sister drives kindda funny and kept giving us whiplash. lol It was during the drive home that my niece asked me to go out with her on a Jamba Juice/picture taking/sight seeing/come and see my school/and let's get some Bionicos trip.

We got home and immediately enlisted her two sisters April and Thalia to come with us. Now these three together are a riot and so much fun to be out with.

Crystal and I.

Now my sister had told me that Crystal was not too good a driver but she drove me all over the place through La Puente, West Covina, and the City of Walnut and let me tell you she was pretty good at the wheel. Sister, I must give credit where credit is due, she is a good driver and gave us no whiplash. LOL

And this here is my niece April. Quite the cutie isn't she?

Every household has a little clown and Thalia takes this title. The youngest of the three she is so funny that it doesn't take too much effort for her to make you laugh. She is also the actress and would like to take on Hollywood someday... I think!

Thalia and I.

Our first stop was Jamba Juice in West Covina. Now if a place is not within five minutes of me I don't go, but these girls don't seem to mind driving for miles just to go get a juice. Crystal said, "You have to go where you can find them".


Ummmm que rico! Jamba Juice anyone?

Second stop, Snow Creek Park in the City of Walnut. Here is a charming park that is perfect for family pictures, quinceaneras, weddings, etc. Crystal has already done a few shootings here but on that day we had the bunnies that run freely all over the park to pose for us.

Don't strain your eyes but if you look hard enough you'll see the bunny sitting right under the bushes.

Scene from Snow Creek Park.

So pretty. I liked the view from this area.

These two were either cold or afraid of the bunnies. Nah, they were cold.

OK so now back to La Puente but not before Crystal showed me her school. Mt. SAC. College.

Mt. SAC -- Mt. San Antonio College.

So, we are headed to a place where they sell the Bionicos. I started calling them Bionics but was promptly told that the proper name is Bionicos and that they originate from somewhere in Mexico.

I learned a little history of the paletas in this little paleteria called "Paleteria Los Reyes de Michoacan". It is amazing how a small business of this type is surving the carnage of the economy but with a few loyal buyers it seems to be staying afloat.
I was recently told about the Bionicos by a dear friend of mine so of course I had to try it, and I must agree it was really good. The mixture of fruits and creams topped with raisins, coconut, and peanuts was pretty much to die for.

And of course I being the Six Million Dollar man that I am, finished mine in a few seconds.

So I ate all these food, drank all this juice, and devoured all these fruits, what to do next. Well according to my sister we must go out dancing so more on that on the next post. A night of dancing with my little sister.



ChrisJ said...

How will you ever keep your schoolgirl figure, Jose?! Beautiful bunch of sisters.

Jose said...

Chris just trying to keep up with my nieces was enough to stay in shape, the Bionicos was just the prize for keeping up. lol What can I say, all my nieces are beautiful, and I am not biased by saying this.

Angelica said...

nice outing and great pics/company!

Chely said...

Well, all I can tell you is that my girls so enjoyed their outing with their Tio Fide.=D

Thanks for all you give us.



Jose said...

Yeah Kicks, it is my fate to be surrounded by nothing but niceness. Every moment I spend with all of you is a moment I'll treasure forever. And if the moment comes with a flavourful strawberry drink it's so much better. lol

Oh wow Chely I enjoyed it so much I told them I may go back in may just so we can go out and paint the town. Photo shoots, cruising, antiquing, etc... You all give me more than I'll ever give you.

Crystal said...

Hahahaha! Oh my goodness Tio! You LITERALLY had me Laughing Out Loud with your whiplash comments!
I keep telling my Mom I am a good driver! She doesn't believe me.

I had tons of fun driving you around! So it makes me really really happy to see that you enjoyed our litter adventure =)
can't wait until our next one!

Sandy said...

I grew up in Covina and went to Mt. Sac for a semester. I went to Charter Oak High School in Covina.

I worked for an orthopedist doc off of Francisquito in La Puente.

Recognized lots of names in your post

Angela Marie said...

Jose ~ I think that YOU are the fun/funny guy to be around.


Your family is precious and your stories of you with them are like watching a feel good movie, only wanting one like it.


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