Monday, August 23, 2010

The Young Ones

Laila and Ramon Jose.



How fast they change, how soon they grow, how often the cry, how much they eat, how much love can be inspired from such tiny little persons. These are my three youngest grand babies and I have fun just looking at the tons of pictures posted by my daughters. I am seeing them change in front of my very own eyes.



Nikki Darling said...

I like this post!

But I may be biased

ChrisJ said...

I wonder where they got those beautiful eyes from :)

Such beautiful photographs taken with love!

Tara said...

Such beautiful children :) Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

They are so so so beautiful! Three new babies in one year! That's incredible. hmmmm I think I'll have to have a talk with my kids... it's been 2 1/2 years!!!
Hope you're well.

Sandy said...

wow, they are all ADORABLE!

Chely said...

I like this post too. <3

Pokerroom said...

Do not take in a head!

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