Monday, July 26, 2010


So in an attempt to suck money out of our pockets the State of Arizona installed the speed cameras all over our freeways but apparently as of July 15 the cameras are no more. It's kinda erie now to see them still standing like a bunch of "Johnny 5s". There are three sets of these cameras on my way to work and I still slow down to 65 mph and I still expect to see that red light flash. The more I see machines run our lives the more I think about that movie with Stallone and Sandra Bullock "Demolition Man". LOL Every time I passed by these cameras I think I violated the Verbal Morality Statue and I was stripped of many, many credits.

Well, for better of for worse I rather see a real officer patrolling the highways, I truly go against any machine that will eliminate the actual work of more than one person.


I've been waiting for a great kick butt kinda movie like the ones from the 80's and 90's. Remember, Demolition Man, Predator, Daylight, Assassins, The Specialist, Tango and Cash, Universal Soldier, The Punisher, Army of One, Harley Davidson and The Marlboro man, and the list goes on and on. Well here comes a reprise of what once was, even tho they are all past their prime this movie promises to deliver lots of good old fashion action, I for one hope it's cheese enough to be worth making it into my collection. Can't wait til it comes out.


So it's Monday once again, the weeks just continue to fly by and swoosh over my head a little too fast for my taste but what can I do. While many people don't seem to like Mondays I for one really enjoy them. Then the next three days just kind of come and go and and then before we know it another weekend is upon us. Somehow when you are young that is actually the way to go, but at my age I just wish to slow time a little bit, no need for speed, slow time down and enjoy each day for its uniqueness, take the good with the bad, and do your best, then when the weekend comes again it will be that much more rewarding and enjoyable. It's like work hard during the week to earn your weekend. Nawwww! Just bring it on again.


ChrisJ said...

We still haven't had any summer yet. Temps are 5 to 10 degrees below normal!

Wanda said...

Oh Jose, I just hate to disagree with you, but I LOVE MONDAYS! After a busy Wednesday Bible Study, and a big day at Church on Sunday.... I'm ready to sleep in, and just hang out on Mondays. Today, I painted a picture, visited some blogs, and did a little shopping, fixed a delicious shrimp dish for dinner, and tonight, we and my dearest are going to watch a movie I rented.
Yes, I like Mondays!!!!!! But your cartoons are delightful and funny.

Jose said...

Wanda, that's the whole point of my post, I DO LIKE MONDAYS, but most people don't. And yes I thought the cartoons were too funny.

Tara said...

I will gladly trade you all of my Mondays for your Fridays ;)

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