Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On The Way Back to Phoenix -- Part II

Welcome to Quartzite.

So, a few hours after I left La Puente I'm still on the road and stopping everywhere I please. I got to Quartzite and went to the old car dealership behind the Love's Truck stop. They must have over a hundred old cars for sale there and every single one a true jewel. Of course I had to go trigger happy with the camera shutter and snapped a lot of pics through the fence of course. No matter the fence added character to my images, at least that's what I keep telling myself.

Here are some of my favorites:

This dealership really is like a kids toy store, I could walk up and down more than once.

I was going to gas up the car at Love's but as usual it was packed so I decided to go across the freeway and gas up at the Chevron. Good move cause that gas station was empty and I also took this opportunity to snap some more pics.

Got on the car and not even a few yards away I found another nice place for pictures. It was an old gas station that apparently served a company fleet. The place was totally open and it had a little signs saying no trespassing. I couldn't resist and caught a few images there.

You must admit it was a great prop for some car pictures.

Got on the car drove not even a fourth of the same block and I see this lady snapping pictures of an old gas station and the old building around it. She had a very nice camera so she could do it from the side walk. I went over and talked to her and then backed up my car and parked it in front of the pumps at the gas station.

I love this images.

Then noticed some of the structures around this place and I just pointed and shoot some more.

Random images from Quartzite.

Believe it or not it started raining on me so that was my last stop. After a traffic jam at Verado Way because of the road construction I finally got home at around 9:00 pm. I had lots of fun and bowed to do this again.

I say this time and time again. To me the jorney is just as important as the destination.



ChrisJ said...

Love the photo of the brand new car and the old gas station. Quick thinking there. Like you I have had blogger's block for a week or so.
And to top it off our weather has been like Phoenix -- not good for me.

Jose said...

I've been reading about your weather. Umm welcome to my world. :)

I think these images in the old gas stations are awesome too.

Chely said...

I enjoyed admiring all of your pictures. You sure have patience! I'd hate to take that long to get home. But your images are worth while, I see! =)


Your Lil' Sister<3

Crystal said...

Awesome photos!

But where is the post of the afternoon you spent with your lovely nieces?? =)

Jose said...

Crystal - LOL I's still have to do Pomona and the Buddhist Temple. There was so much to tell from those four little days.

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