Tuesday, August 03, 2010


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I can see clearly now... right?

Perspective is all about how we see things. What I see is not necessarily what you see even though we are both staring at the same thing. I believe that people perceive things differently based on the inner feelings as an individual.

I don't like pets so to me they are an inconvenience. To other's they are a part of their family, a companion, man's best friends if they are a dog. So, my feelings towards animals will not let me see what others see but that in no way shape or form means that pets are bad or ugly or despicable or a nuisance.

Some Americans don't like illegal aliens, we are an inconvenience at least to some, yet to others, we are an important part of their world, of their daily lives, we are companions, friends, workers, and most important of all... human! Yet, some of the feelings portrait on TV towards us show hate, discontent, distrust, and even jealousy. Hummm I can't help but wonder where this attitude we all have on both sides of the equation will take us. It is definitely interesting to say the least.

Democrats and Republicans may be staring at the same thing and yet they see it so differently. Americans and Mexicans, yep differently, males and females, Bingo! we all see things differently. Boys and girls, yepper differently.

So, I will just concentrate on one perspective, and that is the one of survival for me and for my family, I will continue to do whatever it takes to make sure my family is provided for, that my kids continue to have a happy life in this their country even if for me at one time was foreign. I will make sure my grand kids are always surrounded by love and will hope and pray they will see things my way so that they will not grow up thinking we are all different people. In Gods eyes we are all the same, so we'll just follow that great example.

"What part of "Illegal" you don't understand?" Oh I understand it very well, but sometimes in life there comes a time when you must decide to break a rule or even a law if the outcome will benefit your life and the life of your family. How can I ever not thank my father for breaking that one law, that one rule that allowed us to have a better life. If judgment has been passed on him now that he is in heaven I am sure that he has been forgiven.

So hate all you want, or accept us with love. Become our friend and discover that we are not at all that bad, or wish for our deportation. While we know we are survivors, you can keep thinking we are law breakers. It's your choice, your prerogative, your right.

In the end we are all individuals with different feelings so I understand that my perception of things will differ from yours but life goes on and we must do with what we have and continue to play the cards we have been dealt.

In the end it's all a part of His master plan for all of us.



Tara said...

I vote for: "Become our friend and discover that we are not at all that bad..." :)

Jose said...

That's why I love you so much.Awww, Tara that's because you have nothing but good feelings.

Tara said...

Thanks Jose ;)

Wanda said...

You know Jose, you and your family I have met on the blog are my dearest of friends. I care deeply for you, and grieve that our County can find a win win solution.

MrManuel said...

Very well said....MANY of us are not that bad.

Sandy said...

Joe, well said.

I know quite a few people who I suspect could be illegals, who work for someone I know, or who have trimmed our trees and they are treated like anybody else who would come to our house, with respect. I can't imagine anybody, when it comes to taking care of their family, when push comes to shove, they are going to protect and do what's best for the family.

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