Monday, August 30, 2010

California Bound for Labor Day Weekend

So here we are just a few more days and then long weekend. Oh yes I am really looking forward to it. As it stands right now it looks like I'll spend it in California visiting my sister and in-laws there. I'll be leaving Thursday afternoon right after work so that I can have all Friday, Saturday, and Sunday there and will head back to Phoenix on Monday. The idea is to make it a vacation and to really go places and probably take lots of pictures.

Now I have been without a working camera for a month now as my trusty Panasonic camera finally gave up after almost four years of going everywhere with me and capturing like a zillion images. So I will have to figure something. I do have my new digital camcorder but it does not compete with a regular camera. To me taking pictures is a big part of my going out anywhere so we'll see.

So, the car has a six CD changer and the i-pod shuffle has been refreshed by my daughter Nikki, so with over 300 songs I think the music department is covered, even though I am going solo it should not be a boring drive. What? Plenty of music and a trip in the new Mustang is a recipe for excitement.

Pomona's Antique Row.

As the itinerary builds we are planning on visiting The Buddhist Temple in Hacienda Heights, and Pomona's Antique Row, as well as karaoke on Friday night at Casa Cabral and maybe some sightseeing downtown L.A. The possibilities are many the time is short so we will have to squeeze as many outings and activities as we can.

My sister has been wanting to take me here so we may just go this time.

For sure lots of eating will be involved, as my sister puts it, "zincronisadas" and "bionicos" will probably find their way into our tummies. But to me going to L.A. and not eating tacos would be a travesty. lol So yes, please add tacos to the menu please.

So don't be afraid to throw me some ideas, three full days in L.A. what can I do? Where else can I go? What to eat? Who to see? As I said before so much to do so little time, I will have to use it wisely.

Going to L.A. and not eating some of these would be uncivilized.

This "sincronisadas" were pretty synchronized with the tomato and guacamole.

And for desert, the "bionicos" are the way to go. Ummm que rico!"

Oh man, I don't believe me. Posting all these foods made me hungry, way to torture myself. As you can see, no shortage of planning here, I am leaving it to my sister and nieces to come up with a well rounded itinerary with plenty of things to do and food to eat.

I am sooooooo looking forward to it.

All images in this post borrowed from the Internet.



Mike Golch said...

Enjoy the trip.

Wanda said...

You will have a good California Trip... You just know how to have a good time.... I'm hungry too, I just posted food!!!

Sandy said...

Have a great time! I need to look into that buddhist temple you talk about..

Chely said...

Oooooh! I had totally zoned out that you own a new Mustang. =p
Now that you reminded me, I am so looking forward to checking it out and cruise on it!

I informed April and Thalia of you and George's trip & all the activities we have planned thus far for this weekend. Their reply was, "Wow! Busy Weekend!!!" - Jejeje

So, drive safely and we'll see ya here=D

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