Friday, June 18, 2010

The Art of Ditching

Back in my school days, I am talking way back to Jr. High and High School ditching classes was not something I would do. When I came from Mexico and was enrolled in school I had to start in the 8th grade, back in those days we didn't call it middle school but Jr. High and it consisted of three years only, 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. Well, I did have perfect attendance as I didn't miss not even one day, yes I loved school that much, so much in fact that I always enrolled in Summer School as well. Pretty much the same could be said for High School with the exception of missing some days due to illness.

So, now obviously I no longer go to school but now as a member of the choir I am required to go to practice every Thursday night and early Sunday right before mass. But being a member of the Copperstate Mustang Club, and being an avid motorcycle rider, I find myself missing out on a lot of the rides and or functions and also on some family events as well so as much as I don't like to but I must ditch some practices and even some masses here and there.

Still, I have to call and ask for permission to ditch practice. lol Once a good kid, always a good kid (at least that's what I tell myself) and hopefully the teacher or in this case my sister (our choir director) will give me her blessing to miss the class/practice.

We went to this Hooters at the Arizona Center.
Images borrowed from the Internet.

So when I was invited to go watch the Basketball finals at Hooters it was a little hard to turn down. And when you go watch it with the ultimate Lakers fan it's a little wild but nevertheless lots of fun. So, although I am far, far away from converting and leaving my beloved Suns, I found myself rooting for The Lakers if only by association. It was a good game, a nice night in the patio under the misters which kept us pretty refreshed, and the beer pitchers that kept coming. Me, being designated driver held at my limit of 2 only and still fell tipsy so even tho not hungry I had to chow down or some delicious chicken wings. OK, I am lying, Hooters chicken wings are really not all that delicious but the hit the spot. If not mine at least the guy's that asked me for my left overs as we were walking to the car. Besides, really do guys go to Hooters just for the chicken wings? *wink* *wink*.

As for the outcome of the game as if you didn't know already. It was Lakers by a few lucky shots.

Image borrowed from the Internet.



Chely said...

ROTFL - You ditched Choir Practice for Sunday's Mass to go to Hooters....
Hmmmmmm=/ And your sister gave you her blessing. LOL That sounds hilarious. =D

Jose said...

Now you know why its an art. And I little sister am a master at it. Buahahahahah! But the catch is that comes Sunday I have to know all the songs plus for the exit I will be doing a solo for the second week in a row. As for Hooters it was purely for the wings. ;)

Nikki said...

You are no longer an (az) Melo. Sacate FLAKERS fan!!! We're so ashamed!!

Ashamed I say!

ChrisJ said...

Some times I have to skip church because my fibromyalgia has kept me up all night. This week it is MOTH who has kept us both up -- bad sciatica since he got back from Brazil just less than a week ago.

Michelle said...

You would ask for permission to ditch! That's not ditching! LOL You are not a normal child.

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