Friday, June 25, 2010

Party In My Tummy

I was hungry and in total need of nourishment and all the lanes at the store were long, then I spot a lane with not as many people as the rest but apparently this lady did too so she beats me to it and is now in front of me, I hated her, not because she beat me to the lane but because she had a rotisserie chicken in her car and the aroma was killing me, my insides started having a party in my tummy in anticipation of what was not to come. Yeah, my tummy hated me too because that chicken was more of a tease my stomach could take. I stood behind this lady for at least five minutes and it was torture. Has anything like this ever happened to you?

OK this didn’t happen to me right now but I remembered about it because I am so hungry and about a block away from my work there’s The BBQ Factory, ummmm they have the best BBQ ribs, and many other dishes that when the wind is blowing just a tad the smell finds its way into my office and it’s TORTURE!

But the consolation was that the girls at work took me to eat Chinese at this nice restaurant that we all seem to enjoy. Once upon a time I didn’t like Chinese food, now somehow it’s one of my favorite foods. The house chow mein / lo mein ummmm, ummmm good, love me the shrimp combined with the beef and chicken.

I am also happy to report that even though you hear me talk about food all the time, I have been not on a diet but basically watching what I eat, eating less and healthier and I am still at 179 pounds, remember at the beginning of the year I was tipping the scale at 198 and that was no bueno. It is a challenge to convince my mom that I can eat less. She always cooks so good and I still stop by her house three days of the week. Just when I think I am finished, BAM! I found more food on my plate and a side dish with fruit and stuff. “Mom, stop it, I am full”. Her reply is always the same, “How can you be full, that was not enough”.Ummm mom gotta love her.

I hope I didn’t get you too hungry with all these talk about food and if I did and you decide to cook… INVITE ME!



Michelle said...

Carrots wanna go to the party in you tummy!

I haven't ate today. Too busy cleaning your house! So I am starving. Can't wait for dinner!

Wanda said...

Food is such a delightful part of our lives...wish I could enjoy it without gaining the weight!

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